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  1. @bruwirz: Thanks! I see now its a known issue and theres a workaround...
  2. Hi, I have updated the Super NT to the latest JB firmware (6.9 I believe) and I have observed that saved video settings like width/height, scanlines, etc... are NOT applied on boot: I have to enter the video menu and activate or change the scanlines setting for example, or any other setting, and only then are the saved video settings applied! This is a major bug, IMHO. Does it happen to you guys, too? EDIT: The included games (Turrican Directors Cut) work well, screen settings are automatically applied to them on boot. So this bug is only affecting SD-loaded games.
  3. @CZroe Wow! You got me there, man. Sorry, yes, I talked too much. But thing is MiSTer can play Bubble Bobble and Rastan FM fine, and MegaSG can not (Bubble Bobble seems to be failing on some cart versions too, and Rastan FM is failing on cart, too). Thats all I should have said. Sorry, really.
  4. @kevtris: I only brought up the MiSTer stuff to compare the state of the cores on the MegaSG and MiSTer, in a MegaSG context. Isnt that ok?
  5. That makes no sense at all. There is no logical reason for it to happen. And thats about it.
  6. @segasnatcher: Games with special mappers (like MSX to Master System korean conversions) are known not to work. VDP Game(s) dont work either. There may be other corner cases of carts with special components in them. These will not work from the SD using the JB. Other than that, good dumps (thats accounted for in the github reports: people report the file name, checksum, etc) HAVE to work same as real carts do. There is no logical reason its not like that. Or well, explain me the reason. Anyway, Bubble Bobble and Rastan are good dumps. And you will see they are fixed in the end, according to latest Kevtris comments.
  7. Some versions of Bubble Bobble have these stalls/pauses. Its not a matter of cartidge vs SD ROM loading (SD ROM loading is what JB does, its NOT magic and NOT so different from real carts: the electronics running the program are THE SAME). In fact, as I said, JB ROM testing is far better as a diagnosis method because aging carts tend to fail. If a ROM fails to run currectly on JB, it has to be looked at for incompatibilities. And with good reason. Stop the JB nonsense. We are not talking about an VDP game here.
  8. @kevtris , I am impressed that the Bubble Bobble and Rastan problems havent got to you ears before. Please take a look at: https://github.com/SmokeMonsterPacks/Mega-Sg-Jailbreak/issues People from all around the world are testing these hundreds and hundreds of games for you, saving you time with the final touches that the Genesis and Master System implementations need. As you will see, these reports are actually very well documented and should be useful, and they will save you testing time. And, as you may know, except for the few "special" carts (exotic SRAM, Sega VDP, etc), JB compatibility is the same as using original carts, so even if the cores are closed source, people is still reporting the issues they have. Take advantage of the community work Also, JB compatibility testing is great because it takes aging cart connectors out of the equation and saves you from false issue reports.
  9. I dont wish anything bad to happen to Kevtris. This thread is about his own personal project that later became a series of Analogue products. But when I think about the imperfect state these products are left in, I wish opensource projects do what closed source does not. I am sure Kevtris would prefer to dedicate some of his time to polish the MSG and SNT cores, but I can imagine its not his decision but Analogues decision. Kevtris is a guy I admire. Analoge is a company I hate.
  10. This is why I hope opensource alternatives will take over, and these commercial closed-source alternatives get what they deserve. I had high hopes for the Analogue products, but I am VERY disapointed with them leaving the products buggy and unfinished in the end.
  11. 2. Ace has tested the FM core before the latest modifications. As its today, the FM core on the MiSTer is better than the MSG implementation. Test it and you will see. Months ago, things were different. Now I can play RASTAN with FM sound on the MiSTer, and Bubble Bobble. I can NOT play those properly on the MSG. The NES core is just awesome. Perfect. Do yourself a favor and test it. But test CURRENT VERSION, not versions from months ago. As for Genesis, its on the same level as the MSG one, just with added SVP support. Dont be afraid of the MiSTer. Test it with current core versions. You will fall in love with it. And if you have Analogue products, you will get upset because so many things work on the (luckily) opensource cores and not on the Analogue consoles.
  12. @SegaSnatcher: Current SNES and Genesis cores for MiSTer are far better than those in the MegaSG. Current as in "the versions available today", not some months ago. -MiSTer SNES core has support for expansion chips (FX, SA-1, DSP, etc). PPU, CPU and SPU implementations are mostly flawless by now. -MiSTer Genesis support sounds as good as the INCREDIBLY GOOD MegaSG implmentation nowadays. No difference, nothing. Sounds the same (with less options, thats true). It was not true months ago: now its just as perfect as the MegaSG implementation. And we have SVP support, too! -Master System core for MiSTer has great FM audio. Again, current versions, not versions from months ago. It plays RASTAN fine with FM audio. And Bubble Bobble works perfectly on the MiSTer, too. No stalls/pauses/hangs. (Its not ordinay Master System game, its Bubble Bobble....) Thing is, I had to pay A LOT for Analogue machines (customs, DHL or whatever they used for delivery...). I love their design. And I hope their firmware would be as good or better than the opensource implementations. But I can not deceive myself anymore: the opensource implementations are better as things are. Being an opensource lover, anyway, I am happy that things came to this, but... I wish Analogue could finish what they so nicely started.
  13. I have tried many SMS games and they worked like a charm on Mega Sg, using jailbreak 7.5. In which games did you encounter issues? As I mentioned, Bubble Bobble. And FM sound on Rastan stinks, too, while its perfect on the opensource Master System core. Both games.
  14. This is sadly true. I have both the Analogue consoles (SNT and MegaSG) and the MiSTer, and the opensource implementations of the MegaDrive/Master System and SNES are WAY better by now, in every aspect. Even basic Master System games fail to function properly on the MSG (I have to use the MiSTer to play Bubble Bobble!!), and there is zero feedback from Analogue regarding this. In the opensource world, these issues reported would have been fixed in a matter of days or hours, and without a business behind it.
  15. My point was precissely that: SMS is supported, as the SMS adapter was included with my MegaSG (and I think every MegaSG since). So I would prefer proper SMS support (Bubble Bobble at least. Its really a basic SMS classic! For Rastan FM audio, well... I *hope* it can be fixed too) Thing is, the MiSTer SMS implementation sounds good on Rastan nowadays, and Bubble Bobble does not hang. So I hope MegaSG is no less! (I love them both anyway, and treasure both)
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