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  1. I finally recieved my lot! It includes Deadly duck,beamrider,dragonfire,beany bopper,fast eddie,bank heist,front line,entombed,and cosmic swarm. I only payed $15.25 shipped!

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    2. cvga


      Beamrider is incredible!

    3. DoctorTom


      You got some solid titles and one great game there -- Beamrider. Enjoy!

    4. yarjr


      This copy of Beamrider is in better condition than the last one I owned too!

  2. I recently purchased deadly duck,dark chambers,haunted house,beamrider,dragonfire,beany bopper,fast eddie,bank heist,front line,entombed,and cosmic swarm for just $15.25 shipped in my little atari facebook group. And before you say it I was suspicious too but Ive already been tracking my package! I believe I robbed that poor old lady,lol.

    1. BydoEmpire


      I've wanted to get Cosmic Swarm for almost 30 years now!

  3. Someone bought an Atari Jr from me and now wants a refund because they can't get it to work on their hd tv with some kind of rf converter,lmfao. NO!!!!

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    2. MattelAquarius


      Bet you $10 they are trying to use an RF modulator in reverse.

    3. MAC-42


      ^Yup. Made the same amateur hour mistake when I got my 7800 back last year. Felt like a real moron when I realized what I was trying to do. :-D

    4. Atarian7


      Did you tell them how to hook it up?

  4. I got a Bentley Compu-Vision for sale if anyones interested.

  5. Anyone interested in a high speed Minidisc recorder/player? I figured some of you might appreciate dead formats a little more than the average person.

    1. Tickled_Pink


      Yeah. Minidiscs are great. They're small enough to be used as coasters for whiskey glasses ... seriously though - I miss mine, even though I only ever used it for recording University lectures. MP3 recorders just aren't the same.

    2. lushgirl_80


      I'm interested! PM me!!! :)

  6. Psytronik Software made it right. Because of the delay, thanks to there policy of manually sending links to downloads which I still think is dumb, they gave me free game along with my purchase! Im happy now.

  7. Got the bad ending in KInight'n'Grail last night. Drank from the cup and turned into a skeleton,lol. Thank God I saved right before that.

    1. chas10e


      you chose ..... poorly

  8. If you like Gauntlet you would love, "Into the Eagles Nest" for the Commodore 64! Its Gauntlet with Nazis!

    1. RJ


      Also for Atari on cartridge (XE)

    2. atarian63


      Yes. I prefer atari

    3. yarjr


      Blah,I don't own Atari Computers. I prefer the C64 mainly because it has infinitely more games.

      Love my Atari consoles though.


  9. Knight'n'Grail is rocking my world. I love my C64!

    1. Nognir


      indeed! a really great game. I wish I had that already back in the day :)

    2. yarjr


      Would be great but at least we have it now!

  10. Ah yea old Commodore 64 loading times remain even with an SD card Reader. Asa C64 noob my favorite game so far is Knigh'n'Grail which is kinda cheating since it came out in 2013. It kinda reminds me of Castlevania but really its its own thing.

  11. I find most of facebook to be little more than poison for my mood and I'm getting so damn tired of it. I have an addiction to an abusive relationship.

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    2. Keatah


      Facebook is one of many cesspools on the internet.

    3. yarjr
    4. Hatta


      Facebook gets me invited to parties. I meet women at parties. It has its uses.

  12. Two weeks ago I had an exceptionally good day garage sailing. Fastforward to now,Because I just sold "Tail Concerto" the Commodore 64,1541 Disk Drive,Okidata 120 printer,PS1 Arcade Stick,GTA,and Luigi's mansion I also bought that day are essentially free! Thats a nice way to look at it.

    1. atari2600land


      You mean sale-ing, not sailing. Unless you sailed in your garage and then went to garage sales.

  13. I'm not sure this position is understandable to some,I don't like emulators really but Im not against them either.

    1. Keatah


      As the self-proclaimed AtariAge Emulator Psychologist I suggest:


      1- Recognize the many benefits of emulators. No clutter, 100% reliability, runs on contemporary hardware, save states, under and over clocking, continual improvement, and great portability.


      2- Take the time to set them up correctly and you will be rewarded indefinitely.


      3- Emulators exude a permanence like no physical console can.


      There's more but you need to make an appointment.

    2. BydoEmpire


      I can relate. Emulators are a useful tool, but I don't really like playing games on them. They serve a purpose, and I'm on't against them, but I don't particularly like them.

    3. yarjr


      Keatah I have made my position clear,be gone with your useless evangelizing. BydoEmpire I agree with you completely.

  14. These later levels in Bucky O'hare are making me question the existance of God. I mean Jesus Christ.

    1. bomberpunk


      harder than TMNT1?

    2. yarjr


      I would say so but more fun too.

  15. Here my new Commodore 64 sits all broken hearted without software waiting for me to get some damn money so I can buy something from binaryzone or an SD Card reader...

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    2. InfraMan


      There are so many great C-64 games! I've been picking up a bunch of RPGs and text adventures over the last year or so. Man, I miss the days when companies put care into the packaging of their games...

    3. Cebus Capucinis

      Cebus Capucinis

      Your Commodore sits broken hearted? Did it come to crap but only farted?

    4. yarjr


      I was afraid someone would say that.

      Thanks for classing this status up,your a real champ.

  16. Sorry Atari but I'm just enjoying this famicom multicart too much. Bucky Ohare and Quarth consume me.

    1. yarjr
    2. OldSchoolRetroGamer


      Well at that price I'm going to order one lol. I can play Famicom games on my Super Retro trio.

    3. yarjr


      Its worth it if you can accept the long shipping time.

  17. Picked up a complete 7800 at goodwill the other day for $28!

    1. Bixler


      Wow, that's great!

    2. yarjr


      I think so. Now I need some games!

  18. So mynew arcadia supercharger just keeps flashing yellow. I have cleaned the pins throughly. Any ideas? Please tell me its not broken. I JUST got it.

  19. Id like to make a choose your own adventure Doctor Who Novella for the Atari 2600. Now that,that right there would be [email protected]#%ing amazing!

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    2. jaybird3rd


      Good idea, but probably not for the 2600. I somehow see the Odyssey² as more of a "Doctor Who" console. It looks like something they would have used as a prop in one of the Tom Baker shows.

    3. yarjr


      Would it handle a text game better...oh wait a keyboard,lol. Hmmmmmmmmmm....

    4. yarjr


      A lot more people have ataris. We'd be making a niche game even nichier if we put it on the Odyssey 2.

  20. Looking to buy wonderswans. Pm me.

    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      All I have are ugly ducklings.

    2. IainGrimm


      Been reading about the Wonderswan myself in this months Retro Gamer, its a cool underrated handheld, thinking on sourcing one myself after reading about it.

    3. xDragonWarrior


      You can get a really good conditioned boxed one for around $25-30

  21. I just finished "Klonoa: Door to Phantomile" on my Wii and that ending....Im trying not to cry.

    1. bomberpunk


      i did when i beat it on PS1. one of two games ever made me cry and that was one of them.

  22. I'm Looking for a broken Wonderswan Color with a good intact screen. PM me.

  23. Got a complete japanese copy of "Klonoa: Door to Phantomile" in good condition for $15 shipped!

  24. Super Monkey Ball's so addictive...

    1. Ska_music_fan83


      Super Monkey Ball Rules! :)

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