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  1. first #vecZ-video-glimpse (on an emulator): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hp4abvgUa0
  2. short glimpse of 45secs to the vecZ gameplay https://www.youtube.com/embed/9hp4abvgUa0
  3. # vecZ - vertical-shootemup - launch on 5. nov at gameZfestival.ch (23.30h) at the end the vectors won. everything is now vector based in games (as an opengl or directx scene .-) therefore step back, step into the beginning 80ies with assembler and the vector console vectrex. and of course vecZ is a shootemup the most complicated (timing, a lot of action etc.) thing in those times. # release/launch at gameZfestival vecZ will be released online on 5th november 2016 at gameZfestival.ch in zurich/switzerland. enjoy the spirit of painted lines! # roms the game will be released online and later also at madtronix.com # greetings hudson for the usb-cartridge, matronix for his publishing, baudsurfer for his work and the designers of xenon2, gunroar, ikaruga, zynaps ... thanks for your code_style # who finished it first? i wonder who will send me the first "game won" photo on a emulator and of course on a real vectrex .-) the latest infos you will find here: http://www.la1n.ch/vecz/ la1n
  4. hi there i am sure to be 27 mio. but the question when and where can i buy it? i would buy 5 today i even would have a new small game in pipeline - could not yet test it on a real intellivision. thanks for any help la1n
  5. Xenon & Xenon II were of course perfect like all games of bitmap brothers .-) The perfect vertical shootemups .-) A milestones like R-Type. No question. Also the idea in II to add BombTheBass, the Shop etc. .-) Therefore no problem .-) I even understand why you could not like speedball .-)
  6. You have to look at the concept art for chaos engine .-) For me it could be CE, Xenon or Speedball. And i would decide for speedball because of the game mechanics are so radical.
  7. The bitmap brothers in action with XENON II They are one of the biggest heroes of the 16-bit gamescene on atari st/amiga (and then snes) in those time with XENON, SPEEDBALL, XENON II, CADAVER, GODS, CHAOS ENGINE, Z etc. and now they are collecting money for a book about the bitmap brothers. You can see preview on the kickstarter site. Time to support them and bring the bitmap brothers to print. Make it possible on kickstarter! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/darrenwall/the-bitmap-brothers-universe > The book cover: You don't know them? than it is time to jump into their fantastic worlds: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Bitmap_Brothers
  8. ABAGames are really cool with their stuff: http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~cs8k-cyu/ Fantastic stuff: GUNROAR, A7Xpg, TUKIMI FIGHTERS, RROOTAGE http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~cs8k-cyu/games/ An indie developer long before the indie hype started! Enjoy the work of ABAGames!
  9. forum post on vectorgaming: http://vectorgaming.proboards.com/thread/1328/sinz-vectrex-demo-playing-sinus
  10. hi out there, # sinz is a demo playing around with sinus and vectors: sinus is applied twice (x & y) on the logo SINZ. # download the .bin for playing in emulator or on your own vectrex. # remarks i am still working on the vertical scrolling game vecz for vectrex - but in between i had (i had this 'i had to') to test out a little bit making animations and lookup tables therefore this demo. the animation of the face (still poor animated) was made with my tool SVGtoVectrex. # SVGToVectrex Tool (Processing) SVG to Vectrex Coordinates tool i wrote in processing. i attached it to. it converts SVG Graphics (best made in illustrator or inkscape to relative (or absolute) vectrex db-datas for assembler. simple but effective. enjoy & till soon - may the vectors and assembler survive interesting in more vectrex stuff follow on @ixistenz ;*************************************************************************** ; sinZ 2o15 BY LA1N.CH (VECTREX) ;*************************************************************************** ; ; DEMO FOR VECTREX ; (USING SINUS ON LOGO IN X & Y COORDINATES, ANIMATED FACE, SCROLLTEXT) ; ; @ixistenz ; ; GREETINGS TO ABAGAMES FOR THE OPENGL/VECTOR WORKS LIKE GUNROAR, ; TUKIMI-FIGHTERS ETC. NICE WORK for more info look into the sinz.asm file. SINZ.BIN sinz.asm SVGToVectrex.zip
  11. hhh i love the idea and will order 2 for our gamelab. i will send you an email la1n
  12. sorry for not yet answering here, there is a lot of discussion about the game here: http://vectorgaming.proboards.com/thread/1259/squarez-2015-vectrex-demake-flash
  13. hi there, it is done, after the atari 2600 game AXE, here the latest real retro game SQUAREZ 2015. it is a demake of a quite addictive flash game. it is simple: make as much points as possible. collect the bonus and avoid the squares. simple to understand. but don't be too greedy! of course programmed in assembler (much more fun than the 6502 on atari2600). but don't look into the code - i will never get into the assembler heaven with this. the game was tested with ParaJVE (Emulator) and on one my real vectrex. the vectrex is quite a cool hardware with cool libraries. quite a cool game engine (we had to say in our days .-). i will never understand why atari didn't brought this out itself - they were the masters of vectors. after the vectrex shootemup (on this i work at the moment) i would like to finish my intellivision game. is there someone who would sell me a multicard, so that i can test the software on real hardware? thanks for any help or tipp or someone who would sell it to me. have fun [email protected] ;*************************************************************************** ; SQUAREZ 2o15 BY LA1N ; (A RE(DE)MAKE OF THE WELL ; KNOWN FLASH GAME SQUARES) ;*************************************************************************** ; ; @ixistenz ; ; THIS IS A DEMAKE OF THE FLASH GAME SQUARES (2002)! ; I THOUGHT IT IS A SIMPLE GAMEMECHANIC HHH ; CODED IT AFTER AXE (ATARI 2600) AND INTELLIVISION GAME* ; * NOT YET RELEASED ; ; MECHANICS: MAKE AS MUCH POINTS AS POSSIBLE. ; COLLECT FOR POINTS. AVOID SQUAREZ! ; THERE CAN BE AT LEVEL7 UP TO 12 SQUAREZ ON SCREEN! ; DONT BE TOO GREEDY! ; ; YOU WILL FIND OLDER PROJECTS OF LA1N AT HTTP://WWW.LA1N.CH ; OR LOOK FOR OUR GAMEART AT HTTP://WWW.AND-OR.CH ; ; CREDITS GO TO RICHARDH FOR HIS MULTICARDS (THANKS!) ; ;*************************************************************************** SQUAREZ2015.BIN squarez.asm
  14. a little bit like fast food but with enemies .-) #multicard at the moment my problem is just to find a usb/multicart to test it on a real maschine. it looks like i have to make everytime a real version in us (eprom service) and than test it. and the rest (publishing) is a nice to have .-) = i don't know yet - i am open for everything.
  15. i am on a simple version of the flash game squares (2). the gamemechanics are simple but effective. very clever motivation cycle (stay way and take risk to collect points). i will call it square! the gamemechanis is there, there are levels and it is ok. but at the moment it is so ugly .-) i have to change a lot - it is not ugly like AXE .-) but more from the colors. and i don't know yet if i wanna make it more 2014 style (squares) or more 1983 with bugs, heros etc. or perhaps both things. but - no joke - the last 4 days i looked into vectrex programming and i don't know if i make now first a vectrex game before making a beta of square! .-) but square! will be there in about a month or so.
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