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  1. sprazzi


    "Question: Can we still buy a vecfever ? If so, where ? My Answer: I am very sorry – I really can’t answer that part. Only thing I know is – Thomas is still actively working on it… I don’t know if he plans to build more, or an updated version, or even only do versions for his own needs." I took this from the "vide.malban.de/vecfever" website....
  2. Tempest.on.Vectrex.is.amazing.

    1. Keatah


      Even more amazing on mame in color.

    2. VectorGamer


      Even more amazing on an arcade cabinet

    3. save2600


      Sucks ass on the Arcade 1UP cab, but that's because of the sound delay and shitty dial. I do have the Retro Glen's spinner on order though, so that'll help at least.

  3. Can we guess it? I think I got it but I don't want to spoil it....
  4. I find these videos very informative and entertaining Thanks for doing these.
  5. good, but with this method you don't have to open things up!
  6. Youtuber Perifractic (atariage user: Starglider01) published a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8P1OVj0IcqY on which he tried to retrobright old plastic with just the power of the sun, no other element needed. I decided to give this method a try, and these are my results, after 2 day of exposure to Italy morning sun (about 6 hours): before after before after So what do you think? I believere there are some improvement over the initial state, without any effort!
  7. Just received the multicart. They were well shipped from Austria. They seem well crafted and working as said, i.e. two games (notably pole position 2) won't work because of extra ram missing. However I tried some of the games and they work perfectly. Just what was needed for this little fun system, hoping that maybe the prices will go down a little!
  8. News flash: Multicart for super cassette vision is on its way! One shortly available from user TeamE and another one from user Rolo: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/127752-flashcart-and-multicart-list-all-systems/page-93. Super happy to be able to play the games without spending hundreds of euros or importing from Japan. The games seem pretty decent too.
  9. Great news, I was looking forward for a SCV multicart. I'll buy the two of them.
  10. It remembers me of another great little game from the '80's on the Sinclair Zx Spectrum: "Travel with trashman" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qgv2Q1SGkEM
  11. I bought Rolo's multicart and the extension for the Arcadia 2001/hanimex. very good communication and exceptional product. Works Just out of the box. The packaging was sturdy and shipping was very Quick. And very cheap too! Five stars out of five and very recommended!!!
  12. Can I suggest a "What if" sub-sub-sub-subforum? There was a period in time (early 80's) when EVERYTHING could be possible videogames related
  13. Sinclair ZX Spectrum: the keybords is among what defines the system, but maybe not really good for playing...
  14. Behind closed curtains against Italy's summer sun, suddenly a glow from an old TV screen...

    1. youxia


      A wild poet appears...

    2. Eltigro


      Pay no attention to the man behind the Italian curtain...

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