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  1. the idea that anyone would compare amico to the chameleon is laughable.
  2. oh Christ not again. this device is nothing like a raspberry pi...
  3. All things i already have, for the record.
  4. You’re completely missing my point. A laptop isnt another failed console for my collection.
  5. Uh, why would i care about 4k? I’m probably just gonna install windows on there and play some city of heroes. or retroarch with a nice front end. i collect game consoles. I especially like failed niche systems. LOL i just think everyone is taking all this WAY too seriously. Borderlands is a shit game, same as all the other open world pieces of shit out there.
  6. The atari “my foot in your ass” box
  7. They already said backers are getting the 800 model. Nihilistbox 4lyfe.
  8. The fact is, atari has little to offer someone my age who has next to no nostalgia for the brand. I love River Raid, Kaboom, Midnight Magic, joust, HERO, and i guess a handful of others but other than that these systems just dont hold my attention. I grew up playing Sega Saturn and gamecube and thats where the nostalgia magic is for me i preordered VCS because i needed a compact PC and for 200 bucks it seemed rather amusing. Thats all. HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG looking at the indiegogo comments, it seems only neurotic freaks backed this project.
  9. As a 23 year old looking back at history it seems that atari has always kinda sucked... lol... the 2600 was good for the 1970s, quickly outdated, then just about every other system they put out was considered lackluster. The 7800 has hardly anything to play on it, rehashes of games that nobody cared about in the 80s, lynx had great graphics but the battery lasted about 5 seconds, the ST has worse versions of amiga games, the 5200 is a 400/800 clone with less software and poor quality controls. The jaguar has next to nothing worthwhile on it IMO... the XE series of 8bits seem to have cheap feeling build quality and poor keyboards... i guess the best atari system has to be the 800XL with 128k ram upgrade mod or the 48K 800 because it looks badass... other than that i dont see much in atari’s back catalogue that interests me. If anything atari VCS will be a stylish way to emulate all those systems on atari hardware. (Atari has a rich history of releasing systems they didn't even design, anyway)
  10. I’m remaining neutral. They havent particularly done anything to make me hate them. So there were a few delays and whatnot... I’m still not convinced that VCS is a horrible tragedy or anything. I’m just glad to see something, ANYTHING different happen in the game hardware industry. I’m so bored of microsoft sony and nintendo. The prospect of a platform NOT made by those companies almost outweighs the negatives lol in any case, i’m going to buy and support the intellivision amico with the vast majority of my dollars. VCS is merely a curiosity.
  11. I swear this place is full of get off my lawn ass codgers. Butthurt that somebody else owns atari IP
  12. So will atariage have to reluctantly make a forum section for discussing the VCS once it sees a release?
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