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  1. Heh, nice to know what they have announced. This time I will pass: the limited quantity thing is really tiresome, and I won't be left with major bugs in a closed firmware again, NEVER. I had enough of Analogue. -On the MegaSG: Stupidly broken pixel-blending, tearing in Master System games and incompatibilities. -On the SuperNT: Saved settings not applied unless I boot from cartidge. That's what accuracy means for Analogue. Don't be fooled like I was. None of these happen on the MiSTer MegaDrive an SNES cores, which have greatly surpassed mediocre Analogue cores after community collaboration and bugfixing. Also, the only FPGA developer they are know to have (and who created this thread) DID laugh at us with that "I don't post there anymore beacause all they do is complaining, LOL!" he dedicated us months ago. Great way to get the appreciation of the community, sir. I will be sure to buy everything you work on, yes, you can be sure of that. This new expensive an inaccessible piece of junk will also be left with bugs like ALL their previous products. If you can get one to begin with, that's it. This time, opensource projects got there first: on the MiSTer, we have perfect PC-Engine, SuperGrafx and PC-EngineCD cores already. No need for more expensive and bug-ridden closed shit.
  2. Also, selective pixel blending looks horrible and destroys fonts in a lot of games... Option for unselective pixel blending, just like RCA does it, is needed on the MegaSG.
  3. Am I in Australia? NO. Then apply me reasonable rates. But well, I assumed them for SuperNT, and again for MegaSG. As for moving it for the next thing, you can do that when you have finished the previous one. In my work, I can NOT do "the next thing" until I finish the current one. And when you leave behind annoying a very noticeable bugs after marketing perfection (like Master System tearing... perfection my ***), you shouldn't either. Multiple devs? Are Analog prices so low that "they can only afford one dev"? Yeah, it may change in the future, but not with my money. And I hope less and less people will fail for Analogue's next incomplete and bug ridden iteration: seeing how they release the next big thing while they abandon previous implementations with bugs is really infuriating. You guys are in time to save yourselves that feeling. But after all, it comes to this: community-driven projects are way better in the end, because no greedy private business leaves the bugs in CLOSED cores unresolved: we can solve them ourselves. None of the annoying bugs that plague the MegaSG are in the MiSTer Master System, MegaDrive and MegaCD cores at this point. And I have my right to say so here, in this thread, as a MegaSG, SuperNT and MiSTer owner. This is a lesson I had learned a lot of time ago with software, and I had to learn it again with FPGA hardware. Thank you Analogue for the lesson, it just cost me like 800 Euros in wasted hardware and abusive shipping rates. Never again. Only opensource projects from now on.
  4. This ^ Tearing in Master System games is a disaster for a system that's marketed as aiming for perfection, as is the broken pixel blending in the basic MegaDrive core. The "Pocket" can look like a shiny and desirable new machine now, but after a long period of bugs being ignored like the Master System tearing and broken FM while other options don't have these bugs, you start looking at the console with regret, with an uneasy sensation of having been scammed. What Analogue does is release new hardware while leaving small but important bugs in previous products. That way, something always feels "incomplete", so consumers go after the new (and immensely expensive thanks to abusive shipping rates) product, in their need to "get things right this time". Then, they are left with bugs again, and Analogue starts a new cycle. This time, Analogue, I am NOT in, and my friends are not in either. If you had fixed MegaSG and SuperNT bugs by now, it would be different. Yeah, you may sell the amount of Pocket consoles for preorder, but by abusing consumers like you do (bugs, abusive shipping costs) you are digging your own grave. You are not alone in the FPGA market anymore, and community-driven projects tend to be far better than your bug-ridden and privative implementations.
  5. Of course we had RGB compatible TVs here in the 80s. I had my Commodore Amiga compuer connected via SCART, which is great for TV-computers, and it looked fantastic. But Commodore Amiga developers didn't code their games and programs to make massive use of pixel blending, while MegaDrive developers did: good luck enjoying Earthworm Jim without pixel blending, or even Story of Thor (look at the intro, no need to go further in the game). This is very simple: Many major titles look BAD on the MegaSG because of the lack of proper pixel blending. And they look great on the MiSTer because it's core has proper pixel blending. That's not MiSTer advertising: it's reality. In fact, I would prefer things to be the opposite: I would prefer MegaSG doing it right instead of MiSTer, because I would be able to fix the MiSTer core. I am using the MiSTer here as an example of how it could be done very easily, that's all.
