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  1. I'd be sure to pick up Demon Attack, Pheonix, Turmoil, and Atlantis.
  2. I recently played through the entire 2600 library of games. I kept coming back to H.E.R.O., River Raid, and Seaquest.
  3. My top 10: 1. Pitfall 2 2. River Raid 3. H.E.R.O. 4. Seaquest 5. Megamania 6. Dragonfire 7. Demon Attack 8. Montezuma's Revenge 9. Beamrider 10. Enduro --------- 11. Pitfall! 12. Stargate / Defender 2 13. Phoenix 14. Chopper Command 15. Outlaw 16. Yar's Revenge 17. Atlantis 18. Solar Fox 19. Jungle Hunt 20. Turmoil Honorable Mentions: Berzerk, Moonsweeper, Missile Command, Astroblast, and Galaxian.
  4. I just picked up my Colecovision FB. I was waiting for today because Dollar General is having a Fall sale today (11/8). I saved 5 dollars, so I got the system for $35. Not too bad. I played through a bunch of games and they all seemed to play well. I was afraid the controller was going to be a huge disappointment because of all the negative talk about them, but I thought they worked better than the originals.
  5. Maybe you could sell the ROM after you sell off your last two carts?
  6. I went to two different Dollar Generals in south Texas yesterday. Nothing yet.
  7. I mis-read the OP. I thought he said the 305th post would get a free game.
  8. Well, his website states that "All Good Things" is the world's first 16k Vectrex game.
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