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  1. Changed my mind and they are now listed on eBay.... http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/201660374969?
  2. Here is the Crystal Castles someone requested. The box is smooshed a bit in the bottom edge. I'll go back and check the rest of the boxes to see if any more are. If you have specific questions about a specific one, please let me know and I'll be happy to take more pics or answer questions.
  3. Ok, I'll have to find a box for them and I'll get you a shipping quote. PM me your address.
  4. Rather than deal with eBay, I've decided to offer them up here. Open to reasonable offers. The Froggo Games has some plastic missing from the boxes, but appear to still be factory sealed. If you have any questions or need a better picture, please let me know!
  5. I am listing up some cartridges I have. http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/201652206638? Thanks for Looking!
  6. It's done! Thanks to all those who helped! Use link above to see all the details!
  7. Just wanted to post an update on my restoration. Zoo Keeper is alive! More Details: http://www.arcaderestoration.com/index.asp...A=509&CBT=6
  8. Thanks, that's what I needed. For some reason, I'm not getting notified of replys
  9. ok, let me ask you this then Did you modify the harness or did you build an adapter? What are the connectors labeled that connect to the power supply? Thanks for all your help so far!
  10. Thanks that helps a lot. Can you show me a pic of the Inside of the cab where the harness goes to the Power Supply? Thanks!
  11. Cool! The thing that concerns me right now is I am using a QIX harness and I think I might have to make an additional part for the ROM board, but I'm not sure. I have two connectors left labeled P3 and P4, however, I think those should be going to the Power Supply and not the ROM board. I think I'll need to build some custom Ribbon Cables too, which hopefully won't be too bad.
  12. Ok, I added a lot more pictures. A lot more to come in the next few days as the assembly is completed.
  13. Must be the year of the Zoo Keeper Restorations! Amazing stuff you guys have done so far. I am finishing up my restoration as well! Here is mine: http://www.arcaderestoration.com/index.asp...A=509&CBT=6 Not much for pictures up yet, but I'll be adding them soon. The sides are a bit scuffed up in a few places, but I plan on leaving it as is. If anyone can help, I do need some pictures. I am looking for detailed pictures of the inside. Following the Wiring Harness from the coin door to the back door, and from the back door up to the speaker/light fixture. I've looked at all the pictures so far and they do give me a lot of info, but I am looking for placement information and which connectors go where. Thanks!
  14. Dupes and some stuff didn't make the list. It's been sold though.
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