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  1. Excellent questions both. I don't believe I ever visited the place in person; if I did, I have no memory of it (I would have been very young at the time), and my grandfather is no longer with us to ask about it. In a fast-changing place like north Jersey, I wouldn't be at all surprised if nothing remains of the original location. Too many of the other places that I remember in that area are also gone.
  2. No need to apologize! I think some of the games you've suggested would work better for the Amico than others, but speaking only for myself, I always found the suggestions interesting ... and they introduced me to a few games I might never have heard of otherwise!
  3. No. If certain individuals continue to be a source of problems for us across multiple threads, we have the ability to block them from the entire subforum, not just from individual topics, just as they have already been warned. So, they're not hurting anyone but themselves if they continue doing what they're doing.
  4. Thank you for participating for all this time! I'm glad that you mentioned having a place to go during the pandemic, because that's one of the things I've mentioned to some of the other staff as being one of the things this thread did for us. In the beginning, we had a nascent Amico community here, and I didn't police the thread too strictly for off-topic content because I wanted to give it a chance to grow and cohere. When the pandemic hit, I also hoped that it would continue to be a friendly place where people could congregate during the lockdowns, and indeed that's just what happened. Again, just to clarify for everybody: the thread isn't closing down until after we've made the transition, replacing the major discussion topics with dedicated threads. As for the more general or ephemeral daily community "chit-chat," there are alternatives for that, too, which will also have the added benefit of being troll-free. So, nothing is coming to an end; we're just organizing things a bit better.
  5. Apologies for the confusion. The thread certainly isn't closing down right away; we're giving everyone the time to transition the discussions to other threads first.
  6. I went ahead and fixed it. (To edit thread titles, I believe you have to use the full editor on the first post in the thread, which isn't very obvious.)
  7. For anyone who is concerned about not being able to follow the latest activity as we split the Amico discussions into multiple threads, we recently added some forum tools which make this about as easy as reading a single thread. Not a lot of people know about these tools, and it only takes a few minutes to set up, so I'd like to use this post to provide a quick walk-through of this process to anyone who will be using activity streams for the first time. Near the top of every discussion thread, there is a "Follow" button. Here is an example of how it looks on my screen: This is how you can flag individual threads that you're interested in tracking. (Some of you are already using it simply to receive notifications of new posts.) To see the latest activity in all of the threads you're following, click the "Unread Content" link at the top of the page ... ... and then filter the results to show only the content you're following ... This will allow you to review all the latest posts in all the threads you're following, all in one place, without even having to look at any other threads you are not following. If you want to sort by read/unread status, post date/time, and so forth, you can simply choose the options that you want from the other drop-down menus. When you have the options set the way you like, just click the "Save as New Stream" button on the right (just below the menus). The new stream will then appear in the "My Activity Streams" menu: The advantage of this approach is that it's easy to track multiple threads at the same time, and you only need to set it up once. As we expand to more threads, just "Follow" the ones you want to track, and they'll be automatically included in your activity stream where you can monitor and manage them all in one place. This will also save you time by cutting down on the number of "junk" posts you have to sort through; as the threads continue to evolve, any posts that are off-topic will be removed or split off into other threads that don't appear in your activity stream. Give this feature a try, and let us know if you have any questions about how to use it!
