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    F18A DIY?

    I want to thanks Han23 for taking a stab at this. I signed up for the F18A waiting list back in '17. I'm not really looking for a super video display, my needs are more along the lines of I want to be able to use a cheap, plentiful VGA monitor type solution. When PC99 first came out, and I displayed it on a VGA monitor, I remember my first thought was OMG - I can see single pixels!
  2. Mizaf's TI Image Tool is also very much worth a look.
  3. Hey GD, I just wanted to give you a little support, I get wrapped up in TIDIR also, sometimes, I have to make to or three runs at getting to the right place to make the copy.
  4. dhe

    F18A DIY?

    I'd purchase a built board also, if you get to that point!
  5. My 10+ year wait is over!!! Adam, feel free to take a week off, then is Eastern Front moved to the front burner!
  6. I purchased her 80 column programming system when she left TI land. She wrote a good number of articles o XB programming for the Ottawa Group.
  7. Does a tool exist that will identify most of the information about a cartridge? What I'm looking for, is something like, Files: XYZ.GRAM XYZ1.GRAM XYZ2.GRAM ID XYZ.GRAM Format: GramKracker Contains 2 8K ROMS - Bank Switched @>8000 Contains 3 6K GROMS Grom4 - GPL, Grom5 - GPL, Grom6 - Basic Has Start up Routine. Adds the following calls to Basic. Does such a utility exist?
  8. dhe

    Gotek Drives

    1) Looking forward to detailed docs, I'm really gonna need them! 😃 2) How fast did the Geneve Boot? 3) Also, even though it does, don't you know the BwG doesn't work with the Geneve! 😃
  9. Like less then 30 minutes after ArcadeShopper posted! 😃
  10. dhe


    My head hurts... Mizapf, would you mind doing a screen dump of your recommended parameters for DU2K? I mean 124 MiB is still like a lot of 90K floppies! 😃
  11. dhe


    Where does one procure MYS, appreciate the information. That's the level of detail I need! 😃 Cheers.
  12. BETTER YET.... Get a working spare 99, then you got parts to swap! W00t!
  13. dhe


    I ordered this: https://samplerzone.com/collections/storage/products/scsi2sd-v5-5-plug-in-drive I believe, from the docs, I should be good, if I plug the USB port in to a charger. What SCSI ID's need to be set on the Geneve? Does it matter if DU2K is ran from EXEC or GPLMODE? If there are docs for setting up SCSI on a Geneve, can you please point me to them? I have a zip drive hooked to my working Geneve, so at one point, I knew how to do that thing.. =( SAD!
  14. dhe


    Looking at getting one of these, to those that are using one: 1) Does the scsi card provide enough power to power this device, or do you need to power it via the usb port? 2) And special firmware or configurations needed? 3) Can you give this device multiple scsi id's so that you can have "multiple" drives?
  15. I was looking at buying a Gotek floppy drive replacement. For those of you who have purchased a Gotek and have the traditional two half heights in the pbox, did you replace drive 1 or drive 2? Looking forward to your answers!
  16. Tim, In theory, what's the minimum number of jumper wires for a geneve? 😃
  17. So we have three major mass storage units - leaving tipi out for now, and leaving out the old Myarc Winchester Systems, which was never full tested and partially removed. SCSI, HFDC and IDE What tools should one use to partition and format?
  18. Just an FYI, more on EBAY from CB Wilson. A Proto of Disk Manager III A Proto 64K board for the TI74 A Proto Plot Module for the CC-40 (ish). The last is the most interesting thing, that I'd never seen before. This cartridge is for a Proto CC40, it doesn't plugin like a module but instead looks like it is pressed down until contacts on the back of the cartridge makes contact with groves on the CC40.
  19. I wonder if Tim exercised the code that had the comments: YALF, YAPF... Those where always good for a laugh!
  20. >Geneve programs can be encrypted, not MDOS, to prevent sector editing of the program. Beery, Are you the keeper of the MDOS manual? Do you have an 'up2date' Myarc Advanced Basic Manual? (I tried to keep up with the change this page, change that page program, but I'm not sure I was totally successful....)
  21. > It checks for the encryption status and if the file is encrypted, the OS decrypts the data. I didn't know Geneve OS has Encryption?
  22. I've asked Arcadeshoper to put one together for me, I plan on using it outside the console, to power motherboards outside the case. The PCBs I order, I asked for double copper thickness. Further, there are like a maximum of six traces, worse case I can solder some fairly stout solid core wire to replace all the traces, and track them to the board with hot glue. None of that should of course discourage anyone from creating a better mouse trap. d.
  23. Hey brainy guys and gals. What's the best SCSI drive replacement? I have a number of syquest and zip drives hooked to my SCSI controller. I'd like to use an SD card as storage, so I can just do a backup by pluging in to a pc, and using some of the great tools that are available to work on images. Thanks!
  24. What's the current best way to hook up a Geneve to a VGA Monitor? Thanks, Dan
  25. I would vote Geneve NG - yea, I'd be very happy to buy one of these in 2021!
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