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  1. Thanks for all the recs! You guys make e want to spend over my budget with all these good games!
  2. Oh trust me, I love my fair share of Phoenix Wright games already! Already bought Starfox 64 3D a while back, same goes for Link Between Worlds. Meh, I'm not a big fan of the Kirby games, but I'll look into it. The other games you mentioned I have. I never really thought much of the eShop, but thanks for the rec, I might spend some eShop points.
  3. Hey all, So I just got my New 3DS XL and wanted to pick up another game to go with it. I have a huge list of 3DS games I want, but do any of you have a definitive title I should buy? Thanks for the recommendations.
  4. This thread says it's offic This thread should be pinned.
  5. Happy New Year to all!

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      Happy New Year!

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      Happy New Year!

  6. Thanks for the advice everyone! Through all of your feedback I think I'm going to invest in a CMVS, and probably get an AES or CD just for collecting's sake.
  7. I'm new to invest in buying a Neo Geo and was wondering if there was region coding on either the AES or the MVS. Could I play Japanese carts on an North American MVS or AES?
  8. Got lucky on craigslist, which is pretty rare for me and found Metriod Prime 2 Echoes, Metroid Prime, Starfox Assault, Pikmin, The Warriors and some Gamecube Sonic game all for $40 and all CIB!
  9. Hi everyone, 'Tis the season and for the holidays, I plan to treat myself and (finally) get a Neo Geo system. However, I've heard many argue about which console is better the CD or the AES. The AES and its games are much more expensive but the loading times are supposedly awful for the CD. Then again, I could try to fork up the cash for a CDZ. I wanted to hear your opinions on which is better buy. Thanks for any responses.
  10. Hi all, I dug out some of my old duplicate carts from the closet and found a couple that need a good cleaning. I went through five cartridges with Brasso and they all worked fine but this Super Mario 3 cart would not boot up. I vigorously cleaned the cartridge but it still wouldn't load. My NES was recently cleaned and the 72-pin replaced. I opened the cart up but nothing seemed wrong, then again, I have little to no hardware knowledge of boards. Could there be some circuitry problem? Thanks
  11. Hi all, I was just at the flea market the other day and this guy wanted $1 for this Sega Genesis 3rd party controller, so I bought it. Once I took a good look at it I realized there was no branding whatsoever, no "made in china" labels, no part numbers, no markings. Its pretty unique since it's a 6-button controller but the controller has switches for each button for "off, turbo" and "auto." Under that is a mode button. On the back there is an on/off switch for Slow Motion. The cable is gray and bears no markings as well. The D-pad and 6 buttons actually feel pretty responsive. Believe it or not, this controller feels the best out of all of my Genesis pads. Could anyone help me identify this controller and determine what it's worth?
  12. I found a couple good things at a flea market last week. I got Ikari Warriors II and Adventures in Diseyland for a bundle of $5. The seller had the games along with some football NES title in some small bin that I was looking through. Later on I got this awesome really clean NES. The guy cleaned and repaired the NES, put some cool stickers on after spray painting it gold (it had a new 72 pin too). The guy said he had already sold the cables but I bought the console for $20. I went through another bin and picked up a Turbografx controller for $3. The owner said he had sold the console earlier that day (just missed it!) the buyer must've not seen the controller.
  13. I had a lot of free time this week, and had some friends over for a fighting game tournament NES: Solar Jetman 10 mins Zelda II: The Adventure of Link 20 mins Tetris (licensed) 60 mins Double Dragon III 20 mins Battletoads 20 mins Battletoads Double Dragon 120 mins Trojan 7 mins Kung Fu 8 mins Double Dragon 10 mins Megaman 2: 25 mins Vectrex: Berzerk 40 mins Hyperchase 10 mins MineStorm 30 mins Sega Genesis Mortal Kombat: 40 mins Mortal Kombat 3: 40 mins Street Fighter II Special Championship Edition 40 mins Rocket Knight Adventures 15 mins
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