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  1. Gary, Thanks for sharing those videos! I was wondering if you had the sheet music for the AR theme and would be willing to share it /sell a copy?
  2. I'm running into this same issue. The two images provided seem to run fine in an emulator, but lock up on an Incognito equipped 800. The Incognito 800 is my only Atari, so it's hard to test other hardware combos. When loading the Disk images through Side, I experience the lockup as soon as I select "open" in the program. I've dumped both versions to a physical disk and tried to boot them. They both boot, the Synapse_Synfile+ 1.02 image, locks up the same way -- select Open, and it locks. The Synfile+ -800b.atr, will boot and get further, as long as I have 48k of Ram and the Colleen / OSB machine type selected. But, I can get it to consistently lock up, when trying to create a new file, it at least attempts lets me select *create* from the file menu, then it load the File Creation program....then locks up.
  3. Because running a weird MS-DOS on an Atari with a Brainslug is a near irresistible level of wtf.
  4. This is interesting to me as well. I've wanted an ATR8000 years, but they seem to be going to bigger bucks than I care to spend in recent years. I'd be super interested in a version with the Co-Power 88 as well, because why not?
  5. Just a note: this is wonderful! I had been stuck at v 1.20 on my Incognito because for whatever reason it just wouldn't flash right, but as things were working well enough, I just left it alone. I was really looking for the latest update to SDX though and I don't know what changes you might have made to uflash,running it from the mounted ATR and flashing the entire 512k image worked perfectly last night!
  6. I know this is an older thread, but I just finished fixing this issue on mine. The issue as follows: The ribbon feed motor is an AC motor and runs whenever the print head moves off it's park position. As it's an AC motor, it will spin in EITHER direction when power is applied. To overcome this, there is a cam on the back of the motor, and nylon ring, which will prevent it from spinning in the wrong direction. The nylon ring, after so many years basically just disintegrates. I dissembled the ribbon feed motor and we 3-D printed a new backspin ring, and after some minor tweaks with file, I have mine working A-OK again. This happened for 2 825's I have, I assume this part is just aging out in these printers at this time. I'll try to post some pictures later of what we did and see if I can make the 3D printer file available. --Jason
  7. Yep, exactly that. I imagine any similar type ribbon would do.
  8. I solved the ribbon issue and the printer was running and active for VCF. I bought a ribbon for an Epson LQ-590. The ribbon cartridge is about the same size as the ribbon holder area on the 825 and the ribbon height looked right. I cracked open the ribbon cart for the Espon, and carefully transferred the ribbon over the 825...done. Perfect. Total cost $0.25 at a surplus shop
  9. Surprisingly, the new cable I just got solved the issue I was having, so that's kind of amazing. It all just works. Have a couple inquiries out for new ribbons nothing yet. 10 days till VCF....tick tock
  10. Sadly from the 3-04-2019 Addendum: Atari 825 Zip Ribbon pack CB101737 Sold Out
  11. Hi All, I have 2 non-functional 825 printers, which I'm about to combine into one working unit, however, I don't have a ribbon. I've been searching around, but I can't find a source for these, apparently loose-in-a-bag mobius strip ribbons? Anyone have a source, or measurements for a possible substitution? Thanks, Jason
  12. ptsh. I telnet into my linux box with BOBTERM and xmodem stuff over Or just load up an ATR via Side2. But what the folks above say is the overall better solution.
  13. As you're talking with Comp Sci students, definitely get them laying hands on the machine. Come up with a couple fairly trivial programming exercises and let them hack at it with Atari Basic. Maybe have a couple programming demos ready for how easy it was to access the hardware and all the feature. Also something demonstrating how primitive things were, like build a multi-dimensional string array in Atari BASIC.
  14. I'd talk about the system in the context of it's time and what made it unique among its competitors. I'd talk about the really advanced stuff that was going on with the system, like the SIO bus, System handlers, and the dedicated Sound and Graphics chips. I'd demo a couple a Contemporary Games, stuff that was pretty ground breaking at the time: Star Raiders: Free fly-around "3d" space battle sim! Alternate Reality: Grandfather of the Walk-about RPG -- also the Intro to that game is still damned impressive. That's just general stuff off the top of my head. I'll let this percolate and post if I come up with anything else.
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