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  1. I did preorder, too. Time to sit down and relax...
  2. Today is the last day of august, so... I'm dying for a cart!
  3. OH - MY - GOD 81 and 107 US dollars, 14 and 16 bids... I would consider selling my 16 japanese CIB games at that prices! (or maybe not). Maybe just my second Xenophobe CIB... BTW... Besides the beautiful manuals there are at least five other japanese manuals (uglier): Electrocop, Shanghai, Robosquash, California Games and Blue Lightning. Almost all that stuff can be seen in the photos that LX.NET kindly posted.
  4. It's really annoying to see what Ebay member kokete is doing, taking advantage of other people efforts. Have you seen his "japanese boxes"? What a FAKE. As Serb says, these boxes doesn't exist. @guitari: good luck, mate. These games are hard to find, but not impossible.
  5. I bought all the japanese cards + boxes + manuals (except one), and I can only say Serb is almost 100% right: the only difference is the manual, except Klax. But, as far as I'm corcerned, at least there's another japanese California Games box and manual.
  6. I've just received Duranik's email telling the bonus cart is ready to ship, and paid it. Yeahhhhhh
  7. I couldn't agree more. People making money taking advantage on other's people effort drive me up the wall.
  8. Here's mine! I bought it with some japanese stuff... BUT I'm pretty sure that the only Gauntlet card style sold in Japan was the curved lip one. BTW... It's not for sale!
  9. An "Another World thing" would be the best thing to do, definitely.
  10. @BadPricey: you are a really handyman, mate! Bravo!
  11. I understand, thank you for your explanations. I thought they were speculators. Sorry for the mistake.
  12. Someone is selling an overpriced card at eBay: http://www.ebay.es/itm/ATARI-LYNX-GAME-CARTRIDGE-ALPINE-GAMES-NEU-NEW-/351414410138?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_77&hash=item51d1ee5b9a 99,99 €! These things really piss me off.
  13. I paid mine too... Can't wait!
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