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  1. I’m nowhere near Cincinnati, but when you find someone to do the work, here’s where you can get a set of caps: https://console5.com/store/atari-1050-floppy-disk-drive-cap-kit.html I got new caps for for my 400 here. Maybe they’re cheaper elsewhere, but I like supporting those that make kits like this.
  2. I’m just getting into assembly language, so apologies for the NOOB questions: How does anyone assemble this code? Is there a recommended assembler? Are there instructions anywhere? Thanks
  3. According to the Ultimate 1MB, Incognito and 1088XEL-U1MB Firmware Manual: "From version 3.10 onwards, 8K ROM and CAR file support has been dropped and will be superseded by full cartridge emulation under SIDE3." While I wait for the SIDE3, what are my options for loading a .CAR or .ROM file on a 1088XEL with a XEL-CF3? Specifically, I want to load the MAC/65 1.02 with DDT .ROM file and still have access to the CF drive. Thanks!
  4. Sometimes, the just act of writing things down shakes the rust off the ol' coconut. From the schematics here, we can clearly see the connections I'm looking for are at J3: SO the correct answer is "I am blind". Thanks!
  5. I'm building one of these Rapidus variants now. I searched before asking this question, so please let me know if I missed this anywhere: Comparing the Rapidus variant connections with the original XEL-CF3 here, I see where to connect the CF activity LED on the Rapidus variant, but I don't see where to connect the swap button or the swap button LED. Am I blind (very possible), are they missing, can I connect them to the MBPI pins, or something else? Thanks!
  6. Has anyone tried the Commodore 64 Component Video Mod? I’m seriously looking at it for my C64C. Any idea if it would work on a C64 Reloaded MK2?
  7. Ripped-off from Inspired by Mytek's Transkey-II Stereo Interface, I created the Atari 400 multi-port doodad: This provides a ps/2 port for a Transkey-II keyboard, an S-Video port for the UAV, and a 3.5mm audio out for any of the various UAV Audio Companions (stereo/mono switchable via jumper). All the connecting wires fit out the hole for the RF cable because I didn't trust myself to modify my Atari 400 case. Here is the physical board, doing it's thing, with and without cables attached: These are the parts used: Custom board: OSH Park Mini-din 6-pin socket: Jameco 11945 Mini-din 4-pin socket: Jameco 140791 3.5mm audio jack: Jameco 2161553 straight single headers: Jameco 160882 (breakaway, only need 2 pins but who doesn't need more of these?) right angle double headers: Jameco 203932 (breakaway, makes two 5x2 right angle headers) shorting jumper: Jameco 19141 female crimp pins: Pololu 1930 crimp connector housing, 2x5 pin: Pololu 1913 crimping tool: Pololu 1928 26 AWG wire: Amazon It works! Future improvements could include a 3d printed case and maybe a shielded 9 wire cable instead of loose 26 AWG wires.
  8. The file for printing the 1088XEL cartridge tunnel for the Realan cases is available here: https://ataribits.weebly.com/accessories.html Alternately, they’re available for purchase here: https://thebrewingacademy.com/products/1088xel-cartridge-tunnel-for-realan-h80?_pos=1&_sid=8a9d243dc&_ss=r Worst case, I could order one and dremel it down to fit in the 400. With some effort, I ought to be able to edit the pattern and make one specifically for the 400. Fun!
  9. Well, shucks. Best Electronics says they don't have any, I think. Sometimes I have problems parsing their replies. But yes, Atari 400 Cartridge guide CO10421 is what I'm looking for. I'd be very much obliged to anyone that has one for sale, or knows anyone who does. Thanks!
  10. I was having a hard time picturing this until I realized how poor a job I did explaining my problem. My mistake! The part in question is #10 on the attached picture. The tabs I broke off are the ones at the top, the tabs that move the cartridge protector thing out of the way when a cartridge is inserted. The tabs on the bottom, that hold the part to the motherboard, are fine. Fortunately, the analogous part on the 800XL fits well enough. Aesthetically it doesn't match, but it's hard to see anyway, Functionally, it works!
  11. Three days after the final assembly of my deluxe 400, I managed to break off both tabs on the cartridge socket. What are my options to replace it? - The Atari 400 - 800 Field Service Manual (p. 9-4) lists the part as C014021 Cartridge Socket. Googling that doesn't get me very far. - I have a similar part from an 800XL that looks like it might fit. - Any 3D printer files out there? Any other ideas?
  12. I ended up using a Lyra 3 (https://icomp.de/shop-icomp/en/shop/product/lyra-keyboard-adapters.html) with a ps/2 keyboard. It works fine using a 6-pin mini-din data switch box, so I'm happy. I like Daedalus2097's idea of contacting the developers. I'll try that (eventually) and see what they suggest.
  13. I just got my first Amiga; an A1200! Woo! I bought the Sum USB adapter (http://amigaonthelake.com/the-sum-a1200-keyboard-adapter/) and it works great when the keyboard is directly plugged in. Unfortunately, it doesn't work at all when I have the keyboard plugged into a hub/switch. My setup is an IOGear GUS404 (4x4 USB switch) that has an Apple m7803 keyboard connected. The USB switch is plugged into an Apple IIgs and a Mac Quadra 840av using a Wombat USB adapter. Both of these computers work fine with this setup. Plugging the Apple m7803 keyboard directly into the Sum works great (caps lock lights up, keys all seem to match, control + L-command + R-command does a reset), but plugging the keyboard into the switch and the switch into the Sum does not work. I've verified that I have the switch set to the right output. I also tried plugging in a 5V mini USB power adapter into the USB switch (no effect). Any other suggestions? Thanks! -Joe
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