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  1. No, they are the original style steering.
  2. All my manuals are loose so I don't know the Cart that came with it to check the manual vs ROM. Neither of my 113-0720 are bi-lingual! But my other 1113-0720 HK is! Go figure!!!!
  3. I have a question about Auto Racing. I was on Intvfunhouse it doesn't list 1113-0720 USA or HK version of Auto Racing. Both have the original steering. It does list the 1113-0820 USA as original steering. Now the question. If there is a HK manual, is there an HK cartridge with original steering? I have tested mine but found none.
  4. Hi All, I shared this with an AA friend and in turn it was suggested I share it here on AA. This is intended to repair damaged boxes for your own use. Some collectors do not want repaired items so please don't use this as a method to scam anyone. I have had some success in getting the boxes presentable but as you know, if the damage is sever it will never be like new. Enjoy this as what it is meant to be. A fun way to fix a box. This video is for the version with a tray. The trayless version is repaired the same but you need to do things a little different and the Flip-Top boxes too need things to be done a little differently. If wanted I will do a video on how I do those as well. Enjoy! M2U00009.MPG
  5. If the manuals weren't bad enough for you there is always this one. And I didn't even know that I could select Godzilla or Mothra as a playable character. I mean "Who Knew"! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Masters-of-the-Universe-The-Power-of-He-Man-Intellivision-1983-WATA-9-0/383555072322?epid=167408149&hash=item594da9f142:g:pX4AAOSwO3pexare
  6. Do you have the part number? I have lots of chips.
  7. I have to go to the shop and look in some boxes I have. I can't remember what's in them except I think there are 2 Boxed sets. Meaning Unit, games, printer, memory. Will try to get to it next week for some pics.
  8. Yeah, what he said! (Although I did watch the entire series, I don't own it).
  9. You would never guess that I am a fan of BG
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