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  1. Remove all socketed ICs and check there is no tarnishing on the pins and sockets. If there is clean them. If in doubt clean them. If you have a can of compressed air, blow through the sockets to clear any debris. Reseat all the ICs and test. Regards
  2. Hi Voxel, that would be great. Regards
  3. Hi, can I get 2 please, or is that too small an order? Regards
  4. Hi TGB1718, how are you getting on with Happy 1050? Regards
  5. Very strange. When you examine the bottom set of solder pads, they don't appear to have been tinned ready for soldering, they appear to be bare copper. Also the solder in the through holes would appear to be from the wave soldering process.
  6. Hi, try this. Happy1050.bin Regards
  7. Hi TGB1718. if you can't find the problem with the board, I'm just up the road south of Lincoln if you want me to have a look at it for you. Regards
  8. It certainly can't hurt. I have this version of the Happy board and I found some of the soldering left a lot to be desired. Does your board have a resistor pack across pins 8 - 16 of the 6502?
  9. You should also check the value of the resistor, as it is not 4k7 ohms.
  10. SIDE2 updated successfully, using FJCs video, great work there. Now I need to get the Ultimate 1MB installed and then run the update. Regards
  11. And a Happy May day to you Bee. Stay safe.
  12. Hi FJC, great video especially showing the different ways the updates can be carried out. I will be updating my Side2 shortly. A question, can you do a video on upgrading an original Candle O Sin board from V1 to V2? Regards
  13. Hi Faicuai, thank you for the info, much appreciated. I can get on and update this early board.
  14. Hi, I have a Xilinx DLC9LP so I can update my early Ultimate 1MB. The problem I have is the leads that came with it, they are all 2.54mm connectors. Does anyone know where I can source the 2.0 mm connectors from? I've been looking online and can't find any. Hope you can help. Regards
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