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  1. I have serious doubts. Since the 2600 pixels are so much wider than they are tall, I can't imagine any fluid 360-degree movement. Even with the amazing games that have been accomplished, they always feel so much different due to this. Chetiry is a good example of this. Whenever I rotate a piece it looks drastically different due to the pixel proportions, which in turn throws off my ability to predict which "column" the piece will fall in.
  2. One grows tired of jelly babies, Castelan. 

    1. x=usr(1536)


      One grows tired of almost everything, Castellan, except power.

  3. Both color versions of the logo are used on the box, poster and manual should they should all go together as a set. We went with the same end label for everything to keep things easier for production and to keep Al from going crazy trying to mix and match everything. After all, each cart is hand-assembled with love. Not by robots. 😉
  4. The dual labels are also meant to be a nod to the gameplay. I've always thought that, depending on whether or not you have dual ships in the game, it can really feel like you're playing a different game. Single ship doesn't have the firepower but you feel more nimble and you're a trickier target. Dual ships give you more firepower and a feeling of invincibility. But it also makes you a bigger target. So we made a label for each style!
  5. Because they're like Pokemon. Gotta catch 'em all! 😉
  6. Watching 1966’s Tarzan and the Valley of Gold. Tarzan meets 007. It’s really not as bad as it sounds. 

  7. DaveD


  8. Awesome news! I’d be happy to help with packaging on this if needed when the time comes.
  9. Is this done yet? What’ll it take? PayPal? Kickstarter? My credit card number? Social security number? Graphic help? I know people. My soul? Willing to talk.
  10. I'd sell my soul for a 2600 version of Satan's Hollow. Love that game.
  11. Very cool. I loved the password unlock during the reveal and the fact the password was distributed among various people. Plus the nod to Wargames. Pardon my ignorance, but I always heard Galaga would be an enormous challenge on the 2600. Why is that? The number of moving things onscreen? Compared to what I've seen you guys pull off in Ladybug & Mappy I'd think Galaga would be a cakewalk. I'd love to hear some juicy details of some of the clever things you had to invent to make this a reality.
  12. I suspect I know what it is actually. I know Nathan does many of the graphics for these arcade homebrews. I imagine he and John start to bounce ideas off each other, Nathan does some sample graphics, then John runs with them. Before you know it they have the beginnings of another arcade port. I also know there are 3 games Nathan has always wanted to see a faithful home version of. One of those games is Bosconian, which Draconian does an amazing job simulating. But for as long as I've known him, the game at the top of his list has always been Battlezone. Since the 2600 already has both a good Battlezone port and Robot Tank, the only logical choice is: Bradley Trainer.
  13. Crush Roller/Make Trax. I'm a sucker for a good maze game and that would be an awesome candidate. Judging by what Champ did with Ladybug, I'd bet Crush Trax could be amazing.
  14. Love the lineup! All you need now is a tiny crane game and token machine.
  15. If I recall correctly, the Ark II was repurposed as the shuttle in Space Academy. Fun facts, Jason, Craig Littler, was in a Gray Poupon commercial and is the current Gorton's fisherman.
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