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  1. goose - good old operating system enhanced sos - swan operating system gos - geriatric operating system
  2. i cant answer this poll. no wife or girlfriend and straight.
  3. abt the gram kracker, are they just for you old guy programmers? i thought there was a cart now. what is left to rip?
  4. thanks guys i'm backup
  5. cf card on my nano died. how do i format a new on my pc?
  6. why use rxb? it's slower than assembly. you want to for your own reasons? rami feel the same? challenge? fun? whatever.
  7. my card is a mess. want 2 start over. how do you format using the nano?
  8. whats going on? i don't get on for a few days and you old guys go ape with new stuff.
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