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  1. Just curious the forums list alot of common 8 bit consoles and then skips 16 bit consoles them goes right into modern gaming. Was in hopes there could be a discussion on Nes Snes sega gensis.
  2. it would be interesting to push it to the limit to see what is too difficult for the system. Honestly the original game is a task for the Atari depending on which Atari your using. 4 switch consoles do not do so well. I think Kaboom 9 works because level 9 has less bombs on screen. You notice Kaboom! has 2 intervals with in the 8 levels. Level 1 skips bombs level 2 full drops level 3 skips level 4 full drops level 5 skips 6 full drops 7 skips 8 full drops and 9 skips thus less sprites have to be accounted for meaning level 10 is probably going to cause lag or some form of glitch but it would be something to test out and we all know more ram can be added to the Roms now which could eliminate any conflict, none the less it would be wonderful to see what the real Atari would do with this.
  3. Awesome! Take your time would be cool to have the same amount of levels as normal Kaboom! Except start off at level 5 which would go to level 12 but knowing the Atari that might be to much for it to handle providing you were able to make it.
  4. I got it from Albert https://atariage.com/forums/profile/3-albert/ If you recall I know you made it since I asked if I can buy a copy and you gave me permission and if you like I can bring up the PM of us having the discussion. Such a discussion I showed to Albert. You also told me if it was to easy you could make it harder. - Yes please can you get creative? Willing to pay.
  5. So I was wondering if anyone could help me learn a thing or two so I can make existing games a shade harder say like paddle games faster or indie 500 drive faster. I like fast things and I just bought a hack of Kaboom! called Sadoom! or also known as Kaboom! 9 and I would love to make something simillar such as turning fast food into faster food.
  6. overgrouth


    Looking for your attention once more. I assume all your orders are on back order and my item has yet to be created. Just curious there is no rush at this time. Just doubble checking making sure it was not something forgotten about.
  7. overgrouth


    I went to PRGE last year. It was great. Saw lots of new Atari stuff. Wish I could run my tournament there like I do at the Sac Gaming Expo but I see no where to inquire about such a thing for PRGE. Sence your a big part of Atari Age you would be one to know how to go about this. Got any tips?
  8. overgrouth


    I messaged Al a week ago and Al has not read it a corsing to the site. What next?
  9. overgrouth


    I will do so. My pland is to have the cart for the Sac Gaming Expo when I host my tournament. http://www.sacgamersexpo.com/jackpot-tournaments.html
  10. overgrouth


    I want to buy a custom Atari game but no where is there an option to add the .bin how would I go about this I already have permission to make the game Report reply overgrouth 1 Started conversation: November 6, 2018 May I make a cart of your hacked game? Quote Report reply Thomas Jentzsch 4,244 Replied: November 6, 2018 As long as it is for private use and not for sale, sure.
  11. I want to make a custom cartridge. Atari age needs your permission Thomas Jentzsch.
  12. I can make about 3500 on average with real hardware and a supercharger. Could you change this hack to have 3 sets of levels instead of 1 while. Such as make a easier set from sadoom then after a full round jump to the sadoom spped its at now and from there one set faster? Then drop the extra life amount from 1000 to only 500. That would dramatically improve this crazy awsome game. I love sadoom as is but its ends so quickly I'm always reaching for the reset button.
  13. There are really awsome hacks of indi 500 such as indi 500XE though I agree there are is so much more the driving controller could be used for and it is totally missed. Perhaps a breakout game except the blocks are in a circle and your paddle can rotate arround it for ever. I saw there was a new home brew out called star castle. Take that idea mix it with breakout with a driving controller and BAM! All new driving controller experence. To bad I have no idea how to make it.
  14. Both pit fall games listed here are fantastic.
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