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  1. Here's the link https://www.ebay.com/itm/283553568485
  2. You need to get one of those giant 120" TVs. Then you can just claim the bullet holes are really just "dead pixels".
  3. While not Intellivision, here is a great video about what is involved with making a homebrew game for retro hardware. Not just the programming, but also manuals, boxes, handling funds and Kickstarter, testing, and just the general sheer amount of work involved. This helps given even greater appreciation for the hard work that the Intellivision homebrew publishers do. Side note: the prior videos are also interesting ("Part 1", "MS-DOS Update and Kickstarter", and "Part 3")
  4. I was going to say the same thing! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 It's an awesome trailer. Intellivision games haven't had that quality level of advertisement in a long time.
  5. Looks like VCRs didn't help at all in my case. I picked up 2 cheap VCRs this weekend. One properly decoded an Intellivision from channel 3 or 4 and put the video on composite output but the Hauppauge device still sees the same "mostly grey with tiny splashes of color" as before (actual TVs display the composite video just fine). The other VCR was in worse shape and could barely convert RF to composite at all. Looks like this particular Hauppauge device just doesn't like output from any Intellivision.
  6. That is quite the find! The box itself looks like a normal Coleco game box but with no ink at all. That is pretty awesome. Side note: since you are in Vancouver, did you make it to the Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo 3 weeks ago?
  7. Astro-Mash - Learn the trials and tribulations of eating food in space!
  8. 2nd Spiker, cart-only, for $699 BIN and also accepting offers. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Spiker-Beach-Volleyball-by-INTV-for-Intellivision-I-II-III-Syvania-Cart-NTSC/153561212497
  9. Probably created by someone who wants to be Donkey...
  10. Relisted but at higher price now. I contacted the seller to confirm that the manual is missing and not just an oversight in the photos (no oversight, seller has an accurate listing). https://www.ebay.com/itm/SPIKER-SUPER-PRO-VOLLEYBALL-For-Intellivision-CARTRIDGE-USED-Open-Box/113810473127 Talking about photocopies, a Spiker manual photocopied onto some tough but aged paper would be a close reproduction manual.
  11. No problem. I never heard of the game until Elektronite started work on it so I haven't played it yet. The video looks good.
  12. I hope to read the File System in a while, just a bit bogged down with other things at the moment. At least I’ve already given feedback on the LUIGI doc when I had free time.
  13. I got my neighbor excited for the Amico last night. He kept asking when is it coming out. We chatted last night and it looks like his 11 year old son talked the mom into buying Grand Theft Auto a week ago. The dad had heard bits about the game and wasn't sure it was appropriate for the son. A few days later, dad and son sat down to play together and after a few minutes the dad said "Sorry, but this game isn't appropriate for you" and had to take the game away. Queue the Amico sales pitch and the dad's now interested. Side note: the dad complained about the XBox 360 being for technical people with all the account and configuring you have to do. They've avoided upgrading to the XBox One because of that.
  14. Regarding buying Defender of the Crown, put me down as "likely to buy". I'd like to try the game out first, but the YouTube video looks good.
  15. Do try out the VCR. It would be good to know whether that fixes things (suspect it will).
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