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  1. I bought a REV G board off eBay without the eprom, so I'm looking for a file dump for Ver 2. The only files that works is the Smirk file, or the rom from my other Happy board. The Smirk file does not set the board to high speed by default. You have to go in and enable it from the Happy Warp speed menu.
  2. Hi Wyluli Wolf, have been looking at the image of the solder side of the board. Just above the Atari logo are two solder pads, and it appears that one of the legs from one pad has been folded over and is touching the other pad. May be nothing, but I would check this out as it maybe causing a short. Regards
  3. Hi, what's the shipping cost to the UK please?
  4. Okay, I have checked all the areas advised on and I can't find a problem. All diodes are slightly warm after about half an hour. Checked everything against another drive I have which is working, and that is warmer than the faulty drive. Any thing else I should be checking? Many thanks Andy
  5. Ok all, will have a look at the areas mentioned tonight. Just a question thorfdbg, which are the doubler diodes? Many thanks Andy
  6. Hi All, hope someone can help. I have a 1050 drive fitted with a Happy board. After about 10 - 15 minutes the drive will start to spin for a few seconds and then stop. This continues until the drive is powered down. The drive needs to be left for about 30 minutes before it can be used again. I suspect this is a heat related fault, so does anyone have any ideas what is causing the fault? Thanks in anticipation. Andy
  7. OK all, I will go away and have ago. Much appreciation for the help given. Regards Andy
  8. As has been said, unsolder the ram in the motherboard, solder in sockets and fit new ram. These micron ram chips fail for any number of reasons. DO NOT replace with micron chips.
  9. Hi, and thanks for the info. Have run setup and it works. Not sure why the difference as the DOS disk has been write protected throughout. So item 1 solved. Item 2, which sector copier do you recommend, and how do you copy a .atr file to a floppy with it? Again thanks in advance for the advice.
  10. Hi All, I have two problems with my Sio2pc (usb version) when copying files from .atr to floppy through APE. 1. I use to be able to boot dos2.5 xl from floppy disk 1, use floppy disk 2 as the physical disk to copy to, with the image loaded to disk 3 in APE. Having not used the set up for some months, this setup no longer works. I cannot do a Disk Directory (A) listing of disk 3 from DOS. Neither will Duplicate Disk from DOS (J) work. If I switch off the 2nd floppy disk and load an image onto disk 2 in APE, and then do a Disk Directory from DOS everything is fine. I have tried using 2 unmodified drives, but the result is the same. 2. having transferred a .atr file to disk, some of these fail to load. Some of these are games disks, and some are utility programmes. The one I am especially trying to transfer is DOS XE. Hopefully someone can help me out. Thanks in anticipation.
  11. Hi guys, thanks for the info. I am trying out Makeatr and my first attempt has worked, so will keep with this for the moment, again thanks for the help. Regards
  12. Hi, hope someone can help. I have downloaded some Atari 8 bit software from the net, but it's not in .ATR format, it is a .com file. Can you tell me how I can transfer this to a 5 1/4" disk from a PC please. Thanks in anticipation of the Help.
  13. Finally, The problem was the Freddie chip, I substituted this from a dead 65xe I am also working on and it all works. Thanks for the help, it has been much appreciated. Now a dead 65 xe to resurrect.
  14. I have removed the ram and decided to check the output from the crystal, still as before, so there must be something on the board still dragging them down. Does anyone have any suggestions. Thanks in anticipation
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