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  1. Thats a good price, I would snag it if I were you too, and boxed is all the better! AVP is one of the games that make it a deal, I have seen it go for $30, even up to $50 US boxed at some times. BTW Iron Maiden rocks!
  2. Jaggy_Time


    Alright i got validated too!
  3. Great job! , thats good that one more JagCD system is working in the world Also congrats on fixing it, I have not herd of too many JagCD's fixed.
  4. I thought someone might want this auction, its under an odd auction title (didn't say Atari) some someone here might get a good deal! I already have a Jaguar & JagCD, I'am interested in some games there that I don't have, but someone who does not have a Jag or JagCD should win it! And theres Primal Rage! (Already have too.) http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...&category=62054
  5. I agree it does look much better, in fact it is one of the best covers for the jaguar in my opinion. In fact i would like a poster of that cover, that would be neat! Also is that the only game with a cover change?
  6. I was wondering what is this, i found pics of a multi cart on ataritimes, Is this a fully working prototype, or is it a fake? it shows a cart with many games in it including, attack of the mutant pengins, battlephere, ect.... And does anyone know why there are two different boxes for Power Drive Rally? http://www.ataritimes.com/jaguar/images/mu...icartscreen.jpg http://www.ataritimes.com/jaguar/images/multicart.jpg http://www.host.fptoday.com/melek/Jaguar/a...drive_rally.jpg http://www.1632-sales.zenwebhosting.com/ac...alog/powerD.gif
  7. Nice Stone! A couple of times i had seen procontrollers listed with just jaguar and not with atari. (maby the same auction, cant remember)
  8. Good for you dragonforce! I remember getting my Jaguar CD for the first time, it is so cool and satisfying to have it. I think i need a scart cable too, my jag CD is not that clear, and it has some interference on the left quarter of the TV (mostly noticable with dark games) and i just got Primal Rage, can't wait!
  9. WOW thats sick! i wish i had seen that auction LOL Thats the only one known in the world right? Are you willing to tell me how much you got that badboy for? Odd auction titles are the best
  10. Thanks, Jay! I agree Primal Rage now goes for outragous prices now(with proper exposed marketing, i guess the mistake on this auction was putting just, jag CD , instead of jaguar CD).
  11. Yes i did sign up but every time i want to post or change my avatar or profile, it says error, You are not allowed to use this part of the board? what do i do?
  12. I cant belive it i got Primal Rage for $31.99 US! Even though someone pumped up the price from $12, what can you do. (sadly it was this or the extreamist pack #2, but i went for the game and won it, hopfully i can get the 3rd pack when it is on sale, and get the 2nd one off of someone in the future). http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...MEBWA%3AIT&rd=1 and another thing, dose anyone know how to get on taex? or what not?
  13. This is soooo cool , i cant wait! even if its more that $100 i would think about paying that much(if is not too much higher). after this what else could the jag do?......
  14. Thats what i thought it dose not look like its sealed? You can tell by the way the light reflects off of it.
  15. My tempest 2000 also lost its memory one day? i was telling my friend to see my new highest score and it wasn't there or any of the previous ones. i was pissed but older systems normaly have problems with saving. it does sill save my new scores hopfully not to errase them again!
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