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  1. I have the FZ-10 version and it works fine with the 240p and citrus3000psi RGB mod (and I assume any other RGB mod). The FZ-10 is a bit tricky to install because the drive controller IC is on the motherboard so it can’t just be unplugged- you have to remove the IC and do a fair bit of soldering. I blogged about it here and included a couple pics: https://yesterware.blogspot.com/2018/09/3do-fz-10-usb-host-controller-review.html?m=1
  2. Earlier this year I finally broke out my Tron joystick only to find it didn’t work. Opened it up and sure enough the flexible ring had cracked and broken. After searching for a replacement I came to the conclusion that there weren’t any so I worked with a friend to try to make a 3D printed replacement. He came up with a pretty great design which is actually more durable than the original while retaining good flexibility. I figured I would share it with the community for anyone else looking to restore one of these Tron joysticks to full function. Enjoy! Tron Joystick insert
  3. I literally just finished my 2600 RGB project and received my Harmony Encore on Saturday, it was awesome to grab this demo and give it a spin on real hardware. Really really impressed. Can't wait for complete version.
  4. You should be able to log in to retrohq.co.uk and answer that question for yourself by looking at your orders. That being said none of the orders at retrohq.co.uk are actually guaranteed to ship as it’s all down to how many SainT has the energy/interest to make before giving the third parties the go-ahead to start mass production. Once that happens, as I understand it, he will probably cancel the remaining orders. The bottom line is that if you want to be sure of getting one as soon as you can, hedge your bets by pre-ordering elsewhere. From what he has said none of the third party sellers will be able to start fulfilling orders until after he has made all that he is going to so there’s no chance of accidentally buying two. Scenario 1: you preorder at AA or DB, SainT ships your original order and you cancel with AA or DB. Scenario 2: you preorder at AA or DB, SainT reaches the end of the carts he’s going to make himself, cancels your original order and you wait for AA or DB to ship.
  5. Once you find the sweet spot and decide how many you're going to ship yourself, can you take whoever's left and send that list to Atari Age so the people who have been waiting the longest can get priority in the notification list? (To my mind what I'm asking is materially different from "transferring pre-orders" because you're just giving us opportunity to keep our place in line when making a new order with AA.) Maybe it doesn't matter because AA is planning to just notify everyone simultaneously and make it a race to checkout, but on the off chance that they're going to notify people in sign-up order, I would selfishly like to be rewarded for my patience and any effort you could spare toward that end would be greatly appreciated. Is the new firmware update over Wi-Fi or something? Was the firmware update process changed to make things harder for counterfeiters?
  6. Although it was probably not an entirely successful effort, I have tried to refrain from pestering questions about "my pre-order" because I would rather not contribute to your (SainT) fatigue. Even so I am a little bit anxious over the idea that an authorized reseller - say Stone Age Gamer puts these up for sale while I still have what appears to be a valid pre-order through the RetroHQ shop. Is this something that might happen? If so, what would you prefer I do in a situation like that? Should I cancel my RHQ order and order from SAG? Would you rather I let the SAG order window close and held on to my RHQ order so you get to keep more of the price of the cart?
  7. Need some help from the EE types. I think this one comes down to general troubleshooting, but I'm kind of at a loss. The ColecoVision has a Ben Heck composite mod. It was "working" but the colors were smeary and the picture was generally unfocused and a little shaky. While I was playing it, I switched it off and back on and when the image came back it was monochrome, but the picture was super stable and clear. In the process of troubleshooting hand slipped on a probe and accidentally bridged pins 3 and 4 of the J4 (the connector that goes to the RF box), and instead of releasing the magic smoke, it actually brought the color back - and it the picture actually looked fantastic. Pin 3 is the "R-Y" video signal and pin 4 is +12v. If I power off the console, when I turn it back on it's back to monochrome. I was able to duplicate the "accident" using a resistor. A little trial and error showed that if I bridge the connection with a 100 Ohm or smaller resistor for a second or two, the color comes back. If I hit reset the color stays, it's only when the console is powered off and back on that it goes back to monochrome. To troubleshoot: - Replaced all the electrolytic capacitors - Rebuilt the power supply (the 5v rails were both registering 4.85v without a load) Can anyone with a little more knowledge and experience with this sort of thing help point me in the right direction?
  8. Pretty sure I'm 186 (Or maybe 187 - it says "There are 186 in front of you"), but I hope you're right about the rest of it! I assume you're fishing for some confirmation from SainT about the "second batch" for which, IIRC, he said he ordered and possibly received all of the boards. Much as I'd like to know too, can't blame him for keeping silent about it one way or the other. Unless and until he confirms something I'd lay even odds that he's shipped some or all of the boards from that second batch out to prospective outsourcers to get bids and validate the process etc...
  9. I think he named it "Game Drive" because "Cartridge Logic Interface Toolchain Optimized Runtime Integration Service" and "Dynamically Optimized User Channel Hardware Emulation" were already in use by that Ralf guy.
  10. Since I have literally nothing better to do with the next five minutes I want to weigh in on the pointless debate. Let me just acknowledge that the people who want to buy a JagGD and had pre-orders have a right to have feelings about what happened and that those feelings are just as valid as SaiNT's feelings. Where the problem starts is when you take your feelings as validation of entitlement, and yes, despite the attempts of many people on this thread to deflect the notion that they're acting entitled because they judge what they feel they are entitled to to be small, simple, and reasonable, it is entitlement just the same. I would wager that most of the people towing that line here have never actually worked so hard that they literally ran out of bandwidth - this is not the same thing as _feeling_ overworked or overwhelmed - those feelings are quite common, I'm talking about being physically and mentally unable to go on, it's not a feeling at all but a fact. There is no digging deep, there's no dusting yourself off, the tank is empty and you have no more to give - whether you want to or ought to give more is irrelevant. SaiNT has been trying to express that this is what happened but it seems like people are just not getting it. When this happens to you, you shut down. All (not some or most, but ALL) of the little things that so many of you have asked for and suggest he should have done are claims to his time. Those of us who have been in that situation know good and well how harmful that sort of thing is to your health because despite the fact that you can't go on, part of you thinks, feels and believes that you should.
  11. Am I remembering correctly that that the second batch was supposed to be a couple of months after the first?
  12. I’m trying to make a simple repro Obi for my copy of Road Prosecutor (the US version LaserActive game) but I can’t seem to find scans of the Obi anywhere. Does anyone have one that they wouldn’t mind scanning for me?
  13. I think from the standpoint of ambition and complexity, their products are amazing. The implementation has had some hiccoughs - the SSDS3 sound issues (and supposedly video issues which I never experienced, despite using an OSSC with the video LPF turned off). I wish I could say it surprised me that my connector wasn't beveled, but the MegaSD was a pretty ambitious project and I think with that many plates spinning something was bound to be missed. I still love the thing.
  14. Maybe the dolt was talking about the MegaSD? They were released rather close together and my MegaSD shipped without a beveled edge. I don't have calipers to measure it, but now I'm curious.
  15. Apologies if you've answered this specific question before. With the explicit assumption that no answer will be construed as a commitment, is there any chance that CD support will be available by the time batch #2 ships? I know you've got a lot of other irons in the fire such as giving the LynxSD some love and developing the 7800 SD cart, just looking for an idea of where CD support slots in to that timeline.
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