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  1. This Intv system III, on the label does not have the model nor the number 3504. Found in Italy, can anyone tell me more?
  2. What about this INTV II? Taken on Ebay from an English vintage seller. It looks like a test product, in a cardboard box without pictures.
  3. Found in Spain .... Intellivision console, American 2609A with 125/220 power supply for the Spanish market .... who knows why they haven't made a specific one for Spain as well as in other European countries?
  4. Hi Alex, for the power supply you must use a 220 v to 125 v current transformer. To connect to the TV you can use any console cable, but you must have a TV that is multistandard and also has the NTSC system.
  5. There are for 1 copy of each ....😁
  6. They exist without and with heat shrink tubing.......😀
  7. Still on sale ...... without tomatoes 😀 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Intellivision-Super-Pro-Sports-System-Console-w-Box-Manual-Joysticks-TESTED/184267733070?hash=item2ae736784e:g:0R0AAOSwc65epI3I
  8. I'm sorry 😌, he was in an Ebay auction, I think a year ago, I didn't keep track, just took pictures of the auction, that I have lost.
  9. Maybe you are looking for this ....... seen on ebay ..... I missed it ......
  10. I also have a good collection of manuals and overlays
  11. This doesn't seem to me to be on the list: Froggy (Adonic electronics).
  12. My catalog is not perfect ...... but if it can be useful .......
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