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    KC Munchkin

    Resources and time actually were an issue: once the Odyssey 2 was released, Magnavox wanted to drop it immediatly. So most of the games were programmed by Ed Averett, some of them are really good (especially the 4K games). There were also games programmed by other people, such as the excellent Killer Bees! programmed by Robert S. Harris. As for arcade ports, they were usually pretty bad: Popeye, Frogger, Demon Attack, Turtles and Q*bert were released for the system, and I think the only game worth playing is Turtles. In contrast, most of the rip-offs are actually pretty good, even if Alien Invaders-Plus! looks like a terrible clone of Space Invaders.
  2. Actually, you can continue on Midnight Mutants. Once you die, keep going to the Inventory and "Grandpa" will restore some of your health. This does not work if your blood isn't pure.
  3. Venezuela is in a terrible situation. If you asked me, I would say that I hate the GNB and the socialist government: those guys were shooting at buildings and killing people all these days.

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      They don't care: they can blamed USA and fascism. Today they killed a "mercenary" with some weapons as their evidence. In reality, that guy (called Alejandro Márquez)had a lot of airsoft guns,and the photo they used can be found on Google easily.

    3. high voltage

      high voltage

      I hope they leave the Atari warehouse alone

    4. Devas


      I don't think anyone would set fire to a warehouse these days. So don't worry.

  4. I know the Atari ST is a 16-bit computer, but many arcade ports weren't on par with what the system could do(Double Dragon and Outrun are terrible on the ST). Shinobi on the ST is pretty decent, but I think the SMS port has much better gameplay. What I was saying is that a better port of the game could be made on the 7800 gameplay-wise. I don't know how much memory it would need, but I think it could include all the levels.
  5. I think it's a cool idea, I love Thexder. I've never played Solar Fox, but it looks awesome. But I might prefer a port of Shinobi (even if it is a SEGA arcade game) on the 7800. I think it could beat the ST version...
  6. This is my favourite game on the Atari 2600. I usually get farther than in any other game and the concept is quite unique, even if it was influenced by Star Castle. Actually, this might be one of my favourite games of all time.
  7. Super Pac Man, the original Ms. Pac Man, Galaga and Food Fight are examples of great used of the TIA chip. I always liked the music on Midnight Mutants, Fatal Run and Ikari Warriors. But the TIA chip has its limits: I can't imagine Ballblazer or Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest without POKEY. But I don't think it's terrible on ALL games. Most of the games programmed by GCC sound pretty good, but the computer games ported to the 7800 usually have terrible sound (Fight Night, Karateka, Ace of Aces, Crack'ed). Also, Basketbrawl and Ninja Golf could have sounded better.
  8. Really?! I live in Maracaibo and I haven't seen Atari stuff here for a while. I need to find new contacts: most of the retro games I've found these days are SNES or N64 sports titles. In Mercado Libre, there are some Atari 2600's and even Atari 5200's, but I don't trust the sellers. I didn't even know the 7800 was released in Venezuela.
  9. Devas

    KC Munchkin

    This might sound random and off topic, but I just had an idea: what about Pac Man vs K.C. Munchkin? The game would begin with a cutscene showing Ms. Pac Man sharing bed with K.C. Then, Pac Man discovers them and starts to chase K.C. Munchkin. The last cutscene reveals that Ms. Pac Man is a man. Gameplay wise, the game would combine Pac Man, Ms.Pac Man, Super Pac Man, K.C. Munchkin and K.C's Crazy Chase (with Boss Battles against Dratapillar).
  10. Devas

    KC Munchkin

    "K.C. Munchkin!" doesn't include synthesized speech, so if you decide not to add "K.C's Krazy Chase!" , you won't have to worry about it. I think the latter can't be done without in-game speech: listening to "The Voice" shouting is part of the whole experience ("Watch out!", "Run!", "Hahahahaha, incredible!"). I would love to see both games in one cart (like Frenzy).
  11. First impressions. Once I got used to them, they started to make sense to me. I was trying to describe how pissed off I was with the game at first. I've never said that the controls were unresponsive: the response time is pretty good actually.
  12. Devas

    KC Munchkin

    What a great idea! I love KC Munchkin and KC's Crazy Chase and I'm a fan of the Magnavox Odyssey 2. I would like to see a port of Killer Bees! too. That game is awesome.
  13. The controls aren't so bad: I find them responsive and they kind of make sense once you get used to them. I would like to use the two buttons to punch but I think the developers just copied the controls of the other ports. At least it isn't Karate Champ on the NES.
  14. I would like a definitive version of Fight Night (it isn't exactly a "killer app" on any system). If the game used two buttons for punching and up or down for blocking, it would be easier to get yourself out of trouble. The sound could be improve with the TIA anyway, but with better alternatives it isn't really necessary. Better animation would be a nice touch, but I don't think the characters need to be redesing. You could pull out some special attack by pushing the buttons at the same time. Selecting your character in "Main Event" (at least, Kid Castro, Hu Him and Crazy Craven as playable characters) or creating one using the Boxing Construction Set. Redesing the main menu(which is awfull)... I really think that Fight Night has some potential, but the implementation was mediocre. A Punch-out style boxing game is actually a better idea in my opinion (with a two-player versus mode that would be awesome).
  15. When I first saw the 7800 port Karateka, my expectations were high... It is just an awfull version of an excellent game and I think that, even if it was an Atari 7800 exclusive, it would be a terrible game. E.T. has its flaws, but the gameplay is kind of solid and unique. Fire Fly and Swordquest: Fireworld are worse than E.T. I've never played Spelunker, so...
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