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  1. Oh sorry, I thought this was a city map game of northeastern Minnesota... of Cloquet https://www.visitcloquet.com/
  2. The only item I will add is that a partial schematic was made but there wasn't enough to make a full schematic.
  3. The scans are still wanted. I haven't been able to find the printer manual anywhere on the 'net.
  4. A very nice doc. My bits of feedback are: The PDF isn't text searchable. Going to Edit->Find and typing in something to search for, such as the word "and", produces no results. URLs aren't click-able. Copying text doesn't work. When I select text to copy and then paste it elsewhere, it just pastes garbage characters. While there is mention of the Sears In-Store Kiosk, there is no mention of Mattel's In-Store Kiosk. Some resources are (please add me to the credits if you add the below material): https://atariage.com/forums/topic/303301-kiosk-multiplexer-–-research-and-video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vMPc39v13g
  5. That would probably be an easy-ish game to port from Apple BASIC to IntyBASIC. You _might_ even be able to just use color squares mode.
  6. Perhaps @jaybird3rd or one of the other Aquarius collectors knows of if/where these files are available?
  7. (just kidding, the museum is a great place for it) 😉😉
  8. You probably have a good guess given the just-added photos. 😉
  9. Talking about variants, it looks like I have a variant with the microphone stand. If you compare mine to Papa Intellivision's, you will see a difference. Of course, his might have been an early-run prototype. Papa Intellvision's Mine:
  10. A variant? Wow! That explains the Cmart-like noises outside my window last night.
  11. So lame person picked up these KC parts? https://www.ebay.com/itm/164884006195
  12. I recently picked up an Aquarius Printer for my ECS. Online, there are references that talk about the Printer's manual and that there is a separate document for the printer's schematic (https://www.digitpress.com/faq/aquarius.htm). Does anyone have links or scans for either? Note: EdgeOfPortal on AA was kind enough to posted the manual for the rare Aquarius Plotter here.
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