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  1. Thanks, I eventually figured it out. I also found out that you can rotate Emulation Station separately by adding the --screenrotate launch parameter to the autostart.sh file. You need to install emulationstation-dev for it to work though.
  2. Now that I've played more, I believe that it must have been 4,500. I think I just got lucky on the one game with a couple of big combos and got 18,196 at the fish. I can't get anywhere near that now and I can last pretty long on the foot guy. Yeah, the scoring system seems to be weird - like there's a small chance for your score to sky rocket but it seems to be a luck thing.
  3. I'm not sure how I did so well in Puyo Puyo. I keep getting around 5,000 at the foot guy, but one time I only got to the fish and got 18,196. Can a long combo really add up that quickly? Tetris Plus: 15,200 Puyo Puyo: 18,196
  4. Have you noticed any lag/screen tearing? I'm working on converting my brother's Galaga cab to Retropie, but I'm having a lot of performance issues in vertical mode. It's a 3B+ with heat sinks and a fan and it's having trouble running games with the screen rotated. Scrolling games have a lot of tearing and single screen games aren't very smooth - even Pac-Man. I did some searching and found many others having this issue when running games vertically, but no solutions yet. Just curious how it's running for you.
  5. Well, I amazingly managed to defeat the 2nd and 3rd bosses in Prehistoric Isle the first time I encountered them, but I'm having trouble repeating that in successive playthroughs. Prehistoric Isle: 141,200
  6. Didn't get a chance to play these until now. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs: 243,200 Prehistoric Isle: 45,500
  7. I hardly ever threw a controller. The only time I can really remember was with the NES Ninja Gaiden. Getting to the final boss, dying, and being sent all the way back to 6-1. That was the first time I ever threw a controller. I was SO pissed. And after many weeks, I finally managed to beat the final boss only to find out it wasn't the final boss and I died again and got sent back to 6-1. That was the second time I through my controller. I was picturing a room full of Japanese developers laughing hysterically at me, pointing at me and giving me the finger. In my head, this was the sole reason they made the game - it wasn't to make money, they made it to troll kids because they hated them so much.
  8. R-Type: 194,700 Yeah, level 4 is where the real chaos begins. Calipso: 36,791
  9. I used to play the SMS version of R-Type quite a bit growing up. The battle cruiser seems to be a lot tougher in the arcade version. I think have passed level 2 in Calipso without dying a couple of times. You have to get lucky with the enemy groupings though. However, I don't think I ever did level 3 in one go.
  10. - What would be the maximum you would pay for OMNI? I know, hard to discuss at this point without showing more, but anyway, for a new retro inspired game system, brand new design, complete console with controller, brand new hardware, uses cartridge. You know my usual quality standards... $300 - What would you consider the required minimum number of games at launch to be interested? 6 - How important is a pack-in game? Kinda important - What kind of retro games you would like to see? Early 80s style like Donkey Kong, Mr. Do!, Bagman, Tutankham, Jungle Hunt, etc. I like the variety and imagination back then. - Do you like the idea of improved versions of classics? If so, would you prefer improved versions of console games or improved versions of arcade games? Or 100% new titles? I'd say the coolest thing that I'd REALLY love to see are arcade ports that have new features and levels - think of Donkey Kong Remix and Donkey Kong Jr Remix. Those type of ports would be awesome, especially if they are of the caliber of those two remixes. Give me a new experience with the old games that I love and have played countless times. But in general, I'd prefer arcade ports over console ports. 100% original games would be cool too. - How important a feature "user content creation" would be for you? I mean, the ability for users to create their own games using a simple language directly on the console? That would be pretty cool. It would depend on what the limitations are and what kind of games you can make. If it was possible to at least make a game of a quality similar to a top early 80s arcade game that would be great. - How do you feel about branding? Would you like a well known retro gaming name behind OMNI? Do you prefer the Opcode name? Feel free to speak your mind here. It doesn't matter much to me. - How important is online on a retro inspired console? Not very important. The only thing I'd care about is maybe having your scores uploaded to a leaderboard somewhere. - Anything else you think is important? Anything else in your wishlist? I'd like it to include a 240p out option for CRTs. The flicker of 480i is bothersome. Also, it would be cool to support some sort of compatibility for some of the old unique controllers like Atari paddle controllers or trackballs. Like if you have a usb port, would it be possible to be able to have a 2600-daptor to work with it?
