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  1. ZackAttack, you are a genius! How about an update? -minimoose
  2. It took me a little while to figure out what "D1" in these comments meant. lda #0 ; LoaD Accumulator with 0 so D1=0 lda #2 ; LoaD Accumulator with 2 so D1=1 From the Stella Programmer's Guide and Kirk Israel's tutorial here: http://www.atariage.com/2600/programming/2600_101/index.html ...well I'll just quote from the bottom of here: http://www.atariage.com/2600/programming/2600_101/03first.html ; If you read your Stella Programmer's Guide, ; you'll learn that bit "D1" of VSYNC needs to be ; set to 1 to turn on the VSYNC, and then later ; you set the same bit to zero to turn it off. ; bits are numbered from right to left, starting ; with zero...that means VSYNC needs to be set with something ; like 0010 , or any other pattern where "D1" (i.e. second ; bit from the right) is set to 1. 0010 in binary ; is two in decimal, so let's just do that: ; LDA #2 STA VSYNC ; Sync it up you damn dirty television! Humble Suggestion - change the comment on the 2 lines at top of this comment to: lda #0 ; LoaD Accumulator with 0 so we can set D1=0 with the following line's sta lda #2 ; LoaD Accumulator with 2 so we can set D1=1 with the following line's sta Otherwise the original comments read to novices (such as me) that loading the accumulator is what sets the VBLANK and VSYNC rather than the following lines' sta operand. This is probably obvious if you already are familiar with assembly language and know what D1 refers to (unlike moi). Also, I got confused because in the collect.asm file on lines 135 & 136 I found this: lda #0 ; LoaD Accumulator with 0 so D1=0 sta VBLANK ; Accumulator D1=1, turns off Vertical Blank signal (image output on) Possibly the 2nd line's comment should show "; Accumulator D1=0, turns off..." GREAT FIRST LESSON !!!
  3. That would be great, MikeMika. Even if you aren't done, a 0.6 version would be great to read.
  4. There was one on eBay last month, which didn't sell, but is yours for (maybe) $5,000. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hubot-Robot-by-Hubotics-/151725681948
  5. Gentle nudge (after 14 years)... -mini
  6. That was really fun, but the "Our First Program" was really boring. Here's my 2nd program: LDX #$e TXA STA $0200,X STA $0240,Y STA $0280,X STA $0320,Y STA $0360,X STA $0400,Y STA $0440,X STA $0480,Y STA $0500,X INX DEY STA $0200,Y STA $0240,X STA $0280,Y STA $0320,X STA $0360,Y STA $0400,X STA $0440,Y STA $0480,X STA $0500,Y INX DEY INX DEY INX DEY INX DEY INX DEY INX DEY JMP $0602 That's a lot more fun to watch, and you can mess around adding INX and DEY opcodes to get completely different effects. -mini
  7. Hi ThomH, I'm new to the community, so take my comments with a grain of salt... but if you want to build an emulator for fun rather than work on Stella, more power to you! -mini
  8. The link for Poems for Bugs on YouTube is dead, but THIS should work.
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