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  1. Hey ! Today, I improve my main Tileset. The classical "Commando" Bridge is here ! So need it ! I also redefine the water Card, more fine now. And I forget, retrieve me in Twitter : @CommandoPapi or #PapiCommando ... Cheers, #PapiCommando
  2. Thanks !! In the original game, he can go to the water, just have to work to the sprite ...
  3. That's amazing what a console like the #Intellivision make ... I've just done my collision engine and priority Engine between Sprite/Tile Background. #Mattel Rocks !!
  4. Hi all !! I've work hard since my "Restart" with Intybasic. I've really improve my engine, and now, I can share you a video : As you see, many improvement, that's so badass ... This map is really huge, but I can make a more great MAP with various Tileset. We can see the next step. And I inform the community, the Pre Order of my new Game : Bomb on Basic City Special Edition on Megadrive ! Pre Order open for 9 days. More information here : http://www.cotegamers.com/boutique/index.php?id_product=51&controller=product Cheers, Vetea
  5. Hey Ithus ! Glad to see you here. I hope someone test your ROM on real HArdware.
  6. Hi all, I hope you can see now the the screen ! And yes, I've done the Genesis Version, many version : Papi Commando published by WM. Papi Commando free version Papi Commando "Remix" Papi Commando Tectoy Version It's the sequel of the initial PC version I've done many years ago Cheers, Vetea
  7. Hello, After few days of reflexion, and the fun I had with Intybasic and the Intellivision, finally, I take a second chance to rebuild a new engine, new game more equal with my original game, Papi Commando. Here is the preview of the present Tileset ( WIP ). I'll try to use the Hardware scrolling ( vertical here ). Let's be patient, and done the good job. Cheers, Vetea
  8. Hello, Don't loose your time with that. I've stopped the dev, too much hasardous bugs ( Freeze, Emulator crash, etc ... ) .. I've not the patience to Re-build another version. It was a cool experience anyway. Best wishes for the others projects on the Intellivision. Cheers, Vetea
  9. Hi all, Here is a new update, the version 1.4. What's news ? Now, you can can go out the Arena ! Just get the Red Card/Key. It appears when you kill an amount of Bots. Sometimes a lot, sometimes a less ... I remove the Bounce ball, and improve some element. And i add some sound. I have the freeway to continue and build more Arena, Monsters, weapons, Bonus and help Papi to go out this Complex. I attach the ROM ! Have fun. Cheers, Vetea PapiCommando_V1_4.rom
  10. Sorry, I can't edit my precedent message ... I don't want to flood my Topic. But here is a new : http://mag.mo5.com/actu/151161/avec-get-papi-studio-vetea-se-met-lui-aussi-a-lintellivision/ ( Sorry, in french .. But I appreciated it. )
  11. The bouncing bullet will be removed. Some units need more than one hit to be destroyed, and there will be other units than this 4 bots. And naturally, other Arenas ... And I see for a coop player ... For sure, Mami will be on the run !!
  12. Hi all, For this new v1.3 version, reinforcements in sight !! The Red Door, will be the exit door. You can open it, when you find the Red Card, loot by a mob. Not done yet, but soon. Cheers, Vetea
  13. Hi all, Thanks for your feedback ! I've started a Debug session with my team, just to continue with a safe basis. Both of issues are fixed. Soon, I share a new version ... Keep in mind, it's just a prototype for now ... But, it's interesting to follow a game from the start to his achievement. Cheers, Vetea
  14. Hi all, Here is a little video made by a friend : A "HD" version, hehe. I fix some problems, the player come in the new Arena, each zone will have a name, an IN door and a OUT Door ( perhaps severals ! ), and you need to find the good card ( by Color/Door ). Stay tuned. Cheers, Vetea PS : I've attached the ROM. Enjoy it ! PapiCommando_V2.rom
  15. Can an Admin move this topic in the Programming section ? Thank you. Cheers, Vetea And sorry.
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