  8. Greetings, Programs! You may have noticed that this thread has a new name, and that it is now unpinned. These are the latest changes in an effort to give the Amico subforum a badly-needed reorganization. These changes have been discussed between Tommy and the AtariAge staff, and we have come to a consensus on how to proceed, so I wanted to provide a few details about what that process will entail. It's easy to forget it now, but before the Amico subforum was created, this thread (originally in the classic Intellivision section) was the only place for Amico discussion on AtariAge. At the time it was started, I don't think anyone ever intended it to still be going for this long, but with the delays and other challenges, this thread has continued to stretch and sprawl. This has created some problems that we've received a number of complaints about: The thread has now grown too big to effectively serve its original purpose (for Q&A). Readers are unable to easily search for questions that had been previously asked, much less the answers to those questions. As the circumstances have continued to evolve, I'm sure it's also a lot of work for everyone to keep up with the most recent and most accurate information. Its sheer size has also created certain structural problems in the entire subforum. Many of the "regulars" here have gotten used to coming to this thread for everything, preventing the parallel conversations that are always happening here from branching out to other discussion threads in the natural way that they otherwise would. In effect, this thread continues to "absorb all the oxygen" in the subforum, starving other threads and preventing them from growing. Unfortunately, this thread has also become a convenient target for trolls, providing a single spot where they can continue to poke at the fans where they know it will hurt. For all of these reasons, we're looking to move to the next step in the process of reorganizing the Amico discussions. The first step was to split the Amico topics into their own subforum, which has been done. The next step is to begin to transition away from using this thread as a central point of conversation, allowing the discussions to organically "break up" into a collection of individual threads which can more easily be kept on topic. So, when you would otherwise feel the need to post something in this thread—such as game suggestions, the latest Amico-related videos from content creators on YouTube and elsewhere, reactions to the most recent announcements from Intellivision Entertainment, questions about specific games, etc.—look to one of the other threads in the Amico subforum instead. If a suitable thread doesn't already exist, or if you think the closest fit is too laden with negativity, feel free to create a new thread! (Of course, the forum rules and guidelines will continue to apply. As always, if anyone encounters any violations of these rules, please report them to the moderating staff. As we have previously indicated, users who continually create problems, which include off-topic posts, will be banned from the Amico subforum—not just from individual threads—or potentially from the entire forum, as circumstances warrant.) Once the discussions here have had a chance to spread out into new threads, this thread will eventually be closed down. In the meantime, if you are wondering how you'll be able to follow the latest updates across multiple threads without having to manually check them all, take a look at my next post. It includes a mini-tutorial on how to set up and use activity streams, one of the lesser-known forum features which makes this very easy. Let us know if you have any questions, and as always, thank you for your participation!
  9. I think it's time for "ataritiger" to take a break from this thread.
  10. That's the exact opposite of what I actually said. I was clearly referring to "new users who make it clear that they've signed up here specifically to cause trouble." Users who are merely "new to the forum or who want to ask questions" would not be in that category, so they would not be kicked out "just because" of that reason.
  11. For the eleven billionth time, nobody has created or encouraged anything like an "echo chamber" here, and you should know that. We've bent over backwards to be accommodating of critical opinions, as long as they are expressed politely and respectfully, as we would expect of communications anywhere on the forums. That shouldn't be too much to ask, but unfortunately, we've had a cadre of people who have amply proven that they cannot live up to even this minimal standard of decorum and common courtesy. The problem isn't that they don't have the "right" opinions, as they continue to insist that it is; the problem is that they can't find a way to express those opinions without being abusive, overbearing, hectoring, bullying jerks ... and we're just about getting sick of it. (If you have nothing but negative things to say, I can't help but wonder why you're even here in the first place. This doesn't apply only to the Amico: if any thing or any topic in the world, or the fact that other people have different opinions about it from yours, is so bothersome to you that its very existence is enough to send you into a sputtering rage, why not simply ignore it and walk away? By cutting down the negativity by even that small amount, you'd be doing everyone in the world an enormous favor.) New users who make it clear that they've signed up here specifically to cause trouble—we seem to have had a lot of those lately—will be unceremoniously drop-kicked out of here; I don't even want to hear how "unfair" it is or how much of a "dictator" I am, because I'm done giving these people the benefit of the doubt. Members who have been here longer will also be kicked out if they continue to push their luck, so whoever this applies to (and you know who you are), consider yourselves duly warned.
  12. Thank you, and welcome to AtariAge!
  13. I understand that this is a special occasion, but please do not cross-post the same message in multiple forums. (This falls under the category of "spamming" under our community guidelines.) I've moved this to "Gaming Publications and Websites," which is the best place for YouTube posts, and removed the others.
  14. Time to break out the mop, I guess! To those who insist on posting insulting and childish comments—and you know who you are—please stop it for everyone's sake or you'll get kicked out of the thread.
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