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  1. Maybe you use a NTSC Galaga on a PAL Device or vice versa?
  2. Na wer weiss wie hoch die noch geht. Ich war früher voll gierig auf ein Colecovision habe dann aber bei einem günstigen Intellivision mit einem halben dutzend Module zugeschlagen. Hat schon spaß gemacht das Intellivision und es gab einige gute exklusiv Titel. Im nachhinein muss ich sagen das ich das Coleco etwas überbewertet habe, nachdem ich einige mir wichtige Titel mit dem Emu gespielt habe fand ich die entsprechenden Atari XL Versionen durch die Bank besser. Ich hatte das etwas anders in Erinnerung.
  3. I think (early) nobody needs another DVD player. And DVD without dolby digital out is a nono anyway
  4. I don't know any stereo games but there are a couple of demos: http://www.faqs.org/faqs/atari-8-bit/faq/section-68.html
  5. And now for something completely different… No digitized sound this time if you want to have sound at all you need a pokey on board. This on was much harder to make than expected but I hope it was worth the effort. CC2 512kb banking file is included. Btw. as far as I know there is no emulator that supports 512kb files so this one will only work on a real device with CC2 or a self-made cartridge. multilockon.zip
  6. I also thought about this and took a look for something similar to the AY but I didn't found anything useable.It looks as if simple sound chips aren’t very common these days…
  7. Nice but it's not really hart to manage on a 7800 (another story on the 2600). I would like to see a 2600 demo but didn't saw any binary posted. Anyway I currently work on something differed so anyone else has to do the job
  8. Actually the quality could be better but I preferred to convert (nearly) the whole song.
  9. your a couple days late I'll join you in few though Hehe, I know. But why not making a little weekend session beside the 'normal' date
  10. Just entered the chat and have to admit that I like the old one more. Am I the only one? Btw. I'll stay in the chat for a hour or someting like that. So if you like to chat you are welcome
  11. I don't see a signature on it, that area is empty. Mitch You are right and I am an Idiot.I just signed the A78... I made a new one (untested). SOFTCELL.zip
  12. I signed the last (16k) bank of the file which includes the code but it looks as if this is not enough. The reset vector points to $f000 (reset vector was $FFFC - $FFFD right?). I was just trying to make a signed version to work on NTSC 7800s and I was unable to get it working. It seems the reset vector is pointing to the Pokey address space? I tried playing with it to get it to work but no luck. Maybe someone else can figure out what's up with it. Mitch
  13. You tried it on NTSC? I think none of the current emulators can handle rom of that size (yet)
  14. For example you could use the attached file. It is just 512kb of digitized music well enough for testing purposes. Chad created a new banking file which enables you to use the full 512kb of the CC2 (the banking file is also attached). The bankswitched window is from $8000-BFFF the last one is mapped to $C000-FFFF. Pokey is also enabled but the "demo" only uses TIA. I have only tested it with PAL if there is no problem with the signature than it should also work on NTSC. Many thanks to Chad for the effort and the quick response. 78POK512.zip SOFTCELL.zip
  15. Does the original A800 Version also work with 4 players?In the file I had the 4 player mode was in the code but not accessible in any way. The idea that it could work with 4 player was because the 5200 Version supports it. So all I had to do was to figure out how to activate it. I just wonder if the original Atari 8bit version also worked with 4 players.
  16. Good to hear you are continue developing Space War. Your starfield approach looks interesting I am looking forward to the result.
  17. I bought Wind Walker when it was released but never played it very far. Maybe I should give it a retry as soon as I finished Twilight Princess (which is really great!)
  18. Right.For Froggie it looks like the attached image. I convert it with the converter tool which produces a binary file that I can easily include in the source.
  19. Only if you don't use the 252bytes/line for other stuff like code or more gfx
  20. Ok I now know what it is. I can't say too much because it isn't my baby but let me tell you it is NO new game.
  21. Cool new pictures. I wish we had that kind of graphics back in the days the good old Atari was more popular.
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