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  1. https://www.etsy.com/search?q=intellivision https://www.mercari.com/search/?keyword=intellivision https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Listings?st=intellivision&sg=&c=&s=&lp=0&hp=999999&sbn=false&spo=false&snpo=false&socs=false&sd=true&sca=false&caed=9/27/2020&cadb=7&scs=false&sis=false&col=1&p=1&ps=40&desc=false&ss=0&UseBuyerPrefs=true
  2. I hope you are talking about both sides of the PCB!!!!
  3. Hi Steve, I read with interest you history page. I was quite disappointed in the Sears Category that Night Stalker did not get double billing (USA and Hong Kong). Big differences in the boxes besides just the country of mfg. If you note the front of the box they are quite different. Note the location of the bottom line of text and the location of the spiders foot in the text. The color of the box is different also (at least in the 10 or so boxes I have seen).
  4. A pic of the front and bottom flap of the box would be great.
  5. I guess you'll just have to blame Eric for not packaging it as well as he should have. He knows what the USPS is like. You must have one heck of a mailman. I don't think I would have delivered it, just put it in the dumpster.
  6. Way to go Rev, it does a body good to see such generosity.
  7. I would have been it the $180 area but would not have gone over $200
  8. I'm not sure it was CMart, he bought a shrinkwrapped one from me, but then again he does have the need of several copies of each version.
  9. Come on REV, let us know. I was planning on bidding on it. Who talked you out of it and for how much. Inquiring minds want to know.
  10. Well you got the hard one of the three versions to find. Now you need the sisters to complete the set. You got the IM 7607 Sticker version. Now you need the IM 7607 None Sticker and the IM 7603 versions. Check the Side panel of the box for the differences. Good luck!
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