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  1. Lol nice job with the name slandering, god forbid someone ask's for help. I still havent got any info on what I have other then they could be reproductions from a company called B&C. Ive recently been contacted by the guys son who claims he made the carts but, hey big surprise hes not answering the PM'S ive sent. So as it stands ive got a cart with eproms that people are saying could be a prototype but probably isnt. So tell me how im misleading anyone? My listing clearly states I dont know what the heck I have and have zero info on it. Are you mad because im selling it? Well guess what thats how the world works. Id rather have a couple of games I want other then one I dont. I was referred here and have been nothing but polite from the beginning of my post. I only wanted the same common courtesy as I was giving. Sorry for the bad grammer/punc. Im on a cell at the moment.
  2. Picture link is in the Title. So what's the consensus here, are these carts anything special? Again thx for the help everyone.
  3. I covered the chips as soon as I took the photos. Hopefully somebody can help me with these.
  4. Are these anything special? Donkey Kong has a strange label on it. Can someone check to see if the boards are the same on a regular copy of DK? (Its the one with the red board) Is this just a reproduction of Pac Man Jr? or is it something else? Thx in advance for any help on this.
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