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  1. Gerbils is a demo right? I'd rather only put full finished homebrews if possible. I've added all the other games, and thanks for the heads up!
  2. I've added (I think) all your games to the cvaddict.com database. https://cvaddict.com/publisher.php?publisherid=44 Let me know if I've missed any. I'll be honest, I think you hold the record for releasing the most homebrew games in one year, and there's five months left to go! Keep up the good work!
  3. https://cvaddict.com/list.php?filter=8
  4. I should add that as a filter on my site.
  5. Added to cvaddict.com https://cvaddict.com/profile.php?gameid=398
  6. You can use my site if you want. https://www.cvaddict.com
  7. Thanks for doing the updates, I've updated the ROMs on my site! You rock!
  8. Thanks again Luc! You grace us with these ROMs every year, truly grateful. I've posted them on my site and made sure to have people come here and thank you! Merry Xmas!
  9. I'm pretty sure they have the same TMS - 9928A chip. Thus, it SHOULD work....never tested... lol
  10. From the photos (hard to see) make sure you cut the traces on both sides of the middle pad.
  11. According to my friend the flip side has the English text.
  12. I'm asking for a collector friend. Were these Star Wars rebate offers only done in Canada, or were they done in other parts of the world? Thanks in advance.
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