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  1. I show 1,000 total files from the site (including HTML, CSS, and images). I wonder if this was just the magic number for Steve Carden to stop working on his site.
  2. A 1050 probably requires less power than an 810, I would go with something capable of a bit more current.
  3. Has anyone created SAP files from Exodus: Ultima III?
  4. Come to think of it, I remember more than one 810 power supply blowing a fuse.
  5. No point in having the original bezel sit in a drawer forever if the mod isn't likely to be removed. Might as well hack away.
  6. I believe the lowest output power supplies that came with 810 drives were 18 VA, so that will probably work fine.
  7. This is my 1050. It works well for me like this since the drive is up on a shelf.
  8. I have two 130XE Remakes, two 1088XEL's, and a 576NUC+ that are all NTSC, in addition to a few Atari XL's that all have 2-pin crystals and work fine. Maybe it was just a bad crystal.
  9. From what I've read, Bit-Writer only adds the ability to copy some Electronic Arts and Synapse titles that the Super Archiver by itself could not. Is there something else it has to add?
  10. What crystal, resistors, and capacitors did you use? I've not had an issue using a two pin crystal.
  11. Well, I'm really not trying to keep up with Steve Carden, if that's even possible.
  12. I hardly think that's true! I own a Side2, Side3, AVG Cart, Ultimate Cart, MyIDE II, MaxFlash, The!Cart, and SIC!, in addition to things like the OSS 5-in-1 carts, SIO devices such as various incarnations of SDrive, SIO2SD, or FujiNet, and PBI devices such as the Turbo Freezer, yet, I have no favorite and agree that it all depends on what someone needs and how it is to be used. And now I'm beginning to think I may have a bit of a problem with compulsive buying.
  13. They are the same chip, so that is certainly peculiar. The numbers after C014795 simply have to do with where they were manufactured.
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