  11. Indeed. As a puzzle game, it really should have had continues or unlimited lives. Those later levels are tough and you need to spend a lot of time on them to figure them out. This is one of those games that I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to complete or not - at least without watching a walkthrough.
  12. Yeah seems like it. There are also several on your list that I finished in the past 2 years including Riddle of the Sphinx, Link's Awakening, Super Mario Bros 3, and AD&D Cloudy Mountain. Have you been counting any games that loop? That's something I've been considering. I marked down looping Thunder Castle, but I'm not sure about doing it for all looping games.
  13. I played Phantasy Star II and III as a kid but I never beat them then. I know what you mean about III, I'm not looking forward to playing that one with its annoying battle music and dumb enemy designs/animations, but I want to complete the series. I started and finished the original about a year ago and I finally beat Phantasy Star II yesterday. Man, that game has such a unique atmosphere to it. It's a shame they never continued on with the original series. At least I have IV to look forward to. I've never played that one before, but I hear its good!
  14. I have a similar list that I've recently converted to an excel document. It's basically a list of games I've completed and if I used any cheats there are a few other columns indicating built-in cheats, game genie, or save states. I try not to cheat if I can and I'll often return to earlier games I cheated with an try to beat them properly. Games that I originally beat as a kid have a different color than the one's I've revisited and finished as an adult. The full list includes over 200 games starting with the 2600 to present. The main ones still on my to do list are: Atari 2600 Haunted House (all modes) Private Eye (all modes) Colecovision / SGM / MSX Alcazar Penguin Adventure King's Valley Apple II Conan: Hall of Volta ATARI 8-Bit Bruce Lee Goonies Montezuma's Revenge Pharaoh's Curse Zorro NES Adventures of Lolo 3 Metroid Ninja Gaiden 2 Castlevania 3 Rygar DuckTales 2 Sega Master System Golden Axe Warrior Sega Genesis Phantasy Star III Phantasy Star IV Castle of Illusion Ecco Ecco 2 Quack Shot SNES Castlevania IV Final Fantasy III Secret of Mana 2 / SD3 Turbo Duo Keith Courage Dungeon Explorer Legendary Axe Neutopia II Gate of Thunder Lords of Thunder Dracula X Ys IV
  15. Surprised to see Calipso. I wouldn't have guessed that one. I'm kinda dreading it too as I've always had trouble with it - hopefully everyone else does as well!
  16. Mystic Riders: 119,200 Ghouls 'n Ghosts: 18,000 I finally managed to beat the 1st level in Ghouls 'n Ghosts... after all these years. I don't get the sand bridge section in level 2 though. It seems random.
  17. Time Tunnel: 66,070 So what's the most evil entity in Time Tunnel? The monsters, the other train, the cows, or the moving ufo train station?
  18. Rygar on NES - the arcade version is more polished but the levels get monotonous.
  19. I apologize for continuing the resolution discussion - I'll be done after this question. I understand you don't want to make any promises, but would a 240p composite out mod/add-on be feasible on this system? Just asking if it's possible. I'm assuming no, due to the f18a, but I wanted to ask anyway.
  20. The only issue with those is that they only convert to 480i which will give you noticeable interlacing artifacts which is most glaring with games that have simple graphics. It's something I noticed when I hooked my Wii U (which outputs 480i if you use composite) to my crt to play Mega Man 9 and 10. I'm still considering backing this, I'm just teetering on the border right now. My funds are pretty low this year so I'm a bit choosy right now.
  21. I wouldn't mind paying extra for an analog option/adapter. My only issue is that it would have to be able to do 240p. If it's interlaced only, why bother? At that point I'd rather use HDMI.
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