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  1. Haven't checked this thread in a while... so has anyone programmed a 2TB 5200 game yet? I've got a wafer ready and waiting.
  2. I have it on good authority that it's SNES compatible and can capture video. And it comes in a Jaguar shell. They'll be running a demo at E3 to showcase how power goes into it and video comes out.
  3. It's gonna be the pack-in for the 7800 Expansion Module. So I'd guess any day now.
  4. I have RetroArch but it's pretty much useless. Any suggestions?
  5. How are you supposed to play K.C.'s Crazy Nightmare!? Is the goal to shoot all the little men? And it seems impossible to avoid the walls.
  6. Will the Yar's Revenge ROM be available for download at some point?
  7. Those controllers look terrible. You should send them to me immediately so you don't have to see them anymore.
  8. Who didn't have it in their head when they saw it?
  9. Add me to the "wish in one hand and wait list in the other" please.
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