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  1. I am getting closer to the complete game.
  2. Hi guys. Yes, to my knowledge these are the only 4. There is a thread here on AA from many years ago with a little info on them. I don't know why Mattel did these (perhaps Steve Roney does). They are rather unique and rather rare. Occasionally you will spot one in a lot of carts but I have not seen one for quite some time. I know I didn't help much but I think I will skip on over to Intvfunhouse and see what Steve has to say about them. I should have put this in the auction but these are not the boxes they came in, I don't know if anyone out there has one they opened and found a painted label to know which boxes they were born in.
  3. Shameless plug for my ebay auctions. I just put up some items on ebay. 8 Play Cable Manuals 1, 2 and 3 Trading Card Sets Tron SS in baggie Backgammon FCTVVO All 4 Painted Label Carts CIB Follow this link and use the see other items for them. Thanks, HJ https://www.ebay.com/itm/Intellivision-8-Play-Cable-Manuals/202840723217?hash=item2f3a3fcf11:g:Tv4AAOSwwp9d5V-4
  4. Yeah, I saw it too and have been looking for one ever since. I was just guessing about when it might be made.
  5. With a 2K SN I'm guessing somewhere in the summer of 79. Ohhhh, do you think the "N" was the test release in 79?
  6. Hi, I came across a 2609 made in the USA with an "N" serial number. The database does not show any. PH, R, A but no N. Any info available?
  7. I wrap them around a wooden dowel and then gently use a heat gun on it and let it cool completely.
  8. I can't wait. I have my cart all ready for it.
  9. What does whether you saw one or not have to do with you being crazy?
  10. The only one I know of was won on ebay by Cmart.
  11. Ok, whom ever I sold my never opened System Changer to for $100 I want to buy it back for $200 then resell it back to you for half of what this person wants. Oh, and I too will offer free shipping. Please note the price tag. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Intellivision-System-Changer-New-in-Open-Box-Mattel-Electronics-NOS/254414965649?hash=item3b3c504b91:g:bFcAAOSwFZddxXGP
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