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  1. This reminds me about the ridicoulous results of a polish 24h graphics combo. Hi everybody, hi Allas, hi Emkay. I was really shocked when moderator said "2nd place for RECALL BY RESURRECTION". This demo is beautiful and I had assumed it would win the demo compo for sure. But I was wrong, party audience voted for JzB. I never voted in any category (!) where I had some contribution. I wasn't affecting anyone to voting for JzB (even my friends didn't know about this JzB contribution by GPRS - I hid it totally) or for any of my other contributions. I'm not working on my Forever contributions (msx, gfx, intro1kb, demo) for fame or for sake of winning prices, but for people! So, I can only say that I highly respect the Polish democoders and I was surprised that JzB gained victory over their great demo Recall by Resurrection. I hope they don't worry, they are happy and will create such great demos for people regardless of some voting results. I don’t have the right to judge people's voting. If somebody has such right, he/she can change results in "rightful way". Or, maybe it's precaution for future - more righful people have to visit parties and vote more properly. Btw - I have prepared one USB flash disk, Atari cup and Atari T-shirt for PG as thanksgiving for his JzB music. (btw - he also made music cover for Recall by resurrection demo.) Thanks to all organizers for great Forever9 party organization, thanks to all party visitors for their friendliness. Greetings to everybody. raster/c.p.u.
  2. We kept it a secret because we are afraid of questions about project progressing. We wanted to publish it someday after finishing. As I said already, the problem is too many bus signals - there is need to switch more than 20 address+data bus signals between Atari cart slot and two memory chips and between cpu 65c816 and these two memory chips. So, problem is design and practical construction of pcb, we haven't managed it and we stopped working on this device for the present. (We are collecting experiences in our other hw projects meanwhile.)
  3. Hi. It's amazing! You're talking about our 3 years old secret project called "Cart816". Your description of main characteristics is exact the same as in our plans: - no modifications of Atari hw - cartridge working as full processing slave - 65c816 with own RAM and sharing data with Atari by bankswitching in areas $8000-9fff and $a000-bfff - the power of this device could be cca +1000%, because 65c816 will be working at 14MHz in own RAM without Antic DMA and memory refresh cycles. We have bought cpu 65c816 long ago already, also some versions of schemes we inspected. Main problem is complications with practical construction (too many bus signals and their switching), that's why we are working on other easier projects now. So, we can say only: "Yes, your idea is right in our view!" Greetings, Bob!k & Raster / c.p.u.
  4. To zas neprehanej, o dokonalosti nikdo nic netvrdil. Mluvilo se jen o tom, ze tam nejsou uz vestavene vsechny mozne kombinace jakymi lze sfx pouzivat ve vlastnim programu. Ale to je prave ta parada, ze si dopises tech par specialit, nekde neco umazes, nekde pripises a mas to sity na miru! A to nas bavi!
  5. Nas pes steka po vsem, takze verim ze i po tomhle stekne.
  6. Takove nesikovne formulace - to se pak neni co divit, ze na to nekteri reaguji tak jako KrupkaJ a jiz ocekavaji nejake nove verze RMT podporujici blablaententykydvaspaliky. Takze chlapci a chlapi, smirte se s tim, ze zadny program nemuze porad podporovat vsechny mozne dalsi a dalsi blbinky, co si muzeme stale dale a dale vymyslet. Takze ta habadura co je ve S************** je proto, ze nekomu uz nestaci ani jednokanalove instrumentove sfx. Je to ciste kus pridaneho kodu, ktery pouziva ty normalni podporovane sfx, ale misto aby spustil normalne jeden instrument jednou notou na jednom kanale, tak dela nejakou divokou posloupnost tech sfx podle tabulky. Coz by mimopochodem slo klidne delat i primo pres RMT prehravanim casti songu, ale protoze pri spousteni songu je tam velka inicializace milionu promennych, tak kvuli optimalizaci to je takhle. (mozna by se jinak nestihalo to NTSC ). Takze klidek. btw - pro zajimavost - cim dal casteji se stava, ze mi nekdo pise ze by potreboval v RMT nejakou funkci na neco, a ta uz tam davno je (a nekdy je dokonce i popsana v manualu). Takze klasika, clovek pridelava porad ruzne funkce a pak zjistuje, ze ti lidi o nich ani nevedi, natoz aby je pouzivali. Cimz jsem chtel rict jen to, ze kdybych uz nevedel co by, tak bych mohl ty kousky rutinek ze S********** vypreparovat, uhladit, okomentovat a dat jakoze do baliku RMTcka, jenomze ten kdo nevi ktera bije by stejne nevedel jak s tim zachazet, a ten co vi ktera bije, si takove dodelavky klidne spacha sam podle vlastnich predstav a potreb, pripadne mu bez problemu pomuzu ja, coz je i pro me pohodlnejsi nez slozite vysvetlovat vsechny mozne aspekty co tam muze nastat a tak podobne. Toz tak.
  7. Ok, you see less problems than me, but it won't be solving our problems. Ok. You sure. Well, what to say?? Yes, there is routine for start note, but it doesn't means that it's time for polycounters reseting. For example: Typical instrument (can) has some distortion effects at the beginning part of envelope. Other hasn't. And sometimes are this two instruments playing simultaneously by various sound generators. So, there isn't absolutely known right time for polycounters reseting. Well, I don't know this right time. And I will not to implement some feature which correct one problem but evoke other (disturbed sounds).
  8. Ehm, I'm afraid of I can't solve this. Instruments are too complicated and they can be playing simultaneously in various combinations/loops/envelopes to discern some "start of note only" moments. :-( IMHO it seems to be solvable in some laboratory sound experiments or special cases, but not in common songs inside "normal" games etc. So, although It's very interesting, I don't see the way to implement polycounters reseting to rmt player routines at present.
  9. I showed routine from RMT with settings of AUD-F/C/CTL. Maybe I made something wrong, please, recommend me right method of changes for reseting polycounters. Thank you very much.
  10. I was testing it yesterday and I haven't found usable method for polycounters reseting. As you said in (1) and (2), reset of polycounters disturbs all timings - and it's a problem. In RMT player routine there is something like this for setting of pokey registers: ldy #$ff v_audctl2 equ *-1 lda trackn_audf+0+4 ldx trackn_audf+0 sta $d210 stx $d200 lda trackn_audc+0+4 ldx trackn_audc+0 sta $d211 stx $d201 lda trackn_audf+1+4 ldx trackn_audf+1 sta $d212 stx $d202 lda trackn_audc+1+4 ldx trackn_audc+1 sta $d213 stx $d203 lda trackn_audf+2+4 ldx trackn_audf+2 sta $d214 stx $d204 lda trackn_audc+2+4 ldx trackn_audc+2 sta $d215 stx $d205 lda trackn_audf+3+4 ldx trackn_audf+3 sta $d216 stx $d206 lda trackn_audc+3+4 ldx trackn_audc+3 sta $d217 stx $d207 lda #$ff v_audctl equ *-1 sty $d218 sta $d208 Thanks to instruments' envelopes, AUD-F/C/CTL registers are changing many times during each note, also notes can be changing in very fast tempo, so there is not possible to do something "only when you start a note". (In addition, instrument speed can be up to 4 times per frame!) So, I don't know, how it could be managed. If you know, please let me know.
  11. Thanks for interesting exploration. Ok, stable bass-notes, it is what interest me. Unfortunately, (as I told to Emkay a long time ago), I'm not able to correct this in pokey emulation.
  12. In 2002 I was already hoping for 10 years for ANY x86 Pokey tracker. But nobody made it. That was why I made RMT. So, if RMT doesn't satisfy you then You can make the ULTIMATE pokey tracker by yourself. It's your dream. It's easy to say what other people should be doing (and how it is simple, important, requisite,...), but it's hard to find time and energy to do it by oneself. Please, let me decide what I want to be working on, as well as I give you right to be working on your own ULTIMATE tracker.
  13. Emkay, I'm sorry. I apologize for existence of Raster Music Tracker. Please, don't use it. That's all what I can answer to your verdict.
  14. (me too ) bla bla bla... ( RMT supports portamento quite well. ) I think song sounds better in original Miker's version. Have a nice day.
  15. Great game (port). It looks very nice and playable. Good work, guys.
  16. Yes, guys, you're right. It's DLI problem, not RMT. Nice code, MaPa. Just beware there has to be even number of lines, in other way there will be very nice blinking effect. (or better - there should be some initializing of label+1 value for each screen (in VBI)).
  17. Isn't this a game that can be played using the MultiLink interface? Greetings Mathy Yes, this game can be played using the MultiLink interface, but also without it. Then race against time is possible only, without other opponents. (Playing with 4 human racers is much more funny, of course )
  18. Nice website. I'm looking forward to your games. It looks great, I hope your team will finish them all. (And thank you for using my RMT tracker - I'm glad of your songs. )
  19. >In 20th level Computer goes to attract mode (screensaver). Could that be surpressed? >... Thanks Fandal and Raster! This game was finished by Fandal. I only gave him some advices with lightgun sw operating and made a few (strictly speaking: two) sfx sounds. >Pepax told me Raster and he will be in Lengenfeld next week too. Yes, it's true. We plan to come to Fujiama 2007 party this Friday. (Bob!k, Raster, Pepax, Fandal)
  20. Hi. You can try my ATADIM v3.02 Beta. It supports MyDos subdirectories. http://raster.infos.cz/atari/forpc/atadim.htm (There is required to set .ATR and/or .XFD filename extension to Atadim executable file or drag-and-drop .ATR and/or .XFD files to Atadim executable file or to link to this file.)
  21. 15.5.2007 - Creaxin1 v1.03 (Creaxin1 is freeware tool for IBM/PC with OS Win9x. It make possible to create package of Atari programs/games, which will be stored in S/XEGS RAMcart 128KB by C.P.U.) New feature: Support for program selection by joystick in port 1 or 2 (up/down directions) and start by fire 1 or 2, or selection by keys select/option and start by start key. (If Atari XEGS hasn't connected the keyboard, there was a big problem to start some program/game from cartidge menu by pressing keys A-X. ) Creaxin1 webpage here. Enjoy it!
  22. Thanks Emkay, very nice pictures! Hmm, I'm sorry, I won't forbid you to make real music from pokey. But I have some few unpleasant experiences with some wanted features already. Hm, don't worry be happy - maybe I will go crazy and I will make new RMT version format with custom note tables... (And you will tell me, that it's superb, but some next important "xyz" feature is missing for real music from pokey... ) (I'm joking only. Peace. )
  23. Hi all. :-) Custom notation tables are not supported because: 1.) It isn't supported in RMT 1.0 internal format. More format versions of RMT tracker, player and modules could cause a lot of confusions and troubles with using RMT overall. btw - I'm afraid of TMC2.0 story - It's new, it's better, it has a lot of great new features ... and nobody uses it. 2.) Custom notation tables would have to be contained in RMT modules, so, modules would be bigger and player routine too (more code for support this feature). Please, do you understand me? It's no problem to create new (and new a new) versions formats with support of more (and more and more) features, but I'm affraid of various troubles with several RMT formats and further supporting of all this RMT formats in future. And, small note: I'm sorry, I heard a lot of IMHO (!) horrible "hardsynth" songs which hurts my musical ear so far, that's why I'm not be charmed of this "technology" for the present.
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