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  1. Hi all, Thanks for your message !! 🤗 For now, stand by with the dev. Motivation, time, private life, reflexion .... keys to find the good way to create a full game and not a Demo ... Last year I've finished a new MD Game but I lost my father ... So it's a particular step in my life. Time is the key ! Slowly but surely. Cheers, Vetea
  2. Hey all, A very little preview of the Bomb's Robot Engine ! 2020-01-25 11-14-46.mp4 I have to manage the "Bomberman Explosion" style now. Cheers, Vetea
  3. Hello, Thanks for the message. Development is on his way ... slowly ! I had a Mine/Robot gestion WIP ... and some new stuffs ... Cheers, Vetea
  4. Hey here ! Some news, with GFX modification, Engine optimisation and I add a deadly Electric Portal ... 2020-01-12 01-39-09.mp4 Cheers, Vetea
  5. Hey Matt, Another great work with anothers I see in your YT channel. IntyBasic is an amazing Sdk ! I see that with my work on Papi Intv .. Every steps is a challenge to solve ! This Hardware is really in advance and particular in many way. I really like the collision engine in Hardware very simple with Intybasic. It's really a pleasure to dev with. Keep up the good work dude !! Cheers, Vetea
  6. Hey all ! Well, job done ! Here is 3 differents power of Explosion. 2020-01-08 00-03-12.mp4 2020-01-08 00-04-03.mp4 2020-01-08 00-05-30.mp4 I have to fix some little problem, but the engine is ok. Ahah ... I've done a Bomber man engine now ... Oo There will be fun with the Versus mode. Cheers, Vetea
  7. I tried to make a "Bomberman effect" on grenade explosion ... Wait & see ...
  8. Hey, Thanks for you support ! The game will be a succession on Missions to gain money a get Stuff/Weapon, and a special Battle Mode Player vs Player. Thanks for the tips with animation Kiwi. That's right, Water/Grass is loaded with a AnimationTime variable. IA/Player all frame is on GRAM. On xx Goto ... thanks for the tip too !! More videos to come ... Cheers, Vetea
  9. Last WIP before the Job tomorrow ... More action, the Soldier can shoot ! Cheers, Vetea
  10. Hi all, Here is the WIP of the week-end ! 2020-01-05 17-43-17.mp4 * Shooter/Sniper only appear and attack when Player are near. * Die Unit project in the air. * Optimisation Code. * Some Sprite corruption fixing while scrolling. * etc ... ( GOD Mode is ON in this Video ! ) Cheers, Vetea
  11. Hi all, Huge work last days with the main Engine ... A lot of bugs fixed, and many new stuff done ! Now, I try to add the shoot of the soldier ... Only one shoot by unit ( plus Shooter/Bunker/Sniper ) ! Sound good !! Cheers, Vetea
  12. Hi all, Some news with a new Entity ! Cheers, Vetea
  13. Hi all, First, I wish you a Happy New Year 2020 ! The Best ... and the Best !! Tonight, I fix a major bug with Sniper/Shooter in Bunker. And Now, I can add some of them in a house or another place ! Cheers, Vetea 2020-01-02 00-47-49.mp4
  14. Last lines of code before 2020 and this, on #Intellivision, and a Longplay video ! Lots of new things and of course, lots of bugs to solve ... Happy new years all ! Vetea 2019-12-31 14-46-31.mp4
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