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  1. Well the Sac Gamers Expo went well and I'm positive with your coffeepot game it would be a attention grabber. I do not want to rush you even though you say it will be done in time for next year I like quality. Looking forward to this project and seeing what you come up with.
  2. How may I get the YUM rom? being you made this game I would gather you still have the rom.
  3. I probably should have quoted you so it notifies you.
  4. The Sac Gaming Expo is on Dec 8th there is no way you will have the time for this year but I go every year so when ever it is done you can expect me to bring it there the year of your release.
  5. enclosure would be nice. Oils in my hands corode and destroy electronics like acid
  6. I would buy two of these if I knew the paddles, driving controller and track ball controllers worked.
  7. I do not have a multijoy so I looked it up and found this. http://www.multijoy.net/ I see no where to purchase the device.
  8. I seen you have a homebrew game called Lost Cat, so I know you have the know how to make the game for this and I assume this will be much like Tapper except more interactive. Seeing how this hardware is setup is great. I would love to take this to the Sac Gaming Expo for free play once you have this done. I was curious if you got any updates on this. I know this is more then likely going to be a LONG TERM PROJECT! It took me two years to make a hack for Super Mario Kart which already have the game in place I simply added new tracks so you got way more work ahead of you then I ever did plus your doing hardware. So I understand the time frame will be a while. I also realize this thread has not gotten much attention and figured a decent post with an update request would possibly help this thread take off. It would be sad to see this thread stay dead.
  9. I'm running a tournament at the Sac Gaming Expo. Along side my Tournament I will bring 10 free play consoles for anyone to play. Among these consoles are two Atari 400's and an Atari 800. I will be putting Castle Crisis on the 800 on an Average Cart so people can change the game if they want. I wanted to start the games off with something multiplayer that people would absolutely have interest in before someone changes the game. Also if no one is playing what it has been changed to then I can change it back to the multiplayer game that I know will do well. So I look forward to other peoples opinions of what a good multiplayer game is on the 400 and 800 systems. Also it can give me a good idea for the following years Tournament as I can add it to my list of games to play tournaments on. Note I want Multiplayer games because for those who already have these systems and games need a reason to come to the convention outside of a swap meet. If single player games are up for free play it probably will not attract people as they can play this stuff at home. However if I offer the opportunity to play with other people on multiplayer games it can attract those who do not have the ability to play friends at home which is probably most of us. That is my goal to offer a place where people can play old games in a multiplayer environment that is not accessible otherwise.
  10. All the more reason I need to fine tune my website and give it a better name. Just trying to figure out how to fund it. I could do ads but I also hate ads. Anyway a test site is up called mytvbucks.com it is up and running but the upload size is too small due to my hoster which is why I will be changing. No censorship and total freedom of speech. Those are my rules.
  11. They were not rip off games. So your informed well activision guys worked for Atari and were sick of not being able to make the games they wanted as games were to be a single screen non multi leveled games. Those rip off games were what they had in mind and were not allowed to make while working for Atari so when they formed activision. They remade the games that were theirs to beguin with and made them better. Their early stuff probibly was less impressive because they had to start their company from scratch and had to get product out quick enough to get them enough money so they could take the time to truly devlop really good games.
  12. Agreed! I own one of these things and as I learned removing a componet removes the code for that portion. This device has a chip per avery connected peive for example the paddle holds the code for the on screen paddle and if the paddle is removed so is the visual input of the in gane paddle along with the colision detections. This peice of hardware wpuld have to be compleatly reprogramed in a computer to so called emulate it. Would would actually just be a poart / homebrew.
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