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  1. Thank you !!! Hope you can add version number to filenames and posted archives with UAV manuals. This solve a lot of questions... Anyway thank's !
  2. You attach here version 1.7 ! Where we can download last current version? (On TBA site I find only v.1.62 of February 20, 2020 .....)
  3. Have you update downloadable manuals on TBA's site?
  4. Better if you open a dispute on ALi for refund and then order another screen - current is defected as I think. Try to find GOOUUU store on ALi- I ordered there and received screens working well. I ordered this 2.8 inch TFT color LCD with touch screen. (Driver:ILi9341)
  5. TNX, just check - downloaded. My colleague from Siberia can't download too, some hours ago. Now all working. Reply from platform says that there some DDos problems.... May be.... Anyway thank's for reply.
  6. Hello All, I expect problems with downloading files from https://ataribits.weebly.com/1088xel.html Who know whats happen? Thank's in advance
  7. I ordered 10 for $5 plus $5 for shipping. But really pay $5... There was some action.... Or that PCB's is so small :-) 14 days wait and they are on my workplace.
  8. Sounds interesting. Let wait. Just today comes new LCD's ("right" one with yellow plastic on connectors and labeled on sticker that they are with driver 9341) and ordered in China V4 PCB's. (Thank's Mr Robot for gerbers) Primary test shown that the LCD work. I add photos later.
  9. This driver mod not work for me :-(( Still wait for solution... Attached is a test screen with ID
  10. Thank you for the nice guide\tutorial! I'm not only read it - I print it and have on my working place. But I find there nothing "how to" make white screen working. Sorry.... As I see, there are not a problem with TFT LCD shield itself (it work, I run some sketches from mcufriends lib extensions), the problem in firmware witch is not support some screens. May be it depend of screen ID, may be developer use some libs, but they don't contain some code needed for this screen or driver not match..... I don't know. Only what I see - white screen on this TFT. From other side 2'4 TFT from this kit work. I don't test SDM with this small screen with real Atari, but on USB link it works. I attach photo of my screen, about what I'm talking for. I receive it with a kit ordered on Banggood.
  11. Already installed... And what next? I'm not a programmer (((! I add "drivers" from this page : https://m.banggood.com/Geekcreit-UNO-R3-Improved-Version-2_8TFT-LCD-Touch-Screen-2_4TFT-Touch-Screen-Display-Module-Kit-For-Arduino-p-1428291.html Seller say that this drivers is suitable for shipped mcufriends screen with 6809 ID. Need to check. Also they say that this is a IL9340 drivers. I try to use .hex firmware for this display from v1.1 but it not work - white screen..... 20190905023050driver.rar
  12. marcokitt2000, I have all versions of .hex files untill v12b3. The Q was - what Windows software we need to recompile firmware for sDrive-Max and how it possible for semi-non programmers... )) Supplier point me to "drivers" (they also posted on page where we order "cheap" kit) ThEy looks like a sketch for Arduino IDE. What can we do?
  13. I have the same Q. What soft we need?
  14. Compability is better. As an option - wire if you have any UNO and if you have rows of headers onboard - we use them. PS to Mr Robot - can you post a schematics of v5 or I miss something?
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