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  1. Amazing work, as usual. Elevator Action is my jam. Looking forward to this one. I know about shooting the lights out on floors but are some building dark from the get-go? I guess I never played long enough to find out. Love the planned challenge mode with powerups and extra goodies. These little extras really go a long way extending replay value on these old titles.
  2. I'm a sucker for a good maze game. This seems to have all the subtle, strategic elements of one of my personal favorites, Dark Cavern. The bonus of different mazes and colors puts this at the top of my list!
  3. Enduro is the best racing game ever made for any system. There. I said it. 

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    2. bluejay


      Endure might be the best racing game on the 2600 but definitely not the best ever made, you know, what with modern sims like Assetto Corsa and BeamNG.Drive being a thing.

    3. BydoEmpire


      It's definitely in my top 5 racing games of all time, and in my top 10 2600 games.  I might give Metropolis Street Racer and Outrun the edge, but Enduro is a mighty fun game.

    4. doctorclu


      For the 2600 I remember it was amazing and unparalleled when it came out.  And the change of weather and road conditions, amazing.

  4. The Lost Worlds collection was on Netflix (or Prime?) and I watched it a few months ago. I enjoyed the Day After Tomorrow for what it was. Not great but not terrible. I enjoyed the Space Police segment they had on there too. Along these same lines, a few years ago I discovered the obscure Canadian '70s sci-fi TV series Starlost was on Youtube. I found that mostly enjoyable too. Good, not great, but lots of nostalgiac '70s low-budget sci-fi vibe.
  5. Love seeing all the styles. I'm partial to "Enemy", "Two", and "Porridge Story". Lots of heart in all those.
  6. 2600 Freeway. My grandma played it and laughed hysterically whenever the chicken got hit and wiggled down the screen. 2600 Ms Pac-Man. My mom and I would compete against each other in several late night marathons. PS1 Tomb Raider. Playing alone late one night in my apartment, the PS1 sound pumped through my new receiver and getting pushed out my speakers with the 15" woofers. Exploring a quiet valley when the music suddenly got dramatic and a freaking T-Rex comes around the corner! Freaked me out. PS1 Disruptor. Doom-like game with great storyline and visuals. One of Insomniac Games' first offerings that ultimately got lost in all the Doom clones released that year. Had great fun playing through it with a friend. PS1 Twisted Metal 2. A friend and myself would play this all the time. I bought matching acrylic frames with custom prints inserted into them to commemorate the day we finally defeated Darktooth and won the game. No Man's Sky. Is there a better game to help get you through a pandemic?
  7. Rainy evenings are Mother Nature's way of saying "go downstairs, plug in that old Atari, and play some Wizard of Wor Arcade!"


    1. Albert


      And writing some reviews in the AtariAge Store! Thank you!

    2. DaveD


      I have a few more started. Just need to spend a little more time playing them before I submit them. Tough job!

  8. P That was my intent with Galagon too. It strayed from that but that Gradius image is awesome.
  9. That box is amazing. Love the painted art. Fantastic job David!
  10. I have serious doubts. Since the 2600 pixels are so much wider than they are tall, I can't imagine any fluid 360-degree movement. Even with the amazing games that have been accomplished, they always feel so much different due to this. Chetiry is a good example of this. Whenever I rotate a piece it looks drastically different due to the pixel proportions, which in turn throws off my ability to predict which "column" the piece will fall in.
  11. One grows tired of jelly babies, Castelan. 

    1. x=usr(1536)


      One grows tired of almost everything, Castellan, except power.

  12. Both color versions of the logo are used on the box, poster and manual should they should all go together as a set. We went with the same end label for everything to keep things easier for production and to keep Al from going crazy trying to mix and match everything. After all, each cart is hand-assembled with love. Not by robots. 😉
  13. The dual labels are also meant to be a nod to the gameplay. I've always thought that, depending on whether or not you have dual ships in the game, it can really feel like you're playing a different game. Single ship doesn't have the firepower but you feel more nimble and you're a trickier target. Dual ships give you more firepower and a feeling of invincibility. But it also makes you a bigger target. So we made a label for each style!
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