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  1. I've done some informal testing and I like retro_mood's the best. At some point I will make a video going into the details and comparing each one. Recently, I picked up a used vectorscope designed to analyze standard-def video (no RF support but does do composite, S-video, and component). I am still learning how to use it and it might be used as part of the analysis.
  2. For interrupting her game, the daughter just stabbed Dad in the stomach.
  3. For those of us who reserved via Facebook, where do we find out the reservation number? I haven't seen anything on Facebook about this game since the reserve-a-copy post a while ago.
  4. When I watched this scene, for a moment I thought that Tommy might have been arc welding the video card from the Coleco Chameleon. If it had been in the video (it wasn't), it would have been a hilarious inside joke. 😄
  5. Be aware that the XBox 360 keyboards are different from the keyboards for the Original XBox. The Xbox 360 keyboards use some kind of security that I don't know if anyone has figured out (they probably don't use the XID protocol either). The keyboards for the Original XBox don't has security and use XID.
  6. It lets you play Atari 2600 games on your Intellivision. You can use the Intellivision's controllers or plug in Atari controllers into the System Changer.
  7. HID can run on top of BLE via a different pair of specs called HIDS and HOGP. Devices will always implement both specs, even if the packaging only lists one of them. Unfortunately, BLE came out after I left the Bluetooth SIG so I only know parts of it. I said Original XBox controller and keyboard, as in the controller and keyboard for the Original XBox, as in the XBox that came out before the XBox 360. The Original XBox uses USB but with a goofy connector. It's controllers and keyboards use a HID-like protocol call XID. Adding support for these devices should theoretically be easy.
  8. Let me know if you have any general questions about Bluetooth HID. I literally worked on the BT-HID specification and my name is in it. Considering how far along the MrBoehm project is, assistance probably isn't necessary. Do you have support for the Original XBox controller and keyboard? I know the controllers use the XID protocol which is almost HID, but I'm not sure whether the XBox keyboard attachments were normal USB keyboards or used a custom XID keyboard protocol. Shouldn't be hard to figure out since the Original XBox really liked fixed-format packets (no HID descriptor parsing necessary). https://xboxdevwiki.net/Xbox_Input_Devices
  9. ... or look like this similar controller for the original Famicom.
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