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  1. I got a similar message...something about "resetting my password". Was wondering what was up. Yikes.
  2. I'm in need of a working 2600 with a single working joystick. As I'll be offering games here, its only logical that I should have my own 'test deck'. (There are plenty of 2600s locally, but at inflated 'collectors prices'.) One guy that I regularly visit has a bit of near EVERYthing, from boxed vintage systems to all sorts of oddities, but oddly enough NO 26/7800 for me to test on. Besides, I'd really rather not have to keep making phone calls and relying on others to test my carts. (The PAL carts I found recently have had a large hand in this decision.) As for the system, I don't care much if its melted, worn, scarred, crusty, etc. just so long as it run games. The real kick in the ass here? I have sold/swapped 10-20 2600s in the past few years. DOH! I'd really rather swap, but I have a bit of cash to play with, as well. Thanks!
  3. Well of course - I never pay with anything online without going through PayPal. Also, in a swap situation, its imperative that both parties get tracking numbers, keeps everyone honest. Sending a check/money order/goods/etc. to a 'stranger', blindly = Turning your back on a pack of rabid dogs.
  4. Why am I the "loudest and most vocal", thats simple - "Regardless, I wouldn't want any of the regulars here to even get burned for $1. No matter what, no one deserves that." I feel the same way as you, Benny, I just happen to not condone the various 'methods' used by some here. Rather not chance shooting an INNOCENT man in the process of trying to shoot the REAL criminal, if this makes sense to you? Just because I choose to not spend my money on $1000 games doesn't mean I somehow ENJOY seeing folks get ripped-off. Also, I AM a collector, of many things, just not things that many of you guys here would care about.
  5. Wow, insane...tsk tsk tsk.... (Cpuwiz/"lot more than that") Very angering. As for aking who the person was, don't care, I'd actually feel better about not knowing. In my case, it was years pre-internet, and was a local person....I was able to go right to his home and give him a ten minute 'lesson', in his front yard, as to WHY people should not behave like thieving scumbags. How would I buy that guy's game, Benny? Thats easy enough - I wouldn't. Paying hundreds of dollars for a cart/disc strikes me as borderline madness. (But to each his own - its YOUR bread!) I am a game player/enjoyer before a collector, these days. I was fairly 'hardcore' through my teens and into my ealry-30s, but that was then; I'd rather ENJOY games, these days, than worry about what 'vessels' they come to me in. (IE: we ain't gonna live forever.) "But yes, it could've done a bit more friendly, and without those stupid 4chan gifs" Exactly, finally! heh This is my meaning, always was. If a person doesn't even KNOW the language/customs of a foreign land, how can he be chastized/ridiculed/etc. for not COMPLYING with them?
  6. "It is a double edged sword though...we all want folks to bring their retro gaming treasures here to sell. No doubt about it. The problem is, this type of "open arms - welcome mat" invites all types of internet thieves and scammers as well. " I agree with this, sure. Although you can still maintain an 'open arms policy' withOUT the nastiness and rhetoric, its all in the matter of how you view things, I suppose. Burned for $1000? Yikes...I cannot ever forsee that happening....as you said, "common sense" and all. I didn't realize that folks here being ripped-off was such a widespread issue, honestly. As I said, it sure has happened to me, but not in ages. (Life experience/wising-up/street smarts, I suppose. )
  7. What you are missing here, though, is that POLITE question asking is vastly different than being smarmy, negative, or posting rude gifs. You seem to be having trouble with this concept, so let me give examples, eh? "Hi, I'm new at this diner, could you tell me the daily specials, please?" Reply: "SIGH....eyeroll....what, you can't READ the sign, DUH!!" See the difference, or? Honey/vinegar/flies, yep. But Benny, pouncing/being rude and disrespectful BEFORE someone even has the chance to upload pics? Agian, not everyone is part of the 'internet world', probably best to be kindly and decent at FIRST, imho. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt before I have them labeled as theives. Tempest - Yeah, I had a couple folks ask me to dig into the PAL carts I found recently...not keen on that idea. (Also asked to "rip" them, but I wouldn't know the first thing about that mess....)
  8. Dude, your avatar is MORE than enough...lol. I can't even LOOK at it without being reminded of my ex-wife, for some odd reason.
  9. You misunderstand; its not so much a "Pollyanna attitude" as it is not wanting to be jaded/hateful about something that is supposed to be a FUN pursuit. Its rather like a woman being done-wrong by a German guy in her past, and thus despising ALL Germans from then on....pretty ignorant/fearful-minded, eh? If by not pouncing on anything/one that might be new/strange as a fearful rat might scamper from a flashlight, I guess you should call me 'Polly' Not sure what you mean by "Oh please, don't be one of those people.", though. (?) Politics/opinions aside, it does seem that this Matterhorn game is quite sought-after! Great grab!
  10. I'd love to hear what you have available. Thanks!
  11. "To be expected" ? Snarky, distrustful remarks and gifs as well, eh? I see.... As for scams, sure, I have played the fool myself in my younger years. I'd imaging everyone has, at least once. (?) This certainly hasn't soured me on swapping/commerce/humanity, though, nor made me feel its appropriate to meet others with unmerited disrespect/distrust. "Perhaps it's not fair to put every new member under a microscope" << I agree with this partial statement very much.
  12. I still don't think you are catching my meaning, but its all good, mindsets are what they are. (IE: not everyone was raised in this environment....'internet kids', if you will...some are still operating on other wavelengths. ) I know that when I go to a pawn/swap meet/flea market/etc. that I certainly don't read-up on 'house advice', heh, I just want to sell/swap my stuff. Not everyone is out to sleaze, scam, or creep, as hard as this is to believe, for some.
  13. My interest in the Jaguar would fill approx. 1/3 of a thimble, but I think your collection is just great....neat to see al those games in boxes and rowed-up like that. Reminds me of my (few) good times with the system.
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