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  1. I only buy Super Cable branded DB9 cables nowadays, by Innovation Technologies. There's 1 guy on eBay that sells them and I think they're NOS. They're a little more expensive, but well worth it, imo. I hate those retrobit cables with a passion.. The inconsistent pinouts/wire color just kills me. It definitely eats up time having to beep out every retrobit cable, making sure pinouts are correct.
  2. Some people don't get the joke and it seems Dr. Ports isn't amused either, which I tried explaining before, to no avail. He's watching these threads after all. I just hope he doesn't get pissed and eventually gets discouraged from making new games for the Intellivision altogether. He's worried that someone, other than himself might attach the 'Dr. Ports' name on a new arcade game to increase sales.
  3. Um.. I'm not sure what's going on here, but "Dr. Ports" sounds a little pissed off, judging by his YouTube description & comments section. I vouched for you, Rev, in the comment section, but if you really are joking, you probably should say so. I tried to explain to Dr Ports, that we here in the Inty section love to joke around and that no harm is meant by anything. I have no dog in this fight, I'm just a fan of the games you both put out, but I figured I'd mention it. Quoted from Dr Port's video: "ADDED NOTE: I just want to clarify one thing, just in case it is not a joke, and because some people seem to be beliving him: Someone called "Rev" on Atariage claimed to be behind the Dr. Ports Intellivision games. This is simply not true, I don't know that person and he is not involved in the Wizard of Wor, Cosmic Avenger or Omega Race ports in any manner."
  4. I just saw Willie's video and man, I am beyond impressed! It looks & sounds just like the arcade, pretty damn close anyway. Truly amazing stuff! 😎 Thanks so much for the demo and I'm definitely buying a copy once it gets a full release! 👍👍
  5. Great idea. It would be nice to see them do 'Something' with it, anything! Rather than it just sitting there in a display case collecting dust, why not actually try to make some money off of it for once and recoup some of the development costs. After all, it's all about money to them. 🙄Wishful thinking anyway. 😉
  6. I'm happy for you, Amy! I've been a big fan & admirer of your work for many, many years.. Ever since seeing some of the first ColecoVision homebrews you ever put out, in the early 2000's. Best of luck to you, whatever you do.. You'll always have my support. I hope you continue to put out new things, ColecoVision wise because your talent is second to none, especially in the sound department. All the best! Cheers PS I've already got you added on Facebook.
  7. Geez, I don't know how I missed this thread! Unfortunately, I wasn't around much last year, since I was working 6-7 days a week, but I've been a huge fan of DoubleDowns's work, ever since seeing it for the first time, back in 2013 or so. Anyways, I'd love a DoubleDown made controller (probably a regular CV controller - maybe DK or Pac-Man, etc), if any are still available. I'll definitely keep an eye out! Good to see you back! 😎
  8. I rocked the Cincon internal power supply mod for a while, but I ended up yanking it out somewhat recently, in favor of the ColUSB plug, which lightened up the console considerably. The Cincon PS worked great though.. It's a nice mod. I may install it in a different CV but I'm not that worried about it.. I use the Phoenix more than anything nowadays. 👍
  9. Order placed for the small box version. Thanks for doing another run of these.. I meant to order before (when the big box ver. was offered), but totally forgot about it. Better late than never, I suppose.
  10. Thanks for sharing! 👍👍 I'd definitely like to give this a shot, but I'll have to find someone to do the 3D printing part for me since I don't own one.
  11. Haha, hey not a bad idea! I like it. If I had an extra Inty motherboard, I could possibly give it a shot when I get the time.. There's a couple spare CRTs I could experiment on, that's for sure. 😛
  12. @nurmix bummer about the Y adapters. Tell you what though, I'd be willing to buy a set of 'returned' y cables.. I wouldn't hold you responsible/return anything if it didn't work out. None of my stuff is worn out, since I use brand new cables to build controllers, so I'm sure it would probably work for me. This would be for my Vectrex, BTW (I need one for my Atarivox/2nd controller). Just throwing it out there.
  13. Thanks for sharing! I'll give this a try soon. Cheers
  14. Man, hate to say it but I really hope it's not Zookeeper or another great arcade game.. I wasn't able to join in time to meet the deadline. I'm an arcade game junkie! Lol. If worst comes to worst, maybe I could trade the last secret member game for this one, if someone happens not to like it and is up for it. I have no problem paying for the game outright or even paying for roms if CollectorVision decides to start selling them. Guess we'll see what happens. 🙂 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. I did this mod a few years ago, back when that large knob order was placed.. here's what I learned: Don't waste your time creating plastic threads. I bought a set off of Yurkie, before then, back when I wasn't as self reliant as I got to be later on, mod wise and they lasted maybe a week at best. It was a pain to extract the plastic nub out of there. At least they didn't last long for me, but I'm usually hard on stuff. 😅 Instead, I recommend taking the plastic joystick and hollowing it out, through the bottom with a drill bit. Grab a 1/4" - 20 X 1" (course threaded) bolt (or whatever size I.D. your knob is), cut the head off the bolt and run it up through the hollowed out middle part. Next, epoxy (JB weld, etc) the bolt to the base, through the bottom/inside, leaving about 1/2" of thread sticking out of the top of the plastic base, to be able to fully thread the knob until it nearly bottoms out. Also make sure it's not sticking out through the bottom, allowing enough space, like how the original "cup" part was, which pivoted on base part inside the controller. After the epoxy is dry and controllers reassembled, it'll be bulletproof! Wish I had pics - it's would explain a 1000 words. I'll see what I can do though, but I'll have to dig them out, as I haven't used them in a long time (I use a NTT data pad and/or arcade controller nowadays). Hope this helps!
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