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  1. ASSEMBLED IN THE USA is an amazing idea! What other game console has that going for it? NONE that i know of!
  2. Hmm dropping acid definitely sounds authentic to 1970s atari. They should do that for inspiration. Hahah
  3. Despite my above post i never once said this thing would actually succeed. I can see what they are going for but i doubt that many people would actually use it
  4. My personal opinion is the VCS doesnt need exclusive games. Does the raspberry pi have exclusive games? No. VCS is not a console. Its a single board computer for homebrew and hobbyists.
  5. in a response to those who say the Amico logo is too “kiddy” or “girly” for adults, consider this: a mature adult should recognize a quality product and good gameplay despite it’s cute cuddly outwardly appearance.
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