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  1. I love my CRTs. I've been collecting them over the years, however I've stopped now as I'm afraid of becoming a hoarder. Most of them do get used though. 27" Sony Trinitron (for NES, SMS, Genesis, SNES, Turbo) 25" Magnivox with built in DVD and VHS players (for Atari 7800, Colecovision, Intellivision) 13" Commodore 1802 (for Atari 800XL) 19" Sony PVM (not hooked up at the moment) 19" CGA CRT in Millipede arcade cabinet 19" Dell monitor 13" CGA arcade monitors x 2 (for future bartop arcade cabinet projects)
  2. My AV modded (LM318) Colecovision is on the fritz. I'm guessing it's the VRAM. It started having problems after a power outage a while back which makes the power switch seem like an unlikely culprit. It began with small little graphical glitches here are there and progressively got worse. I tested the power supply and the readings seemed good. Audio works fine along with the inputs. I've attached a sample screen of Donkey Kong. Given this info am I correct in assuming that it's probably a VRAM issue? What should be my next steps? I've never had any luck with desoldering my Colecovision or Atari 800XL in the past so I'll need to find someone who would be able to fix it.
  3. Lag perhaps? Are you playing on the original system? What kind of display are you using?
  4. You'd think they could at least have one of them quickly look up the manual and skim through while the other is playing.
  5. Yeah, I prefer the look and theme of the original (going through different time periods, parallax clouds), but this one isn't bad.
  6. All of those are correct except for 37. These are both correct.
  7. This is the first time I've played the '84 version. Here's my first attempt: 35300
  8. Under a sidewalk, in the carpet, and under a house are all viable hiding places for hide and go seek. A two foot fall can be lethal. You have multiple ships, but no more than 1 can ever be engaged in battle at a time. That is unless an enemy bug ship captures your ship and your other ship frees it. Then they have to fly together as one.
  9. I'd be up for it. My suggestions. Chameleon Lasso Rescue Time Tunnel Wild Western
  10. Here are a few more arcade games with monkeys/apes. Boggy '84 - monkeys in all the stages Fantasy - Giant gorillas on the third stage. Jumping Jack - monkeys jumping on the platforms Jump Coaster - monkeys riding the coasters Pioneer Ballon - giant gorillas in one of the later sections.
  11. Many of my friends look down on old video games, especially pre-NES games. They want realistic graphics and a cinematic story. Those games are nice and all - I can enjoy AAA games though I rarely have the time to complete them. However, there is something about the simple games that are all about gameplay, mechanics, and score. I don't know how much of it is nostalgia, but most of the games I enjoy these days are old arcade games that I never played as a kid. I do play these games in short bursts. I rarely play Mr Do! or Bagman for hours on end. It's usually 15-20 minutes at most. The games during this era are quite diverse. Since the play time is short I can play a game about avoiding ghosts and eating pellets, battling spaceships, crossing a road, guiding an escaped convict that's trying to get money bags out of a mine, stopping a gang of train robbers, controlling a penguin pushing ice blocks around, wrangling livestock, loading cargo onto ships, etc. all in an hour or so. Their graphics and mechanics are an abstraction which is one of their greatest strengths. They are not limited by the restraints of making realistic sense and can just focus on being fun.
  12. I see. I have an LCD for my Raspberry Pi and a digital photo frame that I've set up vertically in the past and I never really noticed that it was that much worse. Looking at them again, they don't seem too bad when looking directly at them, but yeah not quite as good as horizontal. I do see now that one angle in particular (when rotated counterclockwise and looking from the right) has really poor visibility. The other side is okay. Edit: This actually brings up another question for me. Are the LCD replacement arcade monitors some people use for vertically oriented arcade games custom or standard horizontal monitors. I do prefer CRTs even if they have some burn in but some people seem to really like the LCDs. I'm not suggesting these for these budget arcade machines as they'd probably jack up the price by a few hundred. Just curious.
  13. But it wouldn't be a custom LCD. A vertical LCD is just a regular horizontal LCD turned on it's side. It shouldn't be any more difficult or expensive.
  14. Wait a minute. Judging from the pics, they gave the Centipede cabinet a horizontally oriented monitor even though 3 of the 4 games are vertical including Centipede itself? Disappointing choice if so.
  15. Yeah, that's why I've started keeping track of my scores as well. Also, some games play a lot differently when you play that way instead of surviving as long as you can. It becomes more strategic and you can discover more depth in the gameplay (if the game has a good scoring system). I'll have to mess around with OneNote. Sounds like it's what I'm looking for.
  16. Yeah, that would be really nice. I'm surprised no one has made an app like that for classic video games yet.
  17. I'm curious to hear what other people do to keep track of their high scores on old games. I've been playing a lot of Atari 2600 and Colecovision as of late, and I've been trying to figure out a good system. Right now I just take a picture of the screen with my phone which worked well at first, that is until the number or pictures increased and I had to dig through the old ones to see if the score was beaten. I might just go back to old way of just righting them down on a piece of paper though it would probably get lost eventually. Maybe there's a database app or something that would make it easier?
  18. That's the correct answer for 24! Got it! That's all of them for now. Perhaps I'll make more later sometime.
  19. Yeah, those are all right. That just leaves 14, 24, and 26. 24 is probably the most obscure of the bunch, but if there was any forum in which a member could guess it, this would be the one. I'd say you and mbd30 definitely know about the 14 and 26 games and would have likely have played 14 at some point (I would think at least). That's all I'll say.
  20. These are correct. I'm surprised with 29. I thought that one was going to be one of the hardest as I wasn't sure if anyone else would see some of those pictures the way I do. Was there an image in particular that tipped you off?
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