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  1. There are reconstructed FSM for 1050. You can download it here.
  2. I know I'm looking for original schematics \ pcb drawings info for my own private collection.
  3. Nothing found. Still looking for any info (excluding that can be found on mega-hz site)
  4. Thank you, Mathy. I send PM to tf_hh (aka Jürgen).
  5. I find some info on mega-hz regarding 800XL memory upgrade (drawings, photos, manual) and now looking for schematics of CompyShop 256K memory upgrade for 800XL - it missing there. Can anybody post this drawing? Thank's in advance, Vladimir
  6. Hi Duddie! I need to replace keyboard membrane FKJ0201131A in my old 65XE. Have you start produce them? WBR, Vladimir
  7. Hi! Can somebody, who use this device for a long time (I use it for some weeks) write a short user manual. Or tell me, please, where find it. I try follow original manual, but some innovations in SDrive2 not described there. I start try to save my old disk collection after about 20 years silence on Atari field and need some instruction "how to"... Thank's in advance and sorry for this simple Q"s.
  8. Is there any new info? Where I can order this device? WEBsite is down. Here I can't find any new announces.Thank's in advance.
  9. Hi Allan, Mixed. You don't have it in your collection. Title page attached. I can Upload full magazine - 124 pages. PDF low res. - 8MB PDF hi res - 52MB Best regards, Vladimir
  10. Hi Allan, A little off-topic, but some time ago I send a message to "[email protected] regarding missed AtariMagazine 04-1988. I have it and can upload, if you need... There no any reply from "team" till today. Please check mail-box. Best regards, Vladimir
  11. You can use any +5v PSU for 1.5A or more current. Only need to desolder/solder old / new connector.
  12. Sorry, but I need a link to seller's web site. I Can't find B&C as a component seller. Upd: I find them... TNX.
  13. Sanny, can you post a link. I can't find this seller. We don't have it here.....
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