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  1. If you are not planning a complete collection but only want to get games you will enjoy, then just remember this simple phrase: Any game with the word "fun" in it isn't.
  2. A multi-device ICE (in circuit emulator) for the techies out there. They used this to service the old arcade and pinball machines.
  3. Lathe26 training for Sunday night's hand gesture competition with the1hatman
  4. Talarico has announced more Amico games in Portland in advance of PRGE (Portland Retro Gaming Expo). Apparently, these will be nutrition education games, designed to encourage children to eat healthy. Keeping in line with the low prices, some of the games are: "Red Bell Peppers 2", the sequel to last year's hit "Red Bell Peppers". Priced at $1 "Local Winter Squash". Priced at a mere 69 cents! Current production house headquarters:
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