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  1. It's also luck: I noticed some elements (whirpools and barrels) can be in small different spots, and this makes a difference!
  2. Just bought, everything was easy and smooth thank you very much
  3. A recent -and rare- local pickup... Nice to see things like these pop up in my area...
  4. I shall gladly try my hand on HSC!
  5. A thing worth noticing: it seemed to me that when you score 70.000 points without losing any airplane the tenth plane is lost because there's no more space on the left... so it's better to lose the plane before 70.000 and start anew with full tank I *thought* there were some games I was good at... beamrider, mouse trap, ladybug... but after seeing the world records...man they're just crazy ahahah
  6. https://www.twingalaxies.com/scores.php?scores=1202 My submission on TG. I'm new to all this but it's a lot of fun. Thanks to Intyfanmatt who has been an inspiration
  7. please try this ... 136.130 points - 72 bridges freshly made no loss until 70.000 then you can see more and more fatigue kicking in... VID_20210626_152406.mp4
  8. mmmh... strange. I do see it Can anybody else confirm? thanks I didn't post anything on TG yet...
  9. So many things to be sorry for... bad quality video, sloppy performance, silly mistakes... but here is a playthrough I just recorded. VID_20210625_2037481.mp4
  10. Thanks. didn't think of videoing it! Maybe I will next time around And thanks to the video posted it was very inspirational.
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