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  1. Here is a quick merge of the original pages into a PDF. As easy as "convert `ls *.jpg` AquariusPrinter.pdf"! AquariusPrinter.pdf At some point, I'll probably do an improved version. In particular, I notice that Mattel stamped in a few corrections and additions after the manuals had been printed, and it would be nice to patch the images to incorporate these changes into the original text.
  2. Even better! When you get the chance, go ahead and package the individual page scans into an archive and post them here. I've got a few PDF utilities that could do the job.
  3. No problem! Thank you for taking the time to scan it. It wouldn't be difficult to crop the images and collate them into a new PDF.
  4. Aha, thank you! It doesn't tell you much more than the "Aquarius Guide to Home Computing" when it comes to using the printer, but it's great to have it scanned.
  5. Well, it looks as if I spoke too soon: I seemed to recall coming across a scan of the Aquarius Printer manual in my archives, but when I opened it, it turned out to be a scan of EdgeOfPortal's Aquarius Plotter manual, which you already have. My Aquarius Printer was purchased CIB, so it must have come with a manual, but I haven't found it yet in the time I've had to look for it today. I'll keep looking.
  6. Sorry to keep you waiting (been busy with work). I'll free up some time for this over the weekend.
  7. ^ ... and if anyone wants an idea of all that is involved to get the cartridges to this point, I documented the procedure that I use (which is similar) in this thread. Re-building them as new cartridges would also include assembling and testing the electronics, which is even more time-consuming.
  8. I have scans of the printer manual in my archives. I'm away from them at the moment, but if they're still needed, I'll dig them out and post them when I can get to them.
  9. Project idea of the moment: wire an NES Power Pad (or a dance mat) to the Atari 5200 for Decathlon or Track 'n' Field.

  10. Glad to see you back, Mack! (I've been busier with other things than I would like, too, so I know what you mean.) aquarius.zip I've attached an Aquarius ROM set which you might find helpful. It includes the "S2" OS ROM set for both the Aquarius and Aquarius II, along with my dumps of the "S1" OS ROM and the character generator ROM. I just tested this set with the latest MAME 0.232 release, so all you should need to do is drop this into the "roms\" subdirectory. You can switch from "S2" (the default) to "S1" using the "BIOS Selection" option in the MAME UI. (Thanks again to Pernod for your work on the Aquarius/Aquarius II emulation! I'm still stoked to finally see bankswitched cartridges working in MAME! I hope to make use of it soon for some new projects.)
  11. Agreed. I think both "sides" have said all there is to say at this point, and the thread is going in circles (and significantly off-topic). I agree that everything should have a proper place, but starting a fresh thread might be a cleaner approach at this point. So, if anyone wants to discuss the AirConsole, they should feel free to create a new thread in an appropriate subforum.
  12. Imagic did produce a few games for the Atari 400/800 computers: in addition to Atlantis and Demon Attack, there were also (by way of the 1-2-3 pack) Wing War, Quick Step, and Laser Gates. It would have been relatively easy to produce 5200 versions as well, but perhaps they decided there wasn't enough of a market to release them—or, perhaps their own money troubles by that time prevented them from doing so. Someday I'd like to collect all five games into one album cartridge for the 5200.
  13. I moved this to the "Gaming Publications and Websites" subforum, which is a more appropriate place for YouTube channel updates.
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