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  1. Hi zx-81, Indeed that was it!! Changed to a 1k pull-up and now the cartridge is working perfectly :-D. Thank you for your support and nice piece of hardware this one 🙂 ! Sorry for the late reply I had many things to sort out in the past months so not so much spare time to dedicate to the 8bit retro computing :-). Cheers, Rick
  2. Hi, Can someone advise the correct value to use for the resistor? I want to use a 10k resistor by default but maybe if someone can confirm that this value is correct.
  3. The Coleco will usually crash when trying to load a game stored into the first eprom. I'll get a garbled screen like this one enclosed or a freeze on the cart menu. Pressing the reset will either load the same game stored into a certain position on the eprom (DK something) or show up the message to insert a cart into the module.
  4. I have tried to program another 27c801 in position 1 but same issue. I have checked the CE signal on pin 22 and I do have 4.5V when not selected then dropping to 0V when a game from that eprom is selected.
  5. If I swap the two eproms then the Coleco will load the game available on the first memory bank of the second eprom. As the menu is on the first eprom then i can only load this unique game but indeed it loads. It is maybe irrelevant but worth to mention. The 74LS688DW I have installed is marked 74LS688 and the package was not the good one (smaller then the pad positions on the pcb) but I managed to solder it properly without any shorts. Question is are pinouts different from one package to another?
  6. Hi 5-11, I have built this cart based on the gerber and schematics available for it. There are no bypass capacitors. I have made some extra testings after finally replacing the loose socket with a good one. Basically all games stored in the second eprom are working fine when selected from the menu (the pcb is making use of two M27C801 of 1024k each). If I select a game stored on the first eprom then the Coleco will either crash or load the prompt screen asking to insert a cart and reset will just do nothing. I have checked the first eprom with the programmer and it verified good with the original bin. Here is the schematic of this project.
  7. Hi Guys, I have built this multicart and used the two bin files to program the two eproms. I can get to the menu but the loading is very erratic. Sometimes the game loaded is not the one selected from menu and other times it crashes. I have I think an issue with a socket where the eprom is not fitting tight but is loose. Can someone let me know what is the value of the pull-up resistor? I put a 10K but not sure this is the correct value to use. Thanks and great project for our beloved Coleco :-)!!
  8. Hi CrossBow. Thanks for your inputs. I have a bunch of RGB scart cables here for other machines so I may try my luck with one of those or buy the dedicated RGB cable. My SMS is the PAL-G version for Europe by the way.
  9. Hi, I have tried with a composite cable I made a few months ago for the Dragon32 and it worked. Same pinout but I am not really satisfied with the result. Can the SMS be modded for the RGB output or is it native?
  10. Hi, I need a composite video cable for a SMS I recently pick-up as it came with aerial RF cable only. Is the pinout of this cable the same as the one for the C64/Vic20 composite DIN cable?
  11. That did the trick! Soldering a jumper wire has solved. I can connect now to the wifi and set-up the Plus Store account. I cannot really explain why there is a broken line here, I have checked the continuity and it looked fine. Bad PCB? Anyway it works that's the most important :-D. Thank you for your support, this cart is ra really nice piece of hardware :-). Let's put it in a cartridge shell now!
  12. OK I'll try and keep you posted tomorrow 🙂. Not so much time tonight to do this test.
  13. Yes a short blink more or less 1 second but then I get the "timeout" message. I have tried a complete reset of the module, disconnected the board and reconnected but no changes when I scan for networks. The SSID is visible only after enabling it from the "Manager Portal" menu and my PC can connect to it but will just hang on, no router menu. This module looks completely silent. I'll check with microscope of any evidence of bad solder joint of components on the module. The board is working and the continuity on the module pins are ok.
  14. I recall activity of the blue led blinking a few times. I will confirm this evening once I hook-up everything and test again 🙂
  15. Hi Al_Nafuur, Thanks I will test everything this late evening and get back hopefully with some good news 🙂
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