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  1. I think we all want to see the Atari brand survive in some way or another. I’m glad their stock is going up! Personally I enjoy the VCS, and I’m really curious to see where this hotel idea goes. It could potentially make the company a LOT of money if it is a success.
  2. Jag was groundbreaking on release? Idk man... the library is really pitiful. I dont think anyone was clamoring over the jag’s pack in game... starfox on SNES is much more appealing to look at even.
  3. i guess this machine isn't really for the old fans. I look at the VCS and see a canvas full of possibilities. Most everyone else thinks its a waste of time apparently. Boo hoo. I find the cynicism and harshness given to the VCS isnt really fair... man give the thing a break it’s already 100x better and more useful than the POS jaguar ever was. lol I want to see the avid atari homebrew community to make the VCS into the quirky awesome modern atari console that it has the potential to be. It seems unlikely that this hardcore hobbyist/homebrewer/demoscene crowd that the atari VCS needs most will accept the system though
  4. One jar is empty, one is ice water and lemon juice, one jar is kratom powder.
  5. Screw the switch and its shit controllers.
  6. Can a mod unban me from the Atari VCS info thread? I promise I will behave also the VCS being “merely a PC” is probably my #1 favorite quality the machine has. Since I was a kid i always wanted a game console with stock PC chipset inside. The Atari branding/design just adds some aesthetic value. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I wont claim the VCS is for EVERYONE, but if you are a hardcore atari fan that is interested in the history and future of the brand I think the machine is a must-have, being the first real hardware system produced by the company since they were owned by the Tramiels nearly 30 years ago. I’d also recommend the VCS to people that like hacking/softmodding consoles like the wii and xbox and mini systems like NES or Playstation Mini. It’s the perfect retro-modern rom/homebrew/DOSbox station and looks nicer under your TV or on your desk than a lot of other options. It doesnt even need an exploit... of course I’m kicking a dead horse here, I just enjoy my Atari VCS 3200. It’s quite an underrated system Team VCS 4lyfe. It gives otherwise bland and generic looking PC hardware some much needed flare.
  7. I wish Atariage would embrace the VCS. It’s funny how people complain its not powerful enough.... We are ATARI FANS. We celebrate a console from 1977... The new VCS could be a fantastic workhorse and destination for homebrews and enthusiast software. The community could make this thing great, like the dreamcast, or wii homebrew scene. Or raspberry pi. It’s a versatile board. Look at that PCB, theres an atari logo silkscreened right on it. When was last time you saw a new piece of computer hardware officially bearing that badge? Everyone who loves atari should get a VCS, its a monumental occasion in the history of the brand. The post jaguar/CD atari hardware saga begins. I like how the system is basically just a single chip, much better than the jaguars architecture.
  8. Get that VCS and 7800 away from all those useless consoles
  9. I have Windows 10 installed on the internal SSD and 32GB RAM. Can anyone recommend some free PC games to try? Preferably things that arent online first person shooters. Hidden gems?
  10. I use win10 on my VCS and have never needed drivers for anything. Not sure why this guy does.
  11. I need a small monitor with built in speakers for my VCS. Any recommendations?
  12. so how do I increase video ram for windows?
  13. Glad to see another happy VCS user. Atari, SA’s IBM compatible console has unexpectedly become one of my favorite devices that i currently own. The look and feel of it combined with my Unicomp Classic model M buckling spring keyboard (no abhorrent windows key next to space bar!) is really classy. A proper keyboard adds a lot to the overall experience of using any PC. The glowing Atari logo on the machine helps too. I know it’s nerdy but, i also really like the design of the VCS’s motherboard/PCB. It looks pretty sexy in black. The first real Atari metal in a LONG time. It recalls a storied legacy full of ups and downs. Atari to me represents being human. They have always been unlike the faceless corporations that make other electronics... all the way from barefooted joint smoking hippies assembling PONG cabinets while blasting black sabbath on the radio to Tramiel not believing in marketing and only believing in sales to atari being reduced to a single man at a desk and all the events leading up to today... Steve Jobs once worked for Atari and Woz built breakout.... it’s more than a company, its a cultural phenomenon. its a brand with an incredible and fascinating history. that history is about to get even more interesting too, with Atari hotels emerging and a lot of other experimental things the company is doing
  14. A free intel i5 mobo with no graphics card and linux mint
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