  6. You can be sure about Master System tearing. It happens here in two different monitors with two different HDMI cables. People seeing this could be read here time ago, and on the github issue tracker. But most people forget about those problems and move on to another solutions to play better, as I did by moving to the MiSTer (I have native db9 ports there, too). I also tried all kind of settings, like different integer scale sizes. Of course I use zero-lag mode: that's why I use FPGAs to start with. But tearing also happens in buffered modes. Only in Master System games, NOT in Megadrive ones. Music broken in Rastan: you don't know the Master System. I bet you are in USA, where the Master System catalog and importance is almost unknown. Here in Europe, the Master System version of Rastan is a classic of it's catalog: saying that Rastan is a minor game is like saying Wonderboy in Monster Land is a minor game. Pixel blending: I am not the only person that has noticed how broken the selective pixel blending is, and how perfect (yes, PERFECT) the MiSTer core looks with unselective, full-screen pixel blending. Chances are that you never got to know the MegaDrive back in the day: you know it by emulation and now FPGAs, but you did not play the hardware via RF or RCA, like it was played back in the 90s. These methods caused unselective, fullscreen pixel blending that made the games look blurry but very characteristic of the home machine. The MegaDrive games did NOT look sharp like RGB does. Not at all. Game designers took this into account and most games need fullscreen pixel blending to look as intended, blurry and all: basic games like Chakan, Aladdin, Earthworm Jim and Ristar just look bad on the MegaSG, and look perfect on the MiSTer. Again, calling it minor is a demonstration of a huge ignorance about the real system. Worst thing is, it's very easy to implement, because the solution is a simplification of the currently available and broken solution. So, yeah, you made a strong point that you don't really know the machines implemented in the MegaSG. Emulation was great, but created a generation of players that have a distorted vision of the past, with horribly-looking pixel-perfect gaming in mind as a reference, when games were not supposed nor designed to look like that in the first place.
  7. Minor???? Like ALL scrolling Master System games showing tearing? Like OPL music on Master System being broken in Rastan? Like EVERY MegaDrive game using pixel blending (which is most of the console's library) looking bad because of the "selective" blending that creates ugly-looking frames with destroyed fonts and missing blending areas? No, we are not talking about minor here: and this is also far from the gold standard you mention. Also, we are not asking for unrealistic features like MegaCD support on the small FPGA of the MegaSG, NO. We are talking about reasonable fixes that would improve things A LOT, because believing that the MegaSG is a perfect way to play MegaDrive and Master System games and finding out those bugs I mentioned really screams for fixes. I *want to love* these machines. I have the SuperNT and MegaSG from day 1. I imported them to europe, which was EXPENSIVE as hell. And all I am asking is BASIC fixes for some big problems that they have. It's legit, not some laughable rant asking for the impossible. In fact, I could fix some of these things myself if these products were open, but they are not, which frustrates me even more. Asking these fixes, just in case, doesn't make me an adult living in my parent's house, like some insinuated to other use some pages ago. Not AT ALL. Grown, economically independent adults also want their computers and consoles to work as expected, not worse, and fix them (if they are open) or ask for fixes to major issues (if they are closed). That's perfectly sane. What's childish is being left with bugs and not saying anything because "it's normal that business moves on". Oh, and the comparision with TV sets is just plain stupid. It looks to me that some people in certain parts of the world have the corporate mentality so deeply installed in their minds that they have some strange "Stockholm syndrome", protecting inteterests that are against themselves. Good I don't get to live there, that mentality makes me want to puke. Really awful way of thinking that I hope NEVER gets here (to be honest, seeing how things are going in these parts, I am almost sure it will never get here).
  8. This is what worries me. I am also on the fence with the Pocket: I am NOT being left with bugs again. I have learned the lesson. I hope I am wrong on this, but....
  9. Don't you guys think a small firmware update to the Super NT is long due? I mean, latest update doesn't even load settings on boot... And MegaSG has some bugs, too, like people getting tearing on Master System games, broken OPL sound in Master System games too, broken voices in Colecovision games, horrid composite pixel blending simulation... For unselective composite pixel blending simulation alone, an update would be greatly needed, now that the MegaSG isn't the only FPGA MegaDrive hardware. For Analog, it's not good press to leave us with partially broken solutions when they advertise perfection. And I am sure Kevtris loves his creations. Why not perfect them and leave a good taste so we aquire new machines from them in the future?
  10. I have always seen it on the MegaSG, I cant remember when I first noticed it on a game. At first I didnt care much, because initial firmwares can have small bugs, omissions, etc... but I am worried it will be left like that forever, after a year of the reports in github. Thing is, we are not talking about poor hardware here like an ATGames, the MegaSG is supposed to be a premium product, yet it has tearing on Master System games and broken pixel blending after all this time. Oh God...
  11. Yes, I have very evident tearing in SMS games, too. My guess is that everybody has it, its just that most people dont care/notice, but well, after a year I really doubt we ever get to see a fix.
  12. About the MegaSG, I was also hoping for non-selective composite blending, too, since the "intelligent" one just destroys text in games. And non-selective is trivial to do. So I really hope Kevtris can do these small fixes someday for the MegaSG firmware.
  13. Have you guys in Discord heard any rumors of the new MegaSG firmware? I am eagerly waiting the scaler fixes, non-selective pixel blending in particular.
  14. Could you *please* include the option for un-selective pixel blending in this update? Pretty please! I wont ask for anything more. Just that small option (it could work by moving the depth slide all the way up, for example).
  15. This is precisely why we need the blending on the MegaSG to be fixed. As things are, the games relying on patterns for new colors and transparencies over RCA look horrible on the MegaSG vs what they look like on other FPGA Megadrive implementations or the orginal hardware, where pixel blending is correctly implemented with optional non-selective blending.
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