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  1. didn't you see my original post? i mentioned my age. i'm too young to have had any 2600 stuff when it was new. that is my recreation of what a late-era 2600 setup may have looked like, including secret quest cartridge
  2. What was it like to be a 2600 owner in the late 80s when NES was all the rage? Were new games easy to find still or were people mainly buying them at yard sales, flea markets, etc? i got to thinking about this because i recently acquired a 2600 jr, which seems to be an odd beast of a console... clunky 70’s tech in a very sleek compact almost high tech modern 80s package. I’m a younger atari fan (24 years old) so i’m very interested to hear older folks perspectives on this. In the mid to late 80s, was the 2600 seen as outdated junk or was it still a respectable console? Were any of you faithfully sticking with the 2600 even when faced with the likes of the NES, Master System, 7800, or even the PC Engine? Secret Quest came out in 1989... Genesis and TurboGrafx-16 were coming out in the US that year too! I find it amazing that the 2600 was supported for so long..
  3. the idea that anyone would compare amico to the chameleon is laughable.
  4. oh Christ not again. this device is nothing like a raspberry pi...
  5. They already said backers are getting the 800 model. Nihilistbox 4lyfe.
  6. I swear this place is full of get off my lawn ass codgers. Butthurt that somebody else owns atari IP
  7. The name wont truly be out there till this thing is in stores. NOBODY i have talked to knows that atari is back in the hardware business. Honestly though i hope this machine succeeds. I think it at least stands a better chance than “steam box” ever did. Only hardcore gamers like us even know this thing exists at this point in time. Having it on wal mart’s shelves will definitely give it a lot of exposure though. Atari is lucky, stupid people shop at wal mart and gamestop. (Their intended market, i assume)
  8. VCS is the successor to the Atari PC-1, ABC 386, and other similar products
  9. Even if VCS is vaporware, it’ll still be better than the Jaguar
  10. The suspense to find out which developers are working on amico titles is KILLING ME
  11. So on the sandbox side of things, do you guys have any ideas for what you may use VCS for? I’m thinking an arcade stick and retroarch/mame would be amusing, maybe try emulating playstation 1 and pc engine CD... i may also try windows and city of heroes homecoming.. how about phantasy star online 2? Another neat idea would be to emulate an atari ST desktop.. I’m just gonna use it as a pretty looking 200 dollar desktop pc with an atari logo on it. I dont particularly need powerful applications like AAA games... VCS already has way better specs than the last PC i purchased (a SIX HUNDRED DOLLAR toshiba satellite). I no longer own it because somebody stole it when i was working at a marijuana farm in cali a few years ago 😛
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