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  1. My point was precissely that: SMS is supported, as the SMS adapter was included with my MegaSG (and I think every MegaSG since). So I would prefer proper SMS support (Bubble Bobble at least. Its really a basic SMS classic! For Rastan FM audio, well... I *hope* it can be fixed too) Thing is, the MiSTer SMS implementation sounds good on Rastan nowadays, and Bubble Bobble does not hang. So I hope MegaSG is no less! (I love them both anyway, and treasure both)
  2. Well, ehmm... O dont think that Bubble Bobble and Rastan are, by any means, obscure games. And they show bugs. Same goes with Turbo Outrun on the Genesis.
  3. What really worries me is that there are MANY bugs reported by now in JB firmware issue list, but it does not seem to be any public progress for fixing them. These issues are common with original firmware, too. Do you guys know if there are plans for fixing those? Its been several months since the MegaSG was released, yet its still showing bugs in not-so-rare games.
  4. @foft: I dont have a SIO2PC, just minimig-style joystick ports on the DE1. I build those for the MSX core, and they happen to work with your Atari 800 core (which is what my DE1 has always flashed since I discovered it, thus becoming one of my Atari 800 computers, along with the Mcc-216).
  5. Guys, I think I found the problem! It was my fault... I was using the SuperNT USB power supply with the MegaSG. I have connected it to a 2.1A USB power supply, and no more SD reading failures seem to happen! (I left my MegaSG power supply at home in Salamanca...)
  6. @SegaSnatcher: It seems to be an SD Card access problem only. Today, it stopped recognizing the SD card ("cannot mount SD card!" when loading a core), and after some power-off/power-on cycles, it recognized the card again without even touching it. Then it went again into no-card-recognition mode Any ideas? a board replacement seems a bit too far, I just would like the MegaSG to work well.
  7. Regarding the MegaSG, mine corrupted my micro SD yesterday (Samsung EVO PLUS 32GB), I had to reformat it... Also, the MegaSG behaves stragely some times: POWER button just resets the machine instead of powering it off! Have you guys suffered these? I absolutely love how it looks and sounds, but this is worrying me. I use latest JB firm (7.5 as of this writting).
  8. Hi Foft! This is AWESOME! I have been YEARS waiting for this to happen! I am testing the MCC-216 and Altera DE1 version when it comes out, as my "old" DE1 is an Atari800 these days Thanks for this, this core is so important to me...
  9. I dont think we will see FW supporting MegaCD ISOS from SD directly on the MegaSG without the MegaSD flashcart. But above all, I wish we can see the remaining MegaDrive and Master System bugs fixed with a firmware update soon... I think this is much more needed.
  10. Hmmm... no, if the ladder effect depth is set to 0, it should not be audible, of course. Then I have no idea, others may help you better.
  11. Ok, so I rolled back my firmware to 4.3 and the crackling is still there, not sure how I didn't notice it before. It's especially obvious when listening to music track 12 in the Ghouls 'n Ghosts options menu. So now I'm wondering this is something that is a wider issue with the Mega Sg, or just with my unit? If it's a wider issue, how does it compare to a real YM2612 chip in a genuine Genesis console? I suspect that you are hearing the so-called ladder effect of the MegaDrive/Genesis sound chip...
  12. So, you noticed the audio problems with RASTAN, too? Can you post your findings with carts on the github issue page? https://github.com/SmokeMonsterPacks/Mega-Sg-Jailbreak/issues
  13. I have noticed a couple of problems with Master System games, they were probably there with JB7.4, but they are still present in JB7.5 for sure: -Rastan YM music is missing some notes -Bubble Bobble hangs if left in DEMO mode for a while Can you guys confirm the same problems happen with cartridges? I have reported these issues here: https://github.com/SmokeMonsterPacks/Mega-Sg-Jailbreak/issues
  14. Time to update and play Alex Kidd!! Yeah!! Thanks for your work on this wonder, you-know-who-you-are!
  15. I opened an issue on the Alex Kidd audio problem here: https://github.com/SmokeMonsterPacks/Mega-Sg-Jailbreak/issues/24 So, if you have the physical cartidge, please report the results of testing the cartidge on the MegaSG there if possible.
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