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  1. Slappy Marsden got this pic right on. What a great pic. This was on Facebook today.
  2. Is it the same link all the time or does it change weekly????
  3. What time does the live stream start on Mondays?
  4. Most any Intellivision item I have is for sale for the right price.
  5. I think Code Name Sector would make a great Intellivision game. It was one of the 1st computer games made in the late 70's. Here's one for the PC. https://thatmichaelpark.github.io/code-name-sector/CodeNameSector.html
  6. The left one has a cut out portion between the back retaining clips.
  7. No, it's an original. I don't really like repo's. I don't mind boxes for games that did not have them like Blix or Deadly Dogs.
  8. I don't have the KOTM that the BSR's released but I do have this one if anyone wants to work out a deal on it. It is in mint condition but untested as I do not open the boxes (I'm scared I will bend a end flap and reduce it's value).
  9. I got this about 20 years ago in a lot. I don't think it's factory. I think it was someone messing around with a Seal-A-Meal.
  10. There are only 8 FCTVVO boxed games. If you will note in the pics below right above the title in small black letters is the FCTVVO except for Baseball and Football which are in the bottom portion of the window. BTW: Baseball and Football are extremely easy to find. IM me and I will send you a set to get you started.
  11. Looks like a very nice Backgammon FCTVVO at a reasonable price for all you get. https://www.ebay.com/itm/274910120441?hash=item4001eb89f9:g:gRcAAOSwb~xhHJC2
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