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  1. ... and here AVGN expresses love for the Intellivision
  2. The Raspberry Pi Pico has a feature that I would highly recommend you investigate for the this project: PIO. These are dedicated bits of high-speed programmable hardware that run in parallel to the dual ARM cores. https://www.digikey.com/en/maker/projects/raspberry-pi-pico-and-rp2040-cc-part-3-how-to-use-pio/123ff7700bc547c79a504858c1bd8110
  3. More categories? How about: Most specific tacos Least realistic whip Best tentacle
  4. 1000 EUR at 3 miles away means that it would cost you 333.33 EUR / mile to get it!
  5. I managed to nab one under the radar. Being a techie, I'm currently working on the schematic and dumping the ROM. Hope to publish my findings soon.
  6. Minor addition: adding an image of the schematic for the folks that prefer them instead of PDF files.
  7. Ok, the extra censoring of "p**n" made me substitute a much worse word than intended. 🤣🤣
  8. Arabian version of the Intellivision makes me think of the Siouxsie and Banshees song...
  9. Wow, 10 years! 🎉🎈✨ I assume we can look forward to Super Pro Hotel Bunny.
  10. My guess would the power supply and/or the power supply transformer. Maybe some else unique is there. You can see some thick wires through the vents in the 1st photo. What is actually there might put out some heat since the bulge has vent holes. It does seem odd to see that since China uses 220V, 50 Hz power with PAL TV so they just could have used a Euro Intellivision. Other items of note: The controllers are brown but the case is black with an LED (like the Super Pros, Inty III, and Tutor Pros) The tray underneath the hand controllers has heat vents. I've never seen an Intellvision with that before.
  11. My literal reaction at reading this (mildly NSFW). It's really awesome, by the way. https://tenor.com/view/wtf-kentucky-fried-movie-fistful-of-yen-evan-kim-what-the-f-gif-15570682
  12. Are we being punished for calling out the ridiculous price?? I swear I got mine for 1/10th that price, though maybe I am misremembering.
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