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  1. Well! BTW - I added small modification to MultiJoy routine lately (newly there is three NOP instructions) - please, you use it, ok? It comes to this, that You're clever man.
  2. Any fully compatible solution can't exist because the PORTB ($d301) is used for memory switching on XE/XL models(ROM/RAM/SELFTEST/MEMORYBANKS). But here is another possibility: MultiJoy interface for up to 16 (!) joysticks connected to any XE/XL. Modification of software which is using 4 joysticks (PORTA $d300 and PORTB $d301) so that it works with MultiJoy interface is very easy. If you are interesting in MultiJoy interface, you can visit my pages: http://www.infos.cz/raster/atari/english.htm#MULTIJOY http://www.infos.cz/raster/atari/hw/multijoy.htm http://www.infos.cz/raster/atari/hw/multigam.htm
  3. Here is my the best PMG hero! Naturix from my game Naturix. Please, did you see him in some other game?
  4. I'm sorry that the RMT player has 24 pages... I want to do it for 20 pages at most, but I wasn't succeed Hey, Jaskier, please, tell me your advices, I want to know it certainly. BTW - You can stole from my ideas what you want, no problem.
  5. Yes, you're right. But I hope for any more soptisticated tool (cross-platform "profiler" program). It's not be sufficient to know "parts" - I want know an statistics for each assembler instruction (!). I imagine some schematic graph - it would be very nice!!! Which of you will make such profiler tool ??? (Hey, Fox, are you here? Do you hear me? Pleeeeeeease... It could be superb accessory for your splendid XASM! )
  6. Of course. There is in RMT always checkbox "Show rasterline meter of procesor usage" when export of XEX Atari executable msx is performed. That's why I know that RMT is spending quite much of CPU power. But I would like to know especially _where_ is CPU tramping in RMT routine. I disbelieve you!
  7. No. If you set the instr. speed to 4 and switch song to 8tracks, it is really 4 tpf (times per frame) instrument speed in 8tracks song. In future version of RMT this 4 instrument speed will be rightly allowed also for 8tracks songs.
  8. I'm thinking... thinking... thinking... When I hadn't knew about TMC2.0, I was gently thinking about new version of RMT player routine (version 2.0 ) which would be near to TMC 1.0 (mainly its envelope commands, its vibrato/frqshift + speed) but with preserve most of RMT advantages (255 patterns, 256 lines songlength, filter shift effect for "like a C64 filtering", instrument loops, internal format with only 2bytes per each any_note+any_instrument+any_volume line (!) => track with 64 full any_note/any_instrument/any_volume has 128bytes only (!), etc.) Now I assume that TMC2.0 will be very near of this my vision. And maybe it will be good to don't make RMT2.0 routine (incompatible with RMT1.x of course), but adopt the TMC2.0 routine and format. But result would be the same => the end of RMT and begin of another "RCPTMT" (raster cross-plafrorm theta music tracker , it's joke only ). That's why I decided meanwhile to continue with RMT 1.x tracker(improvements, bug fixes, etc.) based on compatible RMT1.x routine. BTW - I still hope that I will find some horrible bug which is spending such much CPU power in RMT player routine. Please, do somebody have any "profiler" tool for Atari XE/XL programs??? TMC 2.0 features seems to me be very good (with filter command change I said you). But I don't know, if its internal format could be better or not... ?
  9. Strictly speaking: It is solder side of the s-video male connector!!! (It isn't mentioned on this info page, but bryede mentioned it in his reply. Thanks.)
  10. Yes, I made it by this info page. But beware, my first builded cable was bad because of interchange of Y and C signals. I checked this cable and it corresponded with scheme on this page. I had tried to exchange Y a C (pin 3 and 4 on s-video cable) and it has worked then. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that signals on pin 3 and 4 it this scheme are interchanged (or s-video connector showed there is female on TV instead of male on the cable).
