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  1. Mr Do!: 99,800 Big improvement for me. Sooo close to 100,000 though. Just one enemy or a couple of cherries away...
  2. I felt the same way with Metal Gear Solid. Hideo Kojima is on some really potent stuff. It gets worse in MGS2. Of the first 4, MGS3 is my favorite. It's a little more toned down compared to MGS2 and MGS4. That said there's still quite a bit of ridiculous stuff in it. MGS5 is also toned down, though it's partly due to there being not as much story due to it being more open world.
  3. Mr. Do!: 72,600 That's a bit better. However, I'm really upset because during this run, a diamond appeared and as I was heading over to it, the last enemy killed himself with an apple! I've never gotten a diamond in this game.
  4. Popeye: 52,160 Mr. Do!: 62,050 I'm going to have to try and change my strats on Mr. Do! I've gotten past level 10 before, but I seem to be having a lot of trouble now.
  5. I used to when I was a kid, particularly with Berzerk and Demons to Diamonds. In fact, a few years ago, I had briefly planned on creating a Demons to Diamonds remake based off of the cover art but I never got around to it. I had also thought about doing a Pitfall game using graphics more in line with the cover art for the original.
  6. Ahhh the PS1, the first console to fail on me and the first console I had to repurchase. The second one I had to repurchase was the PS2. I had A LOT of problems with early Playstations. Very frustrating, but I did have some good times with them playing Final Fantasy Tactics, Alundra, and the Metal Gear Solid games.
  7. I like it because it increases the gameplay dynamics and just makes the game more interesting by giving the player more strategic choices. My favorite aspect of the game is the bonus food/muncher mechanic. Most games would just allow you to just freeze the enemies for a few seconds, which is very helpful, but this game also adds the munchers along with a letter monster. The difficulty of dealing with the munchers depends on how you dug your tunnels. And if you're good you can time the kill of the letter monster to turn the munchers into apples in the right spot to kill the remaining red monsters. Whenever I'm successful in doing that it's usually by accident, but it's still very satisfying. The munchers and extra life mechanic are what pushes this game above Dig Dug in my eyes.
  8. Popeye: 34,980 Mr. Do!: 54,700 I really need a 4-way joystick for Mr. Do! The 8-way with a circular restrictor isn't cutting it.
  9. Mr. Do! is definitely tricky. It takes a while to get a feel for it. Though it's in my top 5 favorite arcade games, I'm not that good at it. My problem is that I take too many risks going after the letters for the extra lives and I end up dying before I can even spell out EXTRA.
  10. Rushing to get decent scores on these. Ninja Baseball Batman: 47,530 Nibbler: 52,990
  11. Bad Dudes vs Dragonninja: 254,600 Mario Bros.: 54,360 I'm really terrible at the Mario Bros. arcade game. I could never get used to the unresponsive controls.
  12. I've been playing Snake Pit quite a bit lately. The controls are pretty unique. It's really fun with a trackball! I also want to add Chameleon - would have been somewhat of a unique platformer at the time it was released. Not bad. Extremely rare. I've never even seen a picture of the cab or marquee. It was surprisingly ported to the Casio PV-1000 though.
  13. Messed up my initials in UN Squadron. UN Squadron: 35,030 Galaga '88: 41,190
  14. Ugh. Yeah, that spear shooting mutant hyena thing was a pain. The food they give you at that fight is helpful though along with the fire guys.
  15. Here are my scores with 2 credits. X-Men: 113 Captain Commando: 29091 edit: thought X-Men was 118 at first.
  16. I'd have to look at the file to know for sure and I don't have the Pi with me. I do remember on mine that the autostart.sh file had just one line of code in it. Insert --screenrotate 1 or --screenrotate 3 immediately right after emulationstation. Also make sure that there's a space between emulationstation and --screenrotate. By default I believe there is something commented out after emulationstation and if you put the --screenrotate after that, it won't do anything.
  17. I loved them back in the day when they came out just because of the graphics and presentation, however these days I find most of them boring and mindless. I still get a lot of nostalgia from TMNT, but I usually don't feel like finishing it whenever I play it. I just do a credit or two. I was too young to properly enjoy the early 80s arcade games when they were originally released, though these days I play them more than anything else.
  18. X-Men: 44 Captain Commando: 18,450 These were one credit plays, but I wanted to upload something in case I don't get around to doing the 2 credits.
  19. I just thought of another one: Rescue. It's pretty hard, but a fun twin stick shooter.
  20. It's a Universal game? I always assumed it was made by the same company as Mysterious Stones, due to it having the exact same egg-kicking mechanic, but that was made by Technos.
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