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  1. Hi kbj, which thread have you posted in with Nezgar? Regards Andy
  2. Hi Don, this might be of help to you. Supermon instructions - Atari 8-Bit Computers - AtariAge Forums Regards
  3. Hi Rybags, I take it you have tried a different computer to see if this eliminates this part of the set up? Regards
  4. Excellent news John and candle. I can't wait to be able to by the upgrades in the UK. Regards
  5. Hi zuko1, try these links to eBay, they also comes with a 1050 disk drive. Collectors item - Atari 800XL & Atari 1050 Drive - Manufactured In Hong Kong | eBay Collectors piece - Atari 800XL Computer With Atari 1050 Disc Drive | eBay Regards
  6. Hi Nezgar, do you have any of the unpopulated boards left? Regards
  7. Hi All, has anyone seen this disk before? I can't find it on Atarimania. Stay safe. Regards
  8. Interesting read kheller2. Are there more Technical Advice notes still out there and not archived? Regards
  9. Hi sikor, how much are these new shells? Regards
  10. Hi skr, that sounds great. Have just read about the upgrade, and it looks really useful. Regards
  11. Hi John, can I buy 2 of these please? Trying to get 2 65XEs up and running. Regards Andy
  12. Hi Redhawk, what's the internet address for your store? Regards
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