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  1. i believe i have quix got to look
  2. i have one if interested i know we did a deal or two in the past - let me know
  3. Cassidy I think I can make up what you desire - I got some really great nintendos with awesome pins I know I got marios and other games and all you desire send me a pm and we can chat how much are you looking to spend? I can give you a better deal then what you would spend on ebay since we on Atari age always try to help each other out - send me a pm and w'ell chat
  4. mr cooper - I have a lot on this list - please pm me and ill let ya know what I have
  5. hey chris I got the phaser - I hope the Atari everybody went well with it -
  6. I think I have one loose if interested send me a message
  7. I actually think I do - let me look around the game room
  8. I have - what kind of system - 6 switch 4 switch vader? let me know and we can talk price
  9. are you still looking I got a bunch of these send me a message
  10. I have one as well! send me a pm maybe my offer is better
  11. atarimattrugby


    I think I got something I could help ya out with shawn
  12. do you have a list? I have everything filed and on the computer so it would be so much easier just to go off a list lol but I got a bunch
  13. sent you a pm - let me know and we can go from there
  14. I got a bunch of games loose and complete in box does it really matter?
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