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  1. Dragonball GT:Final Bout I just bought this new at Best Buy for $15. Boy, am I glad I never spent the $100 for the original when I wanted it Great game! Still releasing games...damn. Thats the only thing I like about Sony- they don't just drop thier fans and move on, they still release stuff for the people who still have PS1's. I think thats really cool.
  2. Sega Saturn. I love the artwork on most of the games. The big jewl cases are also nice because it keeps everything in mint condition, unlike cardboard boxes that can fray at the corners and rip. They are also unique boxes and not just the average boring cd case. and I collect for Saturn because most of the games have really great gameplay and alot of classic RPG's. It also has alot of the arcade games that I played a lot back in the day, like HotD, Die Hard Arcade, ect. With the Saturn you can also collect a lot of games for cheap and the RARE games arn't too badly priced compared to other systems. Other than Saturn I collect for Jaguar(back when Jag collecting was cheap ) I can't afford much of anything for the Jag the way the prices have blown up. Only thing about Saturn collecting is nobody is releasing any homebrew games(well that I know of)
  3. You sent me stuff that didn't work, cdr's, cd's, ect. He would not send my GC back so I didn't send the $100. The stuff you traded me was garbage
  4. I got a new AVP .Cart is still sealed in bag and factory shrinkwrap is on box but it has been open at the top. It is sealed at the top with a Jaguar hologram sticker. Box is in mint condition. $50 shipped
  5. Like new complete in box with 1 controller and all cables. $90 shipped Street Fighter Anniversary Arcade Stick, like new. $40 shipped N64 stuff Boxed N64 system with 1 controller and all cables $40 shipped Boxed, complete N64 games Doom64-mint $20 shipped Diddy Kong Racing-mint $20 shipped MK4-mint $12 shipped DC system with 1 controller and cables $25 shipped DC games- complete, mint Street Fighter 3rd Strike - $25 shipped Marvel vs. Capcom 2- $18 shipped
  6. If i'm not mistaken, I believe Mendon bought that BSG at the same or very close price that he sold it for($400) So what's wrong with selling at the price he paid for it? $400 is cheap nowadays compared to the recent auctions of $600 and up. Even at those prices it's still a fucked up price and getting way out of hand. Mendon doesn't set the price and neither does ebay, ScatoLogic sets the price. There is no excuse why they can't continue to make more copies of BS/BSG. I really think ScatoLogic should release a $50 cart only version for the people that just wanna play the game and doesn't give a shit about collecting or because of clear cart cases, fansy boxes and manual's. Thats where the price hike comes from- fansy packaging. That way gamers can be happy because they finally have a chance to play BS/BSG without forking over insain amounts of money for a homebrew. Most people don't give a shit about collecting and just want to play the damn game. BS/BSG is way too good of a game to keep from the public. All this BS/BSG bickering thats gone on for years makes me wanna puke. I think instead of pointing the finger at Mendon, you should start pointing it at ScatoLogic. Peace
  7. Guess you didn't know Toys R Us is having a buy 2 get 1 free game sale? You could have gotten another game priced at $20 for free. I never shopped much at TRU untill they had these sales.
  8. The Last Blade is also a very fun game for the system. Right up there with MoTM.
  9. Earth Dies Screaming!? haha, this sounds like a cool game. anyway....bump
  10. Don't any jag rarities. All I have is my kiosk and a few games which arn't for sale. Sorry bro I have been lurking for a while but i'm still here.
  11. The broadband adapter is pretty pricy. I also need to try this...
  12. Never called any.... but I do live about 5 min away from Bethesda Softworks so I could always take my questions there if I had trouble with one of thier games
  13. I don't know...ive played both versions and find the Dreamcast version alot better for some odd reason. The colors just seem more colorful and alot clearer. The fighting sequences also seem better too. Maybe I find it better because it's running on older hardware
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