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  1. AlecRob

    My Setup

    I need a small monitor with built in speakers for my VCS. Any recommendations?
  2. so how do I increase video ram for windows?
  3. Glad to see another happy VCS user. Atari, SA’s IBM compatible console has unexpectedly become one of my favorite devices that i currently own. The look and feel of it combined with my Unicomp Classic model M buckling spring keyboard (no abhorrent windows key next to space bar!) is really classy. A proper keyboard adds a lot to the overall experience of using any PC. The glowing Atari logo on the machine helps too. I know it’s nerdy but, i also really like the design of the VCS’s motherboard/PCB. It looks pretty sexy in black. The first real Atari metal in a LONG time. It recalls a storied legacy full of ups and downs. Atari to me represents being human. They have always been unlike the faceless corporations that make other electronics... all the way from barefooted joint smoking hippies assembling PONG cabinets while blasting black sabbath on the radio to Tramiel not believing in marketing and only believing in sales to atari being reduced to a single man at a desk and all the events leading up to today... Steve Jobs once worked for Atari and Woz built breakout.... it’s more than a company, its a cultural phenomenon. its a brand with an incredible and fascinating history. that history is about to get even more interesting too, with Atari hotels emerging and a lot of other experimental things the company is doing
  4. A free intel i5 mobo with no graphics card and linux mint
  5. Idk why but the Atari VCS really lends itself to maxing out that RAM It’s begging for it. Is there any reason to use faster RAM than 2400? Does it make the CPU hotter?
  6. good to see this thread is still alive. Even though it was meant to be somewhat ironic for the record, the Atari VCS is my only and main daily driver PC. I have 32GB of RAM and 500GB SSD and it is actually my favorite PC i have ever owned. Perfect for someone like me who doesn’t care about AAA cutting edge 3D graphics games. My other newest consoles are the Dreamcast and Wii. Love the VCS!
  7. Currently i’m playing City Of Heroes Homecoming, and also a bit of Half Life, Doom, and i’m about to test Phantasy Star Online 2, all under Windows 10 (fully loaded VCS with 500GB SSD & 32GB RAM) what are you all currently doing on your VCS? This machine is truly a jack of all trades console, so this thread could go on forever, really. If you get tired of games you could use it as a Point Of Sale system, even. Or perhaps a 90s style telnet bulletin board system it is serving as my daily driver PC now with no issues.
  8. this method went smoothly! posting now with the VCS with win10 via internal m.2 drive and 32GB Ram inside. this is actually a pretty great little computer. long live the Atari VCS.
  9. The PDF links in first post are dead for me.
  10. Just unscrew the wifi module and disconnect it. I dont see why everyone thinks its a big deal
  11. I can deal with hardware just fine. In fact i can even solder if i have to. When i say not PC savvy, i guess i mainly mean the software side of things. i’m pretty clueless a lot of times when it comes to that. Installing RAM in a VCS is very simple.
  12. well I used windows installation media creator to make a windows installer USB stick. i booted to the stick and tried to install windows on the internal 500GB SSD. it made it all the way through installation and then at the end i got an error message saying my computer could not continue the installation. EDIT: i just ordered one of these: JESOT M.2 to USB Adapter, B Key M.2 SSD to USB 3.0 Reader Card, NGFF SATA Conver | eBay since i was able to create a windows bootable USB stick, i should be able to use the same method to make a windows bootable m.2 drive, then remove it from the USB reader and put it inside the VCS. fingers crossed
  13. Nice. I actually have really been enjoying my VCS. 32GB ram, city of heroes homecoming... reliving the revived PC game of my childhood is priceless and has earned the VCS a place in my gaming life. I love being able to play it on a machine that actually looks like a console.. OG and Warner and tramiel ataris of old were before my time, so the brand doesnt really have much nostalgia or emotions for me... so i’m coming to the VCS from a fresher POV than a lot of older folks afaik and like i said so far i’ve found really enjoyable aside from being too dumb to install an OS on the internal M2 drive. But hey i’m a newcomer to windows 10 too. And also not particularly savvy with PC’s lol i want to see the VCS community grow, it’s actually a very cool entry into the atari hardware lineage.. the successor to the long forgotten Atari PC5 perhaps????!?
  14. I for the life of me cannot figure out how to get it working even with all the guides and advice i've seen thus far. i'm using a 500GB WD Blue m.2 SATA which SHOULD work from everything i can tell and i currently am booted into windows 10 using a USB thumb drive that i created using the official guides from Atari. Can anyone provide clear instructions on how to install the Windows 10 ISO onto the internal SSD? it seems like it should be easy if i'm already booted to windows from the USB stick and i have an ISO file right here on my desktop but it isnt that intuitive or simple it seems... any help would be appreciated.
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