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  1. So emulator instead of VFD replication. Gotta live with it for economical reasons. All I'd want is cases that have a few games that weren't in the original line; the mock-up of the Mini Berzerk for the '82 sell sheet fascinated me then and now. A Tempest or Centipede would knock me over. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD: Make the side art/monitor bezel/stickers accurate to the original 80's arcade sideart; Pac-Man with the goofy upwards glance and the floppy feet, not the updated Character design. Galaxian ships that look like bees.
  2. Is it too late to get on the waiting list? I'd REALLY want one for myself and for use at the SC3 meets. The Inty is the only Pre-Crash system we don't have a 100% reliable multicart for.
  3. Had to come back to the Old Guard after hearing the news. I hope there's one thing that those of us on the older game sites (DP, AA, et. al) can take comfort in: We held his banner high From the start. I'd like to think our support of his efforts were the initial snowball roll that turned into the Smithsonian donations and the National Medal of Technology. God bless you Mr. Baer. It was a highlight of my life to meet you in 2000.
  4. If the camper is there again, I'm gonna peel off my own skin and eat it.
  5. That's why a Roguelike would work; no liscense, hell, no real graphics even, just the use of typing characters!
  6. Tron arcade. There. I've capped the thread for you. /not really. But an ADOM/Roguelike wouldn't be bad. (or is that being made? I remember scuttle talk about it)
  7. Actually, since I made that post a few hours ago, I've found that the Apple 2 font is creepy-close, and I'm using it for the time being. BUT: I've snagged that PNG and decided that now's as good a time as any to learn how to make TT fonts. Hopefully I'll necro this thread in the near future with a result. Wish me luck!
  8. Hey all: I'm looking for a TT font of default Colecovision lettering as how it was seen on the the starter and skill select screen; not the logo lettering. Is this out there, or a 'close enough' match?
  9. I'm willing to bet that's also an unreleased C64 Stargate on the right next to the alternate Joust. Those graphics don't fit with the released Defender for the C64, and the ship graphic fits with its representation in Stargate.
  10. Well, the Jr. is the best model to hack into a portable 2600, don't trash it!
  11. I love Beamrider; it's one of the games I've made a point of getting for every system. But I have one problem: There's too many enemies that can only be shot with the missiles. Only 2 targets (and the spare ships) can be shot with the ring blaster. It make the later levels nigh-impossible.
  12. Needed a scan of the 1st VCS box, and I can't find it here on AA. If I've read the system section right, there's just pictures of the systems themselves.
  13. I think the article is trying to say that there were not specific C64GS carts that came out. Other than the International Soccer, I'm not aware of any. I'll let the posts below correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. CIB Tutunkham Complete Activision, Coleco and Atarisoft (INTV copies included) runs loose Congo Bongo
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