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  1. I’m not old or a brand loyalist. I’m just a young dude that thinks atari stuff has a cool aesthetic. i was born in 1995. I have pretty much zero atari nostalgia. how many times do i have to bring up that the 7800, Lynx, ST, and Jaguar weren’t even designed by the original atari engineers/team in sunnyvale, california. Oh and the now-obscure Atari IBM PC compatible series of hardware, that the new VCS could be considered a descendent of... also not designed by the OG atari. You pretty much have to get a heavy sixer, pong machine, atari 400/800 and other really early devices if you want ORIGINAL ORIGINAL atari. I find the “not atari” argument to be really flimsy because of that. People using that argument must hate the Lynx!! “Wah waahhh it’s an EPYX console!! Burn it at the stake!” atari ST was designed by an ex commodore employee. Amiga was designed by an ex atari employee! FFS if you buy an intellectual property, it belongs to you. atari, SA bought atari. For l intents and purposes, they have every right to do business under that name. They are a real company, they own it fair and square. Imagine if sega announced a new console and sega fans bitched about it like atari fans today are bitching about the VCS. That would be unthinkable! Sega fans have been asking for a console for years, and i have no doubt they would snatch up whatever they put out without a second thought...even if it was a console-shaped PC like the VCS.
  2. VCS has one thing that no other system will ever have: AN ATARI LOGO ON THE CASE AND PCB! Checkmate! SOLD! I’m IN! $10 says VCS will outsell amico.
  3. how capable would an Atari VCS upgraded to 64GB of ram be? how useful would that RAM actually be in terms of gaming?
  4. But none of those systems i mentioned were designed by the “original” atari from the 1970s... they were all outsourced.. essentially hardware designed by someone else with an atari logo on them sold by whoever currently owned the company at that time. Tell me, how is VCS any different? Somebody rightfully and legally bought the atari brand, and made a piece of hardware. It doesn’t seem much different to me. but people here absolutely refuse to accept that atari is under new ownership, many times over in fact.. they’d rather atari not exist than someone else have a go at it.. i think yall are in denial. Just sayin.
  5. so i have to ask... after the VCS is finally released and people have it in their hands... will atariage add a VCS section to the forums?? it's just as valid of an Atari System as Lynx, Jaguar, or Atari ST
  6. the graphics look okay i guess, but the games look completely uninteresting.
  7. didn't you see my original post? i mentioned my age. i'm too young to have had any 2600 stuff when it was new. that is my recreation of what a late-era 2600 setup may have looked like, including secret quest cartridge
  8. What was it like to be a 2600 owner in the late 80s when NES was all the rage? Were new games easy to find still or were people mainly buying them at yard sales, flea markets, etc? i got to thinking about this because i recently acquired a 2600 jr, which seems to be an odd beast of a console... clunky 70’s tech in a very sleek compact almost high tech modern 80s package. I’m a younger atari fan (24 years old) so i’m very interested to hear older folks perspectives on this. In the mid to late 80s, was the 2600 seen as outdated junk or was it still a respectable console? Were any of you faithfully sticking with the 2600 even when faced with the likes of the NES, Master System, 7800, or even the PC Engine? Secret Quest came out in 1989... Genesis and TurboGrafx-16 were coming out in the US that year too! I find it amazing that the 2600 was supported for so long..
  9. the idea that anyone would compare amico to the chameleon is laughable.
  10. oh Christ not again. this device is nothing like a raspberry pi...
  11. They already said backers are getting the 800 model. Nihilistbox 4lyfe.
  12. I swear this place is full of get off my lawn ass codgers. Butthurt that somebody else owns atari IP
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