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  1. Found this completed listing on eBay with multiple consoles/games. Hope it helps. https://www.ebay.com/itm/172401464553
  2. I got my money back from PayPal today as well. The seller let the claim drag all the way out without even a peep of communication. Hope they enjoyed the few weeks long loan!
  3. Haven't heard a peep from the op, still dragging my PayPal claim out as well.
  4. http://www.theknot.com/wedding/Fleming-and-Behymer/view/8791224322183829/40380714 LOL
  5. The original post was from August 2014...
  6. Jurassic Park, trying to prep myself for the new movie haha.
  7. One of these auctioned locally in the box for around $20, demand doesn't seem to be that high on these for some reason.
  8. Thanks guys! Didn't even realize this thread existed!
  9. If that disclaimer is partially directed at me, my bad. I didn't know my lack of posts made me a marketplace vulture. I was just looking to pickup some NES commons.
  10. Looking to buy a nice condition with the AA battery pack Nomad. Let me know! Thanks
  11. I was looking to buy the console with the games, just had no interest in the carrying case.
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