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  1. Ohhh really?.. That's interesting. I did not know that information about the adapter is a complete 2600. Say no more. Explained!
  2. Hello, I have understood the Atari 5200 its basically the an Atari 8Bit computer just without keyboard, different joysticks and "skin". So, the Atari 5200 have an Atari 2600 cartridge adapter, to play 2600 game on the Atari 5200 game console. Then if is this possible in the 5200, why its no possible load Atari 2600 roms from any device like Sio2SD on the Atari 8bit computers line?. if any Atari 8Bit computer it is technically the same as an Atari 5200. Just wondered about. Thanks, Regards!
  3. You know, i am not sure what kind of keyboard model is but is different to the keyboard on other Atari 800XL for sure. This is more tight than the other, and keys surface you can feel little texturized.
  4. Thanks for the tip I'll keep it in mind for next eventual issues.
  5. Yeah, i pull straight up on opposite side evely and fixed. I tried before post this, but evidently not do enough steady. Thanks!
  6. Hello, I just was using this Atari 800XL, and without reason, the "U" key seems as pressed but nobody is pressing the key. (see video, sorry for quality and few background sounds. ). https://youtu.be/msnZSZTz8a0 Dirty?, maylar issues?, key system broke? Any suggest, comments, are welcome. Best Regards.
  7. Yeah, i saw that feature in the Atari 2600. About the SIO noises i found as interesting thing, talking about real Disk Drive with real diskettes (of course), because this can work to monitoring the Disk Drive is working and loading. You know, i came from Commodore world, and sometimes the Disk Drive seems like are working, the Disk Drive light activity is working, but maybe the load was an "sleeping" state; so if on Commodore would have had a feature like SIO noises, you can know if just the load time goes to sleep.
  8. The thing i always wondering, is that "beep beep beep...." sound when the computer are loading from disk drive. Its interesting and unique feature in the Atari 8Bit computers. Other curious Atari 8Bit feature, is when you dont touch anything in the machine, and after some minutes, the screen change continusly colors, you know, i think that is like the first "screensaver". Right?
  9. Amazing!!. Congratulations and thanks!. Just as suggest 2600 game names, could be nice ported to 8bit Computers: ET 2600; Robot Tank, Presure Cooker, Moon Patrol (i know we have a better version, but 2600 is nice), Kung Fu Master, Star Master, Enduro (i know we have GACCRR, but could be funny Enduro 2600), California Games (To have even that version on Atari 8Bit Computers). Anyway, great job!
  10. Wow.. is amazing!!!. Great Job... congratulations!! And thanks!.
  11. I want rectify, i am playing the game and is great Star Raiders II
  12. This is amazing. Looks more close to the Star Raiders. Being critic, have some lazy things, but other, very nice details. Thanks for share!.
  13. Wow!.. the music sounds like Shadow of The Beast - Amiga version. Nice game and great job!.
  14. Well... good news..you can play on the mobile. If you have Android phone, Just install Droid800 or Atari800SDL for play Atari 8Bit version, or Droid2600 for Atari 2600 version, and if you want play Commodore 64 version, just install Frodo C64 or Vice64.
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