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  1. I'm looking to play some Japanese imports on my Sega CD, and this is apparently the best device to do the job. Here's a pic of what it looks like-
  2. I managed to snag a copy, but it's not booting up on either converter, and I don't have an actual Master System to try it on. I read somewhere that it's either because it's an 8-meg cartridge or only compatible with PAL or Brazilian machines, but the posters on those forums weren't 100% sure and had conflicting info. Does anyone here know for sure? EDIT: I tested it out in a Sega Game Gear 2110G using a Master Gear Converter (Model G-233), and it worked perfectly.
  3. I bought a North American unit that I found in the wild at a retro game/comic book store several years ago, but I never managed to get any games for it. I'm looking for Power Rangers Zeo, Racing Days, and Super Marathon.
  4. So it turns out that these "not picked-up"/not claimed copies are going for 20 euros more than the original price. Anyone able to clarify?
  5. See, I am currently at AIT and it's difficult for me to keep track of this game's status and may be a pain in the ass to have it shipped to where I'm stationed at. They let us play games in our rooms and we have more freedoms than Basic, but I'm afraid I might miss out on the news. And yes, I'm on the list.
  6. This game needs to be printed-on-demand. That will deter scalping and will satisfy anyone interested in buying it in the future.
  7. So NeoGeoNinja, were you part of some sort of test for the second run?
  8. That is excellent news! Can't wait to purchase a copy. What's the estimated date they will be available to order?
  9. I'm on holiday block leave until January 3rd, so I've been trying to catch up on some video game news. Anything new with this?
  10. If I successfully placed an order for the CGE edition, does that guarantee me a copy?
  11. Please don't sell the prototype for Total Carnage or the master disc for Iron Soldier 2. They should stay with Songbird Productions for reference.
  12. No wonder why crooks keep getting re-elected into office.
  13. NinSEGA

    Jaguar Bomberman

    Unless I'm mistaken, that's the Bomberman clone that Seb worked on, which is not the same Bomberman that Mike Mika (professional programmer) managed to strike a deal with between Atari and Hudson Soft for an SNES version port to the Jaguar.
  14. NinSEGA

    Jaguar Bomberman

    That's the fan game. We're talking about the Hudson Soft Bomberman in this thread.
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