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    Former SysOp of the Griffin's Lair BBS / West L.A. Atari User's Group BBS / Strange World BBS. Began by programming a BBS system on the Atari 800 (BASIC/Assembly), then later on the Atari ST (GFA BASIC), and eventually rewrote it for DOS (80286) in ANSI C.
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    Atari 400, 800, 1200XL, 600XL, 800XL, 65XE, 130XE: Archon, Ultima ]I[: Exodus, M.U.L.E., Return of Heracles, Spelunker, Seven Cities of Gold, Realm of Impossibility, Jumpman, Bruce Lee, Rescue on Fractalus...
  1. As long as Drogon doesn't melt my Atari...
  2. Do what I did, just swap the metal shield with one that has the raised parts... Okay, I have way too many 800s around here.
  3. Also works well with the NEC AccuSync AS193i.
  4. Best joystick of the type ever. It's such a shame that Mad Catz is no more.
  5. I love riding the Durango-Silverton, summer or winter. Some great scenery along the Animas.
  6. I should have clarified that I am looking for someone who wants to pick them up.
  7. I've a box of about 75 disks that I acquired somewhere with various programs on them, including Antic and Analog magazine files, some user group, and various utilities and music. They include some plastic storage boxes. If anyone is interested in them, I'm in the Los Angeles, CA area.
  8. Hey, I use the swap feature, but didn't update my firmware for a very long time until a couple weeks ago when I did notice that the swap wasn't working, but just figured I'd look into it more later.
  9. Download this file made of 32K 0's: http://www.atariverse.com/files/blank32k.dat In Windows, you can use: copy /b cart.bin + blank32k.dat cartnew.bin This will add the blank32k.dat file to the end of your cartridge file.
  10. And some people believe that the fun of something like The!Cart is actually designing, building, and programming it, so are you planning on doing that as well? =B>
  11. I got it to work on Altirra, but had to disable the U1MB.
  12. Or, a virtual machine to run it. Yes, this was an excellent remake.
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