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  1. I still say that, if you have such specific ideas about what you want in a joystick, it would be easier for you to learn how to build it yourself than it would be to find someone else who can build it for you to such exacting specifications. As I've said before ...
  2. Thank you! It's difficult to say exactly how much it would sell for; there are too few examples to extrapolate from. The Aquarius II in the last auction (the $2880 one) was complete in the box, and it also had the novelty of being the first one to be listed on eBay in ages.
  3. Would you mind posting some pictures? The Aquarius II is indeed a exceedingly rare machine; I know of only a few working specimens, all in the hands of collectors. An Aquarius II in Finland, with a box and a complete set of manuals and accessories, recently sold for $2880 USD on eBay (see here). Despite its rarity, the Aquarius II is mostly a curiosity: the case is different, and it has a full-stroke keyboard, but it has the same amount of internal memory as the original Aquarius. With the sole exception of its integrated Extended BASIC, even the firmware is the same. Nonetheless, I'd like to see one in person someday, and I'd especially like to see the manuals scanned and archived.
  4. Good review! Bowling has always been a favorite of mine, too. One other note about the graphics: if I understand correctly, Bowling was the first 2600 game to associate a color table with a sprite (the player sprite), which allowed them to put "clothes" and "shoes" on the player. An important innovation, even in such a simple game as this.
  5. RIP Diahann Carroll.  With her passing, all of the featured performers in "The Star Wars Holiday Special" (besides the core "Star Wars" cast) are dead.

    1. AtariWarlord


      All of Jefferson Starship are dead?

    2. jaybird3rd


      ^ The vocalist (Marty Balin) is dead, and he was the only one you could really see anyway; I don't know about the others.

  6. Yes, absolutely! Anyone interested, just send me a PM!
  7. Good luck to you. It's a tough market to break into, especially now. I haven't looked at the video, but for good general advice on opening a retro game store, I'd recommend starting with these segments from the CUPodcast (co-host Ian Ferguson helps to run two independent game stores). The things they mention are the things I look for when visiting a store for the first time: Here is link to the Polygon article that they discuss in the second video: https://www.polygon.com/2017/7/17/15974096/what-it-costs-to-run-an-independent-video-game-store
  8. How could anyone have a problem with that lovable old Fraggle Mac?!
  9. Yeah, I knew somebody would post some sort of crowing response like that. I can only reiterate something I said months ago:
  10. Sorry for all the noise, folks. That particular user won't be bothering you anymore.
  11. Very cool! I'm glad you like it. The cartridge conversion of the six demo tape games that I included in the Aquaricart was created from one of my original demo tapes. I have several of those tapes, but the one that I used looks a lot like the one shown in JasonlikesINTV's picture.
  12. ^ You should now be able to edit the tags in your earlier posts.
  13. Very interesting. I'll be curious to know what cartridge shell they have in mind for it; I don't have a stock Atari shell in front of me to compare, but that board doesn't look like it would be a good fit for it.
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