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  1. It's been a while since I posted on here. My Atari 2600 collection grew a little bit during the last few months so I took an updated picture. Sorry for the angle but the collection is located in a hallway of shelves
  2. Nice stuff . I say screw the 32 in 1 as well. It's the same exact thing as the Atari 2600 32 in 1 just with a label that says 7800. Not worth going for it in my opinion
  3. Thanks . I just got three more Colecovision games for the collection today and broke the 30 game mark. So that's over 20% to the complete international set now and who the hell knows what an actual PAL set for that console is . Not in this picture are my two lonely boxed games Looping and Smurf. The two games without end labels are Miner 2049er and The Heist . As you can see I sort these games by company. I do that with all my old school games.
  4. To me it seems like here in Germany there are just a stupid amount of people jumping on hype trains all the time. Can't stand that
  5. Got a nice little Intellivision collection off of eBay to get me started on this system. Boxed system with 22 boxed complete games. Pretty happy with it because most the games are in really good shape. Obviously no really tough to find titles in here but it's over one fourth of the entire PAL set already. Still loads to go
  6. I'll make scans later today and will send them to you via PM
  7. I can do scans of the german and french sheet at least if you want
  8. When I first got into the 2600 I bought a system with some games one of which was Ram It. It also came with the manual and an extra instruction sheet with german and french instructions. I didn't make much of it and put it in the binder with all my other lose manuals. Today I went back to all those manuals and just looked at them because I enjoy them . That's when I saw that instruction sheet again. I did some research and couldn't find any information on this piece of paper. It looks like pretty much all PAL versions of that game come from the UK. I just wanted to know if anybody else has a copy with this sheet. Here's what it looks like compared to the regular manual: A close up of the front: Folded up, the french part begins at the bottom of the left page: The back: Any information on this is greatly appreciated
  9. Mmmh gotta love the creativity with some of those Atari boxes
  10. Holy moly those Tigervision games are super sexy. So is Out of Control. I don't think the Tigervision games are PAL. PAL Tigervision games had a sticker on the top right stating it's a PAL cartridge and/or a sticker in the bottom right that says "Teldec Carrere Videospiele". I investigated the stickers on two boxes and it doesn't seem like they'd come off without leaving a mark or doing damage to the box. These boxes doesn't look like they had nasty stickers removed in those spots. Pretty unreal to find so many rares in one strike.
  11. It's a nice thing to have, display and talk about. However playing that thing is nothing special. It's not comfortable at all, the batteries are stupid and the games just aren't anything special.
  12. Just completed my CIB PAL Microvision set yesterday. Even though it's not a hard set to complete it's neat to have
  13. Thanks man I haven't found any Saba, Videopac or Colecovision stuff at flea markets yet but I got a Colecovision + Atari 2600 lot with both the systems the steering wheel and about 18 games (mostly Colecovision) from the local classifieds for pretty cheap. I found a total of eight boxed 2600 at the flea markets though and they averaged out to a little under 4€ a piece. No super awesome titles but that small collection included Frogger and the Winter Games and California Games in the cardboard boxes. This was also the only time I found anything at a flea market that was older than NES. At a normal day I just find PS2 sports games that people want 5-10€ for because they were 30€ new and I get a good deal with that
  14. The Videopac is just the european Odyssey 2. Not the only console with a different name. The Fairchild Channel F was called Saba Videoplay. A lot of the Videopac games are the same as the ones for the Odyssey 2 The NES came out in 1983 in Japan but only came out in late 1985 in North America and finally in 1986 in Europe. Actually the Colecovision was discontinued in North America the same month the NES came out. The O2 already died over a year earlier . Sure the 2600 was still sold and games were made throughout the 80's but its glory days were long over once the NES became relevant.
  15. Nice stuff I see you recently started collectin for the Videopac. Good luck with that it's a very fun system to collect but gets really difficult. If you have any doubles for sale I might buy'em
  16. I am a member on NintendoAge for quite a while now and finally decided to jump in here as well . While my main focus isn't on Atari systems just yet it will be soon enough. I am basically a completist collector because I keep everything I don't own yet but I just focus on four systems at a time. One pre NES system, one system between NES and the millenium, one system that came 2000 or after and finally one handheld system. I do this to keep myself entertained and have a good mix. With actively collecting I mean that I even pick up some of the common titles online when I have some spare money. For other systems I just pick out games that I find interesting or I can find at a good deal. Now for the collection. The system I currently collect for in the pre NES era is the Philips Videopac which is obviously the european Odyssey 2. It's gotten very difficult for me to pick up games for this collection because I'm getting pretty close now with only eleven games missing for what I consider to be the complete set. The reason I don't have most of them is because they are ridiculously hard to get and never for sale . I'm slowly getting more into the Atari 2600 now which is the next system I'll try to conquer in the pre NES era. Something that will be tough as nails but we'll see how far I can get. Here are some pictures of the oldschool collection. The Atari 2600 is the only Atari system I have games for besides the Lynx which isn't pictured. Also not pictured is my near complete PAL Microvision set all CIB. Only missing a boxed system to get it fully complete. Systems I still want: Intellivision, Atari 7800, Saba Videoplay (Fairchild), Interton VC4000. My boxed 2600 games by Atari. Nothing too amazing here but some classic titles. Got some of these at a flea market for really cheap. One thing I really love about the 2600 are all the different kinds of boxes. I don't have many of them but I think that King Kong CIB is pretty awesome. I have a few cartridges without boxes but most of these actually have manuals. Rarest one in the loose carts is definitely Ram It! which I also have the manual for. Colecovision collection. Got most of these in a lot last summer with a system and the steering wheel which you can see in the background. Only two boxed games. I have some of the essentials covered but it's still a very small collection. The Parker game is Tutankham and the one to the far right is BC's Quest for Tires. So I got some decently uncommon titles there. Actually every single loose game here has a manual except for Mr. Do! and Carnival. Now the Videopac collction. I have most of the numbered games 53 and lower. I am only missing 31, 45 and 46. 41 and 42 I have loose cartridges which is kinda dumb since they're two of the three board games . Still missing most the ridiculously rare titles but I'm glad to have the ones I have. Highlights include the C7010 Chess with the manual, #48 Backgammon (no manual) and Demon Attack (no manual). Trying to get the cardboard variants as I go as well as the Videopac+ variants that came before #48. With #48 they obviously started releasing Videopac+ games only.
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