  11. It's nice to hear it. It's like this: 1.) In first versions of Atari RMT player routine there was a bug in VCOUNT (vertical counter) timing - that's why 3 tpf speed was allowed only. 2.) After correction of this bug I haven't tested 4 tpf speed with 8channel module so far. I don't be still certain of it works. But if you say, Samurai, that you (Dely) have been testing it and it works, then Ok, I can allow 4 tpf speed for 8 channels modules in future. Thanks. The truth is, I tell to Jaskier, that I'M VERY GLAD OF TMC2.0 project and if TMC2.0 will contains all features which RMT has (255 patterns, 256 beats pattern length, longer instrument envelopes, envelope loops, etc.), then RMT won't be needed. It isn't want of two music programs with the same possibilities. Because I assumed only some few Atari musicians are using RMT, I said I'M THINKING about FREEZE the RMT project. But if You (and/or other people) will tell me that You (they) are using the RMT and You (they) want the RMT, I will continue with RMT. Works on RMT interests me only if RMT interest you. I'm looking forward... I'm sorry, but I'm not able to do it. If someone can do it, please, do it. Sources of SA_POKEY libraries are published long ago... Please, if someone can implement new better pokey, do it.
  12. I have Atari connected via hand-made cable to s-video input of my TV card in PC. So that I have a nice Atari screen showed in window on my PC monitor.
  13. I'm sorry, but I have to warn you, that this mode (POKE 842,13 puts Basic into automatically entering carriage returns) isn't possible to use in anyway compiled Basic programs.
  14. You can add some trasparent scrolltext over bottom part of the picture now.
  15. Hi Heaven! Good work! But I made some cosmetical changes only: * Later rev2 version of Turrican RMT module (stripped module exported). * Appropriate rmt_feat.a65 created. * Special (19.1.2004) rmtplayr.asx with 4 types of STEREOMODE * STEREOMODE=2 => compile RMTplayer for 4 tracks stereo L1 R2 R3 L4 (There is standard 4 generators used on standard Atari, but 2 left and 2 right generators used on Atari with stereo upgrade.) (Without any unsafe stereo detection. ) * Missing org $6900 added into turrican.asx (music routine was on bad location and overwrited some RMT module data. * Turrican.obx (25274 bytes) packed to Turrican.xex (16645 bytes). Enjoy it! Greetings, raster/c.p.u. turi2rs.zip
  16. It's long ago... 9 years... but I think I remember, that there is xpos,ypos precalculated only. DLI appears each 8 screen-lines (once for each character line), therefore Y ranges are explored in 8 points sections. It means four X-pos values for each 8 screenlines (and four values for color of this range). If X(i) pos for appropriate "8points" section is 0, is this PM in this section free for use, if nonzero, it is used => explore to next PM (i.e. X(i+1), ...).
  17. Oh Yes! It's my intro for Flop magazine from the 1995 year! There is inside really some easy "universal" system for PM multiplexing. Subroutine is called with parameters X,Y,LETTERNUMBER(0-7) and it automatically discover the first free PM object in relevant Y range (from Y to Y+letter's height). If such free PM object (1-4) for this Y range was found, then it was used, if no, subroutine returned the zero value. Of course, 4 objects at most can be in the same Y range at any time, that's why "MAGAZIN" letters are moving through the predefined circle.
  18. Thanks, but we wrote also to this company already, but they didn't answer anything to our ask.
  19. Hi. We are looking for CPU 65c816. We were trying to ask everywhere, but we didn't obtain any positive answer. Please, do somebody know where is possible to order/purchase this procesor? According to the price, we take concern to buy more pieces (up to 5 pieces approximately). Thanks for all responses. Raster, AtariClub Prostejov, Czech Republic
  20. Oh, oh, Emkay... I said it many times already, but I can say it again if you want: I'm very sorry, but I not be able to correct the POKEY emulation. If you are able to do it, please, do it. Here is the sources: http://www.infos.cz/raster/atari/sa_librar...ey/sa_pokey.zip
  21. Hi everybody! Sorry for my no responding to this your discussion. My occupation (system administrator/cisco/win/linux/programmer C++,php,asp,sql, etc.) take too much time lately. Sack-c0s: Well, your song a642 is very nice. I'm using for synchro with RMT music some of assistant RMT memory registers, for example "v_abeat" (please see the /asm_src/rmtplayr.a65). This BYTE contains actual beat (from 0 to tracklength). So that: lda v_abeat cmp #10 beq some_action_in_10th_beat ...it is possible to use for waiting for 10th beat of music.
  22. If I don't know Cubase, I haven't to do graphical environment like it, ok? Ok, then I must say "No, I don't know Cubase". Ok, here it is. You can try to press Shift 1 or 2 or 3 or 4. (or Control 1 , 2, 3, 4 ?! ) fort320.zip
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