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  1. Beings you are selling your collection I'm still interested in your asking price.
  2. Hi Rev, it's been a while since I chatted with you so when I saw the pic you posted with a bottle of alcohol I was wondering. Do you still use it to clean off the cart labels?  If so I can tell you about a product that is 50 times faster. I use UN-DU.

    Most costly but worth it to me. I can only find it on Walmart online. It's about $25 for the 32 oz bottle.

    Other than that I hope all is well with you. 





  3. No "Yo mama!" here. Give me a day or 2 to get pics and I will get back to you. I am 90% sure I have one, I just need to find out which box it's in.
  4. Guess who has one and a Red Striped II also???
  5. Would you please post a pic of the S/N: It would be fun to see if there is a pattern.
  6. Yeah, there are pretty rare, I just could not resist the "fingers" pun.
  7. Here is a pretty nice Taiwan box if anyone is need to put their Taiwan console in. It would be interesting to see if it has the foam inserts. https://www.ebay.com/itm/INTELLIVISION-VIDEO-GAME-CONSOLE-BOX-ONLY-IN-GREAT-CONDITION/284162334894?hash=item42296520ae:g:s74AAOSwOVhgENyu
  8. What version (Part Number) is the manaul? Mine has the 2614-0920(B)
  9. I am looking for a Gatefold Burgertime if anyone has a smashed box with a good front cover. Do you still take screw type carts?
  10. I have been collecting damaged and squished boxes. I got a little help from Luc and Warren, actually a lot of help. They sent me some boxes as well. After some cutting and the help of one of the worlds greatest inventions (hook and loop) I put some of the boxes to use. My office is only 9' X 10' so there is not a lot of room but I have a drop down to hide the HVAC vents. I can't get far enough away to get it all in one pic but here are the pics anyway. Does add a lot to the feel of the office from my side of the room anyway. I picked only the Mattel gatefold version and most of my favorites in no particular order. I think looks rather snazzy.
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