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  1. There's a movement in the US to get it reclassified as a protected status. Pretty soon it will no longer be legal to discriminate against Atari Jaguar fans for the purposes of employment, and anyone currently incarcerated on charges of being a Jaguar fan will be released.
  2. As a fan of two of the four (maybe five?) Highlander movies I thought it would be fun in concept. I found the game marked down at Walmart to something like $7.50 so I figured even though I had never seen the cartoon (actually I didn't realize the cartoon even existed before I bought the Jag CD game) it would be worth checking out, and at very least give me something to do with my nearly useless Jag CD - I think the only other game I had at the time was Hover Strike. I even sprang for the Memory Track so I could save my immortal beheading progress. Pretty sure the first time I played it the clumsy controls caused me to keep accidentally triggering a transition to the next screen, which, of course, had to be loaded from the disc every single time. I remember getting killed over and over and over by that first enemy because the controls were such crap and when I finally beat him, I was immediately lost and had no idea what to do next. I fired it up about a year ago and the same basic thing happened. At least it has a nice FMV intro sequence.
  3. I'm not sure about the progress Atari made on the technology, but I do know it wound up in actual products and somewhat works: https://www.amazon.com/Mattel-P2639-Mindflex-Game/dp/B001UEUHCG
  4. FYI the origin of that thought came from this interview: https://venturebeat.com/2013/04/25/consoles-that-wont-die-atari-jaguar/ It seemed like the cart might be doing things that were programmatically unique. Evidently not unique enough to affect compatibility.
  5. It was a tray made from recycled paper.
  6. So, the answer is actually "no", no one has debunked anything and after you personally brought up and supported an indefensible position you're suddenly tired of the whole thing and worried that the thread is going off the rails. If you've had enough about the topic to last a lifetime, maybe stop wading into it you know? I'm not sure that a "pseudo-theory" is really a thing, but if it is, I imagine supporting and propagating a position you apparently don't understand would qualify as it doesn't even meet the threshold of a real opinion. On the topic of the Jag SD cart which is what people are really here for, is there any challenge with the cart supporting any of the unofficial releases like Another World? From what I've read that one has a pretty unique structure really pushes the Jag hardware, but I have precious little actual detail.
  7. What exactly has been "debunked" and by whom? Screenshot or link or it didn't happen. There are lot of people twisting what he said into a strawman argument and then claiming that because no one's Genesis has caught fire when a flash cart was plugged in that he can't be correct, but I've yet to find anyone with equal or better qualifications that disagrees with anything he _actually_ said. Krikzz got upset because his customers started complaining that his carts were going to damage their consoles but he was already in the process of switching his designs over to using level shifters, indirectly acknowledging that he agreed with Rene. The only people that seem to get mad about this are the people who are going to lose money either because they're selling something that's designed improperly, or they've paid a lot of money for something that's designed improperly. What is it you _think_ Rene said? What he actually said was that failure to use level shifters would put the consoles and cartridges outside their operating tolerances requiring resistors in both to need to dissipate more heat than they were selected to handle. Law of conservation of energy - scientific laws are very few, but the ones we do have are inarguable. Then Rene went on to demonstrate and prove it with objective measurements. Semiconductors have a finite lifespan and operating them outside of their designed tolerances will shorten it - find an electronics engineer who honestly disagrees with that statement and I'll show you someone unqualified to hold that title. Whether that component's lifespan is 100 years and you're shaving off one, or it's 30 years and you're shaving off 20 depends on the context and a certain degree of luck, but the logic is fairly universal. We have tolerances for a reason. Sometimes those tolerances are so conservative that we never notice the impact of working outside them, other times we're not so lucky. Maybe it won't destroy your Genesis use a flash cart with 3.3v flash chips and resistors instead of level shifters, but there's no question that it's operating outside of its design parameters and producing more heat than a normal cartridge or a flash cart with level shifters. Everyone should inform themselves and decide whether to take that risk. FYI, I believe the risk is actually higher that the cartridge will fail than the console. The chances of your console or cart failing immediately are, of course, very low, but we're not talking about blowing a fuse, we're talking about fatigue that takes place over time. Unless you're willing to put your money where your mouth is and agree to replace consoles for the people you're handing out advice to should those consoles ever be damaged by cartridges that cause them to operate outside their voltage specs, I think it would be better to just tell people the facts and let them make that decision for themselves rather than tell everyone that it's perfectly fine when you do not, in point of fact, know that. FWIW - two of my Everdrives fall out of spec and I still use them anyway because the consoles are old workhorses and I doubt they'll ever die. I just can't stand intellectual dishonesty and telling people there is zero risk is intellectually dishonest.
  8. ...And he replied right away about the wheels. I guess his reputation for great work and odd communication habits is well deserved, lol. Obviously I cant use it yet but the workmanship on this imager looks really very clean and tight, definitely worth the price and the wait.
  9. I was legitimately more worried something bad had happened because he was so responsive and conversational and then abruptly stopped. He still hasnt responded to my emails after a month, but my order arrived today, postmarked 2/18. Unfortunately the 3D imager was sent without the color wheels. Hopefully he will respond to my message about that.
  10. I placed an order with him mid-January and had a pleasant email conversation with him about the particulars right up to the end of January when he just stopped responding. One of the first things he said was that my order would be sent in 14 days, but I have yet to receive so much as a shipment notification and I’ve reached out to him every couple of weeks. Does anyone here know him personally? I don’t want to harass him or anything, I’m just concerned that something has happened to him.
  11. Doesn't there need to be some translation between the raw bits on the disc and the executable code? I mean the bits on the disc aren't actually executable the way a ROM chip on a cartridge is are they? I would think you could get away with just replacing the CD I/O if you were to just replace the optical drive mechanism in an actual Jag CD, but you would still need the BIOS to act as a go-between, wouldn't you?
  12. @McWill just wanted to say thanks for taking the time and care to develop such an awesome and essential mod. The Lynx is like a whole different console with this thing installed.
  13. I realize this is a bit of an old thread, but in my testing, the voltage difference between the LCD connected and not was never more than a couple mV. As unlikely as it is, it's possible a bad R74 is causing the voltage to be too high. At any rate, I believe that replacing R74 with a higher-rated resistor should allow you to drop the supply voltage, though it's beyond my skill to calculate the exact rating you'd need. I'd probably start by soldering a trim pot in the 150Ohm range in place of R74 and trying to dial it in from there.
  14. Update: Yeah, it was definitely the under-volting. After rebuilding the voltage regulator circuit I have not been able to get it to fail, and the voltage is staying within +- 10-20mV. I guess the transistor that was supposed to regulate the MOSFET up was faulty.
  15. Yeah, I know the LCD mod is good, just thought maybe someone would have seen that particular fault before in conjunction with the mod and could identify the problem. After looking at it this morning I noticed the voltage slowly dropping over time as it was powered on. Apparently it was under volting. I replaced the MOSFET, transistors and D13 and I'm getting much steadier voltage now. Hopefully that fixes it.
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