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  1. Thanks for the information!


    I do have Master System Controllers, so that option would work too.

    go for it, master system controllers dont have the same issues as genesys ones... they can be used safely in c64 and amiga... just to remind i used genesys controllers on the amiga , not in the 64, some games in the amiga make use of two buttons and these controllers are useful... not in the 64 , and the amiga joystick ports dont seem to have the same issues ( FRYING THE CIA CHIPS, FOR INSTANCE)

  2. i have used genesys controllers on my amiga 600 and it never caused any damage. But i dont know if there is some sort of combination that may cause any damage (pressing any keys while playing , for example...) . But sega master system controllers work with no problem at all , that i can vouch for...

  3. Have a CPC6128 myself, no idea if that 3" drive works, never got a disk in that format...

    But lots of games that i use in the HxC Floppy emulator from lotharek !

    Now that is possible to flash Gotek Floppy emulators with HxC firmware (that works with Amiga , Atari ST and CPC) i think its the way to go cost-wise.


    The games on this little beast i think are more colorful than in the others platforms, but tend to be in the slow side, it has a superb Donkey Kong version, for example , if only it was a little faster, it would be the best 8-bit conversion!


    My favorite game is the recent R-Type Conversion, that is by far the best 8-bit version i´ve seen(but 128k only, i think).

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  4. Wish i had money and space to spare, but here its:


    -Apple II GS , 4MB expansion, unisdisk adapter from Nishida

    -Apple IIc , plus one External drive


    Only other extar its two Atari to Apple II adapters . made locallly called AppleJoy.


    That and a whole lotta of love f course!

  5. I rotate around my collection, theres allways 2 or 3 that are all setup and connected to the tv/ monitor , all plugged and ready to play:

    At the moment the chosen ones are a philips msx2 nms8250 , a breabdin C64 and a zx128 +2... Yes, shame on me no ataris this time, my 800xl pal where in the previous setup when i was testing the midi joy interface...


    A very brief recolllection from memory, i have nowaadays:


    Msx: a turbo r st, 2 philips msx2, a hotbit msx 1 (brazillian model)

    Atari 8bit: 800 (2), 800xl(2), 130xe,600xl

    Commodore: c64(3),c64c(2),c128



    Acorn:bbc modelb(2),electron

    Spectrum: zx128 +2, tk90x (brazilllian clone), a russian clone i dont remember the name

    Amstrad cpc6128

    Tandy trs color model 2, model3 (2), cp 400, cp 400 ii(brazillian clones)

    Apple iic, apple iigs


    Plus a whole lot of consoles... Ataris 5200,7800,2600 , colecovision, pc engine,neo geo,snes, genesis,xbox, gameboy advance, psx,ps2 ,dreamcast, plus some other i cant remember right now


    All working...


    I guess is time to downsize...


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