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  1. Hi all, It has been a while since I posted here. I have decided to get a famicom (after selling mine 2 years ago), I will then need some famicom loose games. My system should be in my hands by Friday so I can't commit to buy anything now but feel free to tell me what you could be selling. I am located in Europe and would rather buy and sell within Europe only. I am then open to games (not rpg though). I am aslo selling my loose SNES US system with some games. All games are NTSC US. The system is in bad cosmetic condition but is 100% working condition. No box but ready to play (with an home made French plug): 40 euros The games are all in loose condition: Space Mega Force (aka Super Aleste): 100 euros Super Mario World: 10 euros Super Mario All-stars: 10 euros Kirby's Avalanche: 10 euros Pirates of the Dark Water: 40 euros Jim Power: 40 euros Prices WITHOUT shipping fee The system and its games : 250 with the shipping included to Europe Open to trade with famicom games.
  2. Selling this baby in great condition. Shenmue for the US Dreamcast. Shipped from France. 35 euros without shipping
  3. Some years ago, I had a jaguar and afew great games. I sold everything and now I would like to be back in the game. I was surprised to see, on ebay, that some after sought games such as Atari Karts are sold in a very low price due to be convert version, not the original. How come??what is the deal about such games?Really, one could say that I have missed everything Jaguar related since 2013 or so..
  4. Hi all, I am selling my US snes system with a few games. The system can only play US games and works perfectly. The controller works well despite a slighty damage cable, the power supply is for EU plugs and it is "custom made". It is not an official snes power supply. The system is yellow...all of is in bad condition, but again, it works well. It is for gamers, not for collectors! The games are all in loose condition and all US games Super Mario RPG (saving features ok)---JAP,US esclusive game The Pirates of the Dark Water--US, EU esclusive game Super Mario All-Star (saving features ok)--with the Mario the Lost Level Space Megaforce (Super Aleste in Japan and Europe) . All for 220 euros, shipping not included. Shipping from France. There is a possibility to sell games on the system on their own! I am also open to trade so let me know if trading would be an option for you.
  5. I am selling my wonderswan crystal red with a few games. The system looks and play fine, the box in "good" condition. The games are: -A ninja game in loose condition (black and white game) -Gundam Zeed in very good condition -Puyo Puyo 2 in very good condition -Gundamn vol. 1 in good condition All for 170 euros (shipping not included..shipping from France) https://imgur.com/a/B0w1i3w https://imgur.com/a/kMlnmr4 Only the games listed are available, the others are sold already.
  6. My post might be a bit outdated now for I no longer have any interests in any saturn games and I found quite some genesis and xbox games. But here is a list of titles which still trigger my attention (all US games): Genesis loose: Lemmings 2 Demolition Man Stargate Mickey mouse games Animaniacs Hang on Altered Beast Barkley shut and Jam 2 Valis III Sonic pinball Outrun Space Harrier 2 After Burner 2 Mega Turrican 2 Original Xbox Syberia Syberia 2 Dreamfall A baseball game Moto gp (1 or 2 or 3) Leisure Suit Larry:Magna Cum Laude Futurama The Simpons hit and run Soulcalibur 2 Some old games compilation (Acclaim, Atari..) Star Wars games
  7. Here is my wonderswan set for sale. The system is in great condition No problem on the screen. The box is a bit damaged. It is red wonderswan crystal The games are the following Dragon Ball Guilty Gear Petit 2 Gundamn 2 Gundamn Operation Gundamn Seed Final Fantasy I Final Fantasy II Pictures on demand for those truly interested. Shipping from France. 360 euros (shipping not included)
  8. I have the following sega saturn games in US version for sale. Ship to Europe only Quake loose: 22 euros Duke Nukem 3d loose: 22 euros Guardian Heroes in average condition (game might not boot all the time despite clean CD) with its box and manual: 90 euros I sell also some japanese games Guardian Heroes: 30 euros Virtua Fighter: 3 euros Virtua Fighter Remix: 5 euros brand new Virtua Fighter II: 5 euros Virtua Fighter Portrait Gallery Pai Chan: 3 euros Street Fighter Zero II: 20 euros World Heroes Perfect: 20 euros Panzer Dragoon II: 20 euros FIghter Megamix: 10 euros brand new I answer without problem to all inquiries There is also a 3d controller black loose for 20 euros.
  9. Everything is in the title. Shipping to France. I am looking only combined shipping offers US saturn loose or boxed games, loose genesis games, boxed original US xbox games Fire away and will see!!
  10. Here is my list. By the way, I can only take care of payment by paypal. Can you accept paypal? Toca Race Driver 2 Myst III Myst IV Forza Motosport NBA 2k5 Terminator 3 Redemption FUzion Frenzy Apex Unreal Championship 2
  11. hi all, Here what I have in store to sell. Shipping from France (shipping cost not included) Japanese saturn games see the link for the picture: 120 euros everything https://imgur.com/a/M6ezgwE Original Xbox Xyanide NTSC US (CD only): 30 euros Top Spin NTSC US (cd only): 2 euros DVD kit (controller with the thingy to plug on the system: 10 euros Sega genesis Genesis 2 with a european psu, an arcade stick, 3 loose games (sonic, sonic 2, nba live 95), video cable: 100 euros https://imgur.com/a/xEnxadZ Genesis 1 "high definition graphics" with cable and a european psu (no controller): 130 euros Wonderswan FInal fantasy pack (system+game) with also final fantasy II: 100 euros https://imgur.com/a/JVsMJbz WOnderswan crystal red with box and several games (Dragon Ball, Gundamn 1, Gundamn seed, Gundamn Operation, Guilty Gear Petit 2): 400 euros
  12. Hi, I am interested in several games. Would you ship to France?? Are games boxed or in loose condition? If I tell you a few titles, can you send some pics? Best
  13. White Wonderswan color system in great condition without any boxes. Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II boxed in great condition. Shipping from France to Europe 100 euros for these 3 items (payment by paypal gift or you pay the extra fee) https://imgur.com/a/YxQtcML! Don't hesitate for any questions!
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