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  1. This thread among or above others really shows the passion, fondness and dedication of people towards this hobby. I'm impressed.
  2. Original controller, anything else is CHEATING!
  3. Just to say I've bought a ColUsb and I'm powering it up with a Xiaomi 2A charger and a 2 meter USB C cable I had lying around. So far so good... everything works just fine no issue whatsoever. Only thing of notice: they say to unplug USB when not in use, so I comply (but the same I do with the original power supply).
  4. Get well soon @CPUWIZ All the best!
  5. I'd like to give a little visibility to this movie here: "Pirata! a cult movie" from 1984, but filmed between oct. '82 - feb '83, by 25 year old director Paolo Ciaffi Ricagno and presented to the Venice international film festival of that year. Pirata! a cult movie The plot goes something in the lines of: In a hypothetical future, the Supreme Dreamer models people's behavior through the "Hat of Dreams" network. His dominion is threatened by a rebel businessman, the Pirate, who carries out an attack on the network's transmission center, overthrows the Supreme Dreamer and replaces him, however imposing a dictatorship similar to that of his predecessor. Whatever; but it really stands out videogaming wise for two reasons, in my opinion: 1) inserts of video game snippets into real life footage (i.e. see min. 12.55 - but few more along the way - and I think this is pretty unique); 2): an entire sequence filmed in a '80s italian arcade (from min. 22.00 on). So take some popcorn and a beer and give it a try! Cheers!
  6. Do you know if there are still clear cases for sale? I need just one, preferably sold in Europe, thanks.
  7. I have a question: what about .atr and .bas files? can they be loaded into this cart and played? (in a 800XL to be precise) Thanks
  8. Jammapi is a device to connect a raspberry pi to a jamma arcade connector. I don't see it listed so I put a link here: http://www.arcadeitalia.net/viewtopic.php?t=30495
  9. Thank you, I've just updated my cart. Indeed the reset button is now perfectly usable, and this makes a difference.
  10. There is a multi cart for it: Great little system... but I wouldn't pay current ebay prices for it...
  11. Not videogame related: 30 minute walk in a green environment (woods, lake, park...) maybe could help
  12. It has arrived, in working order and pretty good shape, after some cleaning up: It has quite a low serial number, I guess...: Merry Christmas!
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