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  1. I just checked EBay and there isn’t a single Jaguar GD up for sale there right now. It won’t stay that way forever, but the fact that no one who recently placed an order is overtly trying to price gouge desperate fans really says something about this community.
  2. I think I was #86 on the list at AA. Still got my link within a couple days of Al announcing that he was notifying people, so not everyone is actually buying when their number comes up. In fact I had managed to get an order in at RetroGamerStuff the week before so I didn’t use my link from AA when it came around either. Just be patient - every 48 hours the links expire and the next people on the list are notified. There may still be unsold units working their way down the list. If I understand correctly though, around the end of this month the flood gates are going to open and everyone who wants one should have their shot. Then everyone can move on to the next obsession which is pestering SaiNT to wrap up CD support! (But we’re all going to be polite about it, aren’t we, class?).
  3. Just got my Jag GD today. Before today I didn’t know Jaguar Doom had no music. It’s so weird! Glad someone decided to fix it. I realize this project is done when it’s done, but is there some sort of burn down list to give some idea of what remains to be done?
  4. Just got my cancellation email from RetroHQ which I take as a good sign that I might be hearing from AA in the near term. The wait is not over quite yet but I might risk letting myself start to get a little excited again. Thanks, SaiNT, for pouring so much of yourself into these projects and sticking it out! And thanks Albert for providing the means to shoulder some of the burden to make this possible!
  5. I hope my subsequent replies made it abundantly clear that this was not my intention in any way. If I had an inkling that it would have been received that way I would have have chosen my initial words much more carefully.
  6. This was supposed to be a playful and subtle implication but you just made it more serious so I'll be more explicit. I'm just trying to get a conversation started within the community in the hopes that it will reach the team that developed it as it's not at all clear what they are and aren't reading these days. If the growing community of Jag GD owners start asking this question it's my hope that it will get back around to them that more and more people want this and prompt them to either release it themselves or consent to have it released by someone else. My "tip jar" comment was intended to indicate that I don't think they necessarily need to release the dump for free as I, and I'm sure others, would be willing to pay them for it. I'm frankly offended that you'd even suggest that I was offering someone money to subvert them, but given that I've seen unscrupulous people ask for worse I get that you thought it necessary.
  7. Who said “copy” meant “physical cartridge”? While I’d be willing to pay the $60 or whatever they originally charged for the cartridge releases, that’s a pretty dry well. The rumors of a third run are extremely cold at this point so I’m hinting very hard that someone should release the ROM already. I’d be more willing to put a little jingle in the tip jar for it.
  8. I've decided that instead of being anxious about when I'll be able to get a Jaguar GD I'll be anxious about whether I'll be able to find a copy of Another World to go with it.
  9. Is it appropriate to ask the approximate size of this first batch?
  10. I’m trying not to be indelicate here, but the bottom line is that SaiNT doesn’t have to do anything. He can pack this all in and walk away without owing anyone anything. In fact that’s very nearly what he did in response to all of the entitlement and negativity he got hit with during that first run. If you find the process too eccentric for you then perhaps it’s best if you just pretend to yourself that the JagGD has been discontinued, and in a couple of years when the thought occurs to check in again you can be pleasantly surprised to see them in stock at AA or SAG.
  11. The orders you placed with AtariHQ aren’t cancelled exactly. The whole situation seems to be much more fluid than that. The _plan_ is for all future orders to be fulfilled by AA, but I don’t think SaiNT has completely ruled out the possibility of making more himself - he just hasn’t committed to doing so because the hope is that AA will soon be ramped up to the point where these are just always in stock. If that winds up taking longer than expected who knows, maybe he will find the time to make more himself. If he does, he will email you first to confirm before charging and shipping. If you placed an order on RetroHQ and you put yourself on the list at AA, just take whichever one gets back with you first. A lot of us have waited a very very long time for this - you’re not in a unique situation. If you want to compare stories, I have been watching this thread since it was a subtopic on the Lynx SD thread (maybe 3 years now - I’ve lost track). As the release approached I watched like a hawk checking every couple of hours for over a month because there was never any announcement of what day they would go on sale. After staying up for four hours refreshing and waiting for these to drop I made the mistake of going to bed out of exhaustion 10 minutes before these initially went on sale. I was told there would be an email sent out so I had an alert set to wake me up, but the email never came. Complaining about it is just going to create stress, it’s not going to suddenly make the process move faster. In fact complaining is partly to blame for this taking as long as it has. So for your sake and the sake of everyone involved, please just relax and be patient.
  12. Given that the wide availability of this device is starting to feel legitimately imminent, has there been any progress convincing the folks that have the rights to the Jag version of Another World to release/sell the ROM for users of the JadSD? Last time I asked I was told they were planning another run of physical carts, but I’ve been on the list for 3 years now and there hasn’t been any activity or, as far as I can tell, even any conversation for over a year now - it really seems like a “third run” is a dry well.
  13. Maybe I misunderstood, but I thought this last batch was _the_ last batch SaiNT was making and selling directly. Basically if you’re going to get one at all going forward it’s going to come from a reseller like AA. Is this correct? Is AA sufficiently ramped up to sell these that there’s a chance of getting one before the end of the year (assuming you’re sufficiently close to the start of the list)?
  14. I have the FZ-10 version and it works fine with the 240p and citrus3000psi RGB mod (and I assume any other RGB mod). The FZ-10 is a bit tricky to install because the drive controller IC is on the motherboard so it can’t just be unplugged- you have to remove the IC and do a fair bit of soldering. I blogged about it here and included a couple pics: https://yesterware.blogspot.com/2018/09/3do-fz-10-usb-host-controller-review.html?m=1
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