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  1. Thanks for taking the time to upload these. I really want to say that the average price is around $179, based on the Sears model suggesting more of a standard than the local retailers.
  2. Do you have actual scans or pics or those ads that you can post, hunmanik? Is that just from memory?
  3. The ads are from various places. The file names have more specific info. Relying on scans of old newspaper can be very scattershot, as few are available as searchable online.
  4. Actually, this one is the earliest, an October 10th, 1977 listing for $177.77
  5. Another ad from December 1977 even lists the console at $149 with a regular cost of $177.
  6. Hi, I've been researching this system for a while and have been having trouble determining what the actual launch price of the console was. I commonly see the price as being "$199", but I don't believe this is correct. Ads for the Sears Video Arcade version list the system as around $179 at the time of release, but the earliest ads I can find all start in November. Here is the earliest ad I found with a price for the non-Sears version (that came bundled with COMBAT) for $169 in December 1977. I would say to note that the price says it regularly costs $189, but you can't count on those to be correct, because it was very common for retailers at the time to list the price as higher than normal to make it seem like it was on sale. I find in general that it's very difficult to actually pinpoint prices during this era because retail wasn't nearly as standardized as it is today. But I was hoping that anyone could find real, concrete evidence of what the VCS sold for in September 1977.
  7. Oh, and I also scanned the owner's manual into Archive.org: https://archive.org/details/Atari-5200-User-Manual
  8. I've been working on taking pictures of older systems as part of a digital museum project I'm doing. I just finished taking pictures of the Atari 5200 hardware, so I figured that you guys would be interested in it. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Evan-Amos/VOGM/Atari5200 A majority of the pictures come from an original 4 port model that doesn't have the onboard power port. Funny that all of the cases have that little hole for it, though.
  9. The pictures/site are being hosted on Wikimedia, then they'll be at Internet Archive at some point. It's better to keep it this way rather than draw focus to a personal site for a couple of reasons. I'm hoping to give my wikimedia site a presentation overhaul at some point to better match the Kickstarter mock-ups, though.
  10. I had a post for the Atari Jaguar gallery that I made, but here are the Atari Lynx pictures that I took just recently. These are all public domain photos hosted via Wikimedia for anyone to use, for anything. It's all in an effort to make sure that these systems are well cataloged for the future. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Evan-Amos/VOGM/AtariLynx
  11. I have an Atari Lynx gallery up now, too: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Evan-Amos/VOGM/AtariLynx
  12. I'm in Brooklyn, New York. And loans are feasible depending on what the item is. Usually if the item itself is less than twenty dollars it's not worth the effort of shipping it and sending it back versus just buying it outright. I usually do a loan system on the more expensive stuff. The Jaguar Pro Controller that I have is part of a lot that a guy loaned me and I'm sending back, for example.
  13. I uploaded some more images to the gallery. Turns out I did have a cartridge packed in a box full of loose carts. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Evan-Amos/VOGM/AtariJaguar Does anyone want to donate an RF adapter, Jag Link, Team Tap or composite cable? It'd be great to have the galleries be as complete as possible. I'd try to get these myself, but I currently have a huge list of other consoles and studio equipment that take priority, so it'd either be a long time or possibly never before I get them myself.
  14. The pictures can be used for anything that anyone wants to do with them, so they could be used on this site for example. They also rank high in google image searches, so usually people who are searching for these pictures don't have trouble finding them. And I am missing stuff, because everything I have right now came from one ebay lot. The few Jaguar things that I still need are: JagLink, RF Adapter, Composite Cable, a game cart (I have no games for it), CatBox, Team Tap, Dev anything. That said, I feel like I was pretty lucky to get all of the stuff I did. I was wanted to get a picture of the Jaguar CD forever.
  15. Hey everyone, I'm a photographer who's been working for the past few years to take photos of video game consoles for Wikipedia and gaming history. A while ago I had a Kickstarter that allowed me to raise funds to make more in-depth galleries, so I wanted to show you guys some of the pictures I took for the Atari Jaguar. I figured you guys would be interested in it, more so than others. I got a lot of clear pictures of things that I haven't seen around before, like the Jaguar CD motherboard pictures. Here's the link to the beta gallery if anyone wants to check it out: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Evan-Amos/VOGM/AtariJaguar
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