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  1. I had a similar issue as this and it was my power switch. I had my friend desotter and sotter it back in place after he tried to argue with me that the connections looked fine. I know this Sounds silly but if some of the pins are not getting good connections you can loose power and you get anominly's just as you would with low voltage. Hope this helps. Let me know how it turns out for you.
  2. Halloween event taking place. Any and all welcome. Location event is taking place (TIME 12:00) Noon 6834 Fair Oaks Blvd, Carmichael, CA 95608, USA Phone number: (916)993-8646 Join us https://www.facebook.com/events/961217047692750?active_tab=about
  3. I had a similar issue with telegames carts only to find the solder points were globbed all over the place. You would think this sort of thibg would have rendered the game useless from day one as sometimes these blobs cross pins touching eachother. Yet the cart worked in the past and it is not like the temperature in my house can heat solder. I still have no idea how this is possible.
  4. Any game store willing to put a price tag on the lable shows they care less about games andno one should buy from them and the $14.00 price tag for a cheap game shows what lack of education they truly have unless somehow that specific cart was some how differebt from other pac-man carts but if that were true were back to the whole distruction of the lable all over again. Bah hahaha I could only hope a company like this folds for bad business practices.
  5. A few kib sounds correct and thats what I expected. The results could be from non configuration as my setup will not let me configure anything. So it absolutly could be entirely on my end. I will do this same test at a game store (Computer Booter) and look at those results. so far I am really enjoying this device.
  6. I had my PlusCart for about a week now. Got it in a Telegames case and conneted it to wifi. Got to run this things threw all tests I can think of. Been playing all the Various test ver. of Sadoom!+ Thomas created for me. Goodness how I forgot ver. 5 was SO VERY HARD. Did a speed test for wireless with and without the cart running. Dramatic difference. It had no effect on my wired net but the wireless went from 42.1 mbps with out the plusCart and then went to 8.4 mbps. After that I tried another speed test. I ran the speed test abd in the middle of running it I turned on my Atari. The speed test instantly dropped by half abd contenued to be half so it roughly went from 40 mbps to 20 mbps WOW! This thing chews up alot. I wonder how this might effect Davids shop as he only runs wireless. My next test is to run wireless video while the PlusCart is running to see if it reallymatters or not. A speed test is one thing but the question is weather it is practical to still use wifi with other devices alongside the PlusCart.
  7. Never is thebest answer then. It will never be out of date and it is likely the truth.
  8. This looks good. I love side scrolling flying games. Most people are into R-Type but it is to slow for me. I'm more into Air Buster for Arcade or Sega Genesis myself. If this could be fast like that it would be amazing. If it is too slow you will probably get more people interested as most people can not deal with the speed. So whatever this turns into I hope it goes really fast but it is probably ideal it sadly is slow for the average player.
  9. Tried this on PC will be running on a real console soon. I was thinking this was a 4 player game only to find out it is a single player and so far it is very cool. I can use paddles with my PC but so far I only tried the mouse which gets confusing but I bet the paddles will make this whole thing feel natural in every way as it should beings I grew up playing with paddle controllers. Just curious what else is planned for this title? like I say so far so good but I'm thinking of all these cool ideas but it is your project so I will find out what you have in mind in the future.
  10. I will do a comparison for you.
  11. Watching ZeroPage play Combat online was cool even though it went out if sync who thinks we can get 4 to 8 player games going with this once the online play is worked out.
  12. I will take it. My friensa gane shop would gladly sport this behind a glass case.
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