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  1. Hidden Palace has just released ROM dumps of two Prototype versions of Dragon: Bruce Lee Story. One of these is near final and appears to run fine, the other is earlier and appears to need a Dev environment / Alpine setup to run. Does anyone out there have experience with getting these running? Can offer any insight into the earlier version? http://hiddenpalace.org/Dragon:_The_Bruce_Lee_Story_(Sep_26,_1994_prototype) The ROM contains code fragments referring to a Dev environment: "JAGUAR stub (31-Oct-'93) ready & running in ROMULATOR, (NTSC)" and there is also a header associated with the Megadrive version of the game.
  2. The Terry Rutt who used to post on r.g.v.c is "Terry E. Rutt" and he worked for HP in the Texas (Houston?) area. (traded with him years ago)
  3. Recoil - yes Rom is correct the ones you posted are not Monaco New Zealand boxes, they look like Generic PAL boxes. Here's some examples of the backs of the boxes, carts and a close up of a Monaco "Made in NZ" box back. Generally Monaco boxes (with a few exceptions) aren't Multi-language and they always have the "Made in NZ" on them. Note: "Dodge 'Em" illustrates another problem with collecting these, in that while some games have Silver boxes, the cart inside may not have a Silver label.
  4. It's a bloody shame I don't own one single NZ cart scan that's good enough to add to our database. This empty list is almost two years old now: http://www.atarimania.com/lst_soft.php?MEN...n_sauver=Search PM me your requirements and I'll see what I can do in terms of NZ carts and boxes. I have quite a few already but expect you have high standards. + I have a couple of Sales Brochures that need archiving. Sadly I don't have NZ Silver boxed versions myself of some I'd really like myself. (Adventure and Haunted House are on my most wanted list) There are also silver and white versions of some labels as well so its a little "Monaco Silver"
  5. Sadly those ones definately did NOT come out here in Silver boxes. Alpha Beam with Ernie, Big Birds Egg Catch & Cookie Monster Munch also came in standard PAL boxes.
  6. One odd thing about these carts is that I've now opened 2 different ones up and they have original Atari PCBs inside.
  7. Quite a few 2600 consoles were made here in New Zealand by "Monano Distributors" and they are relatively easy to find second hand. Monaco also sold Atari cartridges here that have the boxes marked "Made" or "Assembled" in New Zealand. And as people tracking label variations will know there are some unique New Zealand Silver labels for games that have no Sivler label anywhere else etc. Basically at the time in New Zealand there were strict import licenses and conditions around the importation of Consumer Electronic and one way around this was to add in Pertcentage of "locally produced / assembled" components into the item. Having talked to people involved with Monaco they definately did not make the items here from the ground up. This is little breakdown of how it was done. Consoles - main PCBs imported, Case produced locally, PSU locally, box locally printed, Assembled in New Zealand. Games - PCBs imported, some cases locally made, some imported, Boxes locally printed, Some manuals printed locally but most imported and the back page overstickered with "Made in NZ" stickers. Another NZ collector has a few pictures of the games here. http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~pinwhiz/nz2600.htm One of the odd things is its quite common to find NZ 2600 Cartridges with the labels from other Atari games (and not NZ labels) underneath the NZ sticker which makes me wonder how much Atari reused & onsold stocks of surplus cartridge shells and boards.
  8. Has anyone been in contact with "Atari spokesman Bruce Entin" who is referenced in the story? He's easily findable (google - he still lives in Los Gatos) and I think has been willing to get involved with talking about Atari in the past. He is also an ex-Journalist.
  9. The Vandals "Join Us for Pong" Stephen Malkmus (ex-Pavement) "Robyn Turns 21" - has the line: "Kick it with the trustafarians, Call her at her college, Are they Sega or Atarians?"
  10. Sorry to bring such an old thread back to life, but I've just picked up another 2 of these "Don't just watch TV play it!" "Planetary Headquarters" carts that are identical to the Moon Patrol Cart shown on the link below. One of the ones I received was in fact another Moon Patrol and the other was labelled "Tennis". Like the cart shown in the link they appear to be carts that have a small gap near the top that would normally house a dip switch on pirate multi carts. The really odd thing is that (I'm a curious sort of guy) when opening both of these up they contain 100% original Atari PCB's inside. Tennis has a Singapore made CA018393-80, © Atari 1983, C017480-P07 Round Gloptop type chip inside. PAL? Realsports Tennis? So while they are ?pirates? they contain original PCBs - I guess someone had to use the spares up!
  11. Anyone ever seen one of these before? Atari Jukebox All I can find on google is some references to Atari Europe (France) Jukeboxes?
  12. I can verify that in the UK "Big K" Magazine Number 2 (May 1984) a Silica Shop advertisement lists "Pengo" as one of the "Recent Releases" (priced at 27.95 (pounds)) "We stock a range of over 200 VCS Cartridges" Has anyone done the exercise of going through other old UK Magazines and checking out all the Silica Shop ads (in C&VG, BigK + others) to see if there were any other oddities. I know people (Chris Hind) have copies of there catalogues and the VCS Owners Club magazines they listed? This ad alone lists some rarities (Missile Control, Surgers Paradise, Infernal Tower) + obscure pirates... (mainly Goliath titles?) Sea Master, Dream Flight, Felix Return, Time Machine, Hot Shot titles like Overkill.
  13. It wasn't Coleco who designed these handhelds - Gakken did orginally. Coleco merely licensed it and put there own licensed stickers/artwork on the one they released. .
  14. Salu's Acid Drop was definaetly programmed in the UK. Several years ago I had brief email contact with one of the guys who worked on some of the artwork for the game. Hint: The Programmer and Artists are credited on the Acid Drop box which will help with tracking them down.
  15. Hope this works! Bad flash photo of shiny